Do cruise ships go through hurricanes?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

As a rule, it is still safe for cruise ships to leave home port while a hurricane occurs in the Caribbean as long as the hurricane does not affect the port of embarkation (home) — and if the home port is affected, a cruise departure can only be delayed by a day or two instead of being canceled to become. First, you need to know that cruise companies are doing everything in their power to ensure that the “cruise” continues. Only in rare cases is the cruise actually canceled by the shipping company. These ships can travel at speeds of over 21 knots, so they can usually escape hurricanes or tropical valleys and avoid any bad weather.

Yes, you can absolutely cruise during hurricane season. In fact, sailing has some major benefits at this time of year. Cruise ships move around twice as fast as the storms themselves, allowing the ships to either escape the storms or simply avoid storm cells. If you’re worried about your cruise being canceled, rest assured that it’s highly unlikely.

With cruise travel insurance, you can get a refund in case the weather or another unforeseen event messes up your vacation on the high seas. Safety is a priority for all cruise lines, and even with these facilities on the ship, many companies are adding extra precautionary measures. The seas aren’t always going to be rough when you’re sailing around a hurricane though, and it’s definitely not as bad as you might have seen in the movies. If bad weather is unavoidable, the shipping company may change your itinerary and possibly change your Bermuda cruise with a cruise along the coast of New England and Canada, or shorten or extend your cruise by a day or two.

Many cruise ships stop on port days in the Bahamas, where the private islands of a number of cruise lines are located. For those considering a resort vacation and benefiting from low summer prices, cruises could be a better alternative. In most cases, he says, he can anticipate storms seven to ten days in advance and advise ships on prevention strategies. Cruise lines are adept at handling these situations and outline this opportunity for guests and their guidelines for dealing with them.

This slow process gives cruise lines plenty of time to make alternative plans and adjust itineraries as needed. She lives on Canada’s east coast and shares cruise tips and information with other Canucks seeking a pardon from the great white north. One of the biggest benefits of cruising during hurricane season is that cruise prices are significantly lower. However, when it looks like a more serious storm is in their way, cruise ships generally try to escape or evade them.

Hurricane season is officially from June 1 to November 30, and during these times, hurricanes sometimes change cruise ship itineraries in the Caribbean and Bahamas.


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