Best Grocery List Apps

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Best grocery list apps

If you need to keep track of your groceries, there are a few apps that can help you. Some of the most popular include Out of Milk, Shopkick, Instacart, Flipp, and My Food Diary. These apps can help you make sure you never forget to buy something. However, not all of them are right for everyone, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs.

Out of Milk

If you want to make the process of grocery shopping easier, consider using an app to manage your grocery list. Out of Milk is an excellent app that allows you to create and share your grocery lists. The app works across multiple devices and is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants. It also has convenient list templates that make adding items a breeze. It also allows you to scan barcodes or add items from your list history. In addition, Out of Milk offers useful posts about household supplies and pantry management.

Another app that allows you to create lists in a variety of ways is AnyList. It helps you organize recipes, grocery lists, and to-do lists and allows you to share them with other people. It also allows you to sync lists so that any changes you make in one list will appear in other lists that have the same name.

The app is free and ad-supported, but its home screen widget is ad-free. It allows you to create lists of different items from different categories, which you can save as reminders. It also allows you to create recipe lists and store favorite dishes in a database for future reference. You can also share your list with others through the app, which is particularly convenient if you frequently visit the grocery store.

Out of Milk helps you prioritize your shopping list based on the most frequently used items. It also has an integrated calendar to keep track of your daily routine. This is another must-have app that can make your life easier and your shopping lists look neat.


If you’re looking for a grocery list app that will give you rewards for your shopping, Shopkick is the app for you. This app gives you points for shopping and allows you to turn them into gift cards at stores. It offers a variety of features, including rewards and deals from popular brands.

It also offers gift cards and cashbacks for purchases. The app has a basic grocery list, but it also allows you to earn cashback by scanning the barcodes of items. You can also make a list based on rewards, such as rewards points or online coupons.

Another great feature is the ability to share your location with the app. This allows you to receive notifications whenever a particular brand has a special deal. This makes shopping more exciting. You can also set up notifications for brand-specific coupons, which you can use to save money on specific products. Other features of the app include a price comparison feature and regular competitions.

Shopkick also has a feature where you can scan your shopping receipts to earn Amazon gift cards or PayPal money. It’s important to note that while Shopkick is one of the best grocery list apps, it’s not the only one. There are also Receipt Hog and other apps that offer similar features. Shopkick pays more for scanned receipts, so keep that in mind.


Using an Instacart grocery list app is a great way to buy groceries without leaving your home. Instacart has tie-ups with most major supermarkets across the US. It makes shopping easy and gives you the option of comparing prices. It also lets you choose which stores to purchase groceries from.

Another app you should try is SavingStar, which brings coupons and weekly circulars to your fingertips. This app also has a new feature called Family Sync, which allows you to sync your shopping lists with your family. It also lets you add handwritten shopping lists.

The service is available in 28 markets across the U.S. and connects customers with personal shoppers who deliver groceries. Customers can also find special offers and coupons to redeem at checkout. You can also sign up for express memberships and get discounts on delivery fees. You can use these benefits to save money on your grocery bill.

With its easy-to-use interface, this app helps you assign items and stores automatically. It lets you share your list with others and add items on the go. It also has a smart assistant that remembers what you need and helps you remember what you need to buy.

Instacart’s membership-based model works by providing services for consumers and grocery stores. This means that participating retailers benefit from an increased number of orders and an expanded customer base. Another great feature of this app is that it allows you to order items from different stores. The items are delivered directly to your doorstep or to a location of your choice.


Flipp is a handy grocery list app that organizes your shopping list by aisle. It also lets you share your list with others and allows you to add items in real time. The app also allows you to scan your local flyers for matching offers. This makes your shopping trip that much more convenient.

One great feature of Flipp is its extensive list of loyalty program partners. This means you won’t have to remember to bring coupons from home and save your money. While it doesn’t have coupons for every store, it generally covers the major chains. You can also use the app’s watch list to find coupons that aren’t advertised in the weekly flyer.

Flipp also highlights coupons for over 450 loyalty rewards cards. It also lets you scan a barcode to redeem a coupon. Once you’re done shopping, your savings are automatically applied to your total. Another great feature is that Flipp lets you add coupons to your shopping list.

Another great feature of Flipp is that you can share lists with others and receive reminders via text or email. The app even allows you to add items via voice, so you don’t have to write it down again. Flipp also has the feature of automatically scanning circulars to find coupons for your favorite grocery brands. The app also lets you add notes with pictures so you can share them with others. This feature makes it one of the best grocery list apps for those who like to organize things easily.


With OurGroceries, you can easily create and share shopping lists with friends and family. The app allows you to share a list with others by entering the same email address. The user-friendly interface makes adding items to lists fast and easy, and you can even cross items off your list with a tap. You can also organize items by category. The app also lets you browse through your favorite recipes, and add ingredients with a tap.

This app is particularly useful for families. It allows multiple people to edit the same list, and the app syncs to other devices and online. The app even lets you check items off your list with your Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can download the Bring! app, which is best if you’re planning on going out with a large group of friends or family members.

Another great feature of Our Groceries is its ability to organize grocery items by store and location. You can also add notes to individual items. This app also has built-in recipe storage. If you’re not a fan of the traditional grocery list format, you can use Our Groceries to create your shopping list by scanning barcodes.

If you don’t want to use a traditional grocery list app, you can also use Google Keep. It is a free tool that allows you to make lists and share them with others. You can also use it as a desktop application. You can create lists on different devices at once, and it syncs with iCloud. It also has an online feature that lets you share notes with other users.


One of the most convenient ways to plan your grocery shopping is by using grocery list apps. These apps allow you to create and share your shopping lists and make adjustments to them whenever necessary. Many apps also offer the ability to add or delete items from your lists. You can use these apps with your family and friends to keep track of everything you need.

A grocery list app should be convenient for anyone. A useful one is Bring!, which enables you to browse grocery store deals and share shopping lists with friends. It also allows you to edit your list by using 3D Touch. This feature is also useful for grocery lists because you can make changes in the list without having to remember the details.

The best grocery list apps can help you save time and reduce stress when you are in the store. Some of them let you add items from several lists, and they also allow you to set deadlines for shopping. Some of these apps even let you manage your lists from your watch. You can use them to quickly scan items, and you can even view photos of the items you need to purchase.

Another good grocery list app is Buy Me a Pie, which helps you make shopping lists. It lets you customize your lists based on the layout of your grocery store. Another app called BigOven combines shopping lists and social media by letting you share your lists with friends and family. Besides sharing your list, you can also collaborate with your family and friends via email or text message.

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