Checkr Background Check Review

In this Checkr background check Review, we’ll explore the many reasons why big companies like UBER and Angi use Criminal background checks, Employment verification, Driving record (MVR), Drug test, Education verification, and International background checks from Checkr. Despite fairly higher price tags Checkr reports have high accuracy and use artificial intelligence (AI) to perform search and verification.

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Whether you need to check the background of a potential new employee or you need to check the background of an employee you already have, Checkr is an online service that can help you. It offers a variety of services, including drug testing, driving records, and employment background checks.
Whether you need to check the background of a potential new employee or you need to check the background of an employee you already have, Checkr is an online service that can help you. It offers a variety of services, including drug testing, driving records, and employment background checks.
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Checkr Reviews

Checkr is an online background check built around machine learning and AI and enables businesses to perform reference checks and search through public records. Among other things, Checkr can verify a candidate’s education and employment history, verify a job applicant’s credentials, and check on a candidate’s drug and health history.

Founded by a software engineer in 2014, Checkr is a company that provides businesses with a complete background check service. Its mission is to help companies hire the right people by reducing employment barriers. Its customers include Uber, Lyft, Papa John’s, Doordash, Instacart, and Adecco.

Checkr background checks uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the screening process quicker and more accurate. The company also offers a help center that provides a range of resources for its customers. They include guides on the integration of Checkr with popular HR apps and services like LinkedIn Talent Hub. Checkr is also a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

Checkr is a cloud-based screening solution that helps businesses streamline do reference checks by capturing data from different sources. The company offers a range of background checks, including driver and health screenings, criminal history and federal records. They are also able to handle larger staffing needs. They also offer custom-tailored packages.

Checkr background checks Reviews

Checkr employment background check

Whether you are hiring for a new job, or you just want to confirm that a candidate is eligible for employment, Checkr can help. They offer various employment verification options, including checking a candidate’s name, date of birth, position, length of employment, and gaps.

Checkr will also search the sex offender registry in the District of Columbia and other established databases. Checkr uses AI-powered technology to help employers comply with pre-employment background screening laws.

Checkr recently began working with major insurer Allstate and staffing giant Adecco. Checkr also works with many other businesses, including Uber and GrubHub. They have a dedicated team for high-volume enterprise businesses, and can help you scale your screening processes.

Whether you are hiring a new employee or want to confirm a candidate’s employment history, Checkr will provide a complete and accurate report. Checkr’s AI-powered screening process reduces the likelihood of bias, while also providing accuracy.

Checkr’s employment verification process usually takes about five business days. Candidates must agree to the background check request and acknowledge the forms required for verification. Once the candidate’s consent is received, Checkr initiates the verification process. Checkr will then verify the candidate’s employment history using documents and information provided by the candidate.

online background checks

Whether you are looking for a new job or seeking to hire a new employee, conducting online background checks can be an easy and effective way to discover important information about a potential employee. A background check is a way to ensure that you’re hiring someone who is safe to work with and will fit into your team.

Checkr is a comprehensive online background check site. Their system uses advanced technology to ensure fair, accurate screenings. The company also maintains compliance with federal and state laws.

Checkr is FCRA compliant, which means that the company maintains proper reporting practices. They also use professional relationships with the court system to speed up criminal background checks.

In addition to criminal records, Checkr also provides employment verifications. These checks cover the past employment of a candidate for at least 7 years. They also check for a driver’s record if requested.

Checkr Drug testing

Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, Checkr reports offer comprehensive insights that includes everything from a full driving records check to a drug testing program. They also provide a wide variety of drug test and physical exam packages, which can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Checkr’s Occupational Health scheduling flow allows candidates to schedule one or more tests, and view their results in a single system. They also offer a self-scheduling feature, which makes it easy to find the location near you.

Checkr’s drug testing program is also paperless. This means that you can skip the hassle of faxing or mailing paper documents. They also provide an online dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview of your screening.

Checkr driving records MVR

A motor vehicle record can provide a complete picture of a driver’s driving history. The information reported may include driving violations, accidents, license suspensions, and vehicular crimes.

MVR reports can also help to protect your company’s brand, assets, and insurance premiums. They also provide insight into safe driving practices and allow you to identify qualified candidates.

MVR reports can also save companies a lot of time and money. The information can also help you find incidents sooner.

MVRs can save you headaches and money by identifying unsafe drivers. It also helps you reduce liability and keep your company’s insurance premiums down.

MVRs can be ordered directly from your state’s DMV, but this process can be difficult to interpret. Some states have different coding systems that make it difficult to interpret the forms. This also increases the risk of error.

Checkr international background checks

Whether you’re looking to hire international talent or expand your business to the global marketplace, Checkr International background checks provide a simple, frictionless solution. With over 200 countries worldwide, you can screen your top talent from wherever they are. And the Checkr platform delivers built-in compliance to keep you compliant, too.

Checkr International offers 4 levels of validation, each of which provides an extra layer of security. You can order screenings by country or screening type, based on the type of position you’re hiring for.

Checkr’s international background checks include criminal history searches, education verifications, adverse media searches, and identity document validations. You can also opt to add on additional screenings. These may require additional setup time.

Checkr International’s platform also offers built-in compliance to keep your hiring practices compliant. You can order screenings by country, screening type, or screening source.

Checkr Candidate Portal

Checkr’s International Candidate Portal gives candidates the ability to view and dispute errors and progress in their background checks. It also provides step-by-step guidance on how to use Checkr to conduct international background checks.

How much does Checkr cost?

Checkr offers three transparent services and they are priced as follow:

  • Basic: This service cost is starting from $2999 per check. You can order reports about SSN Trace, Sex Offender Registry, Global Watchlist Records, and National Criminal Records.
  • Essential: For $54.99 you can order all basic reports and Unlimited County Criminal Search.
  • Professional package price starts from $79.99 per check and in addition to all services above, it allows you to do the highest level of education verification and current employment verification.


Many big companies have discovered that the benefits of using Checkr Background Screen outweigh the costs. The company believes that minor offenses should not prevent people from pursuing their careers. After all, traffic violators can still work in call centers. Similarly, people with criminal records should have a second chance at success. Criminal records cost the U.S. economy about $87 billion annually and are a major risk factor for committing another crime.

The background check service is quick to generate results and present them in a clean and easy-to-understand format. The service uses a 100% paperless and mobile-optimized approach, with turnaround times ranging from minutes to hours. The service also lets HR managers download PDFs of completed reports. The results are immediately available, and employers can easily review them on any device at any time. The service offers a money-back guarantee if you find an error.

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