Beestro Review

beestro review

My Beestro review will cover a few key points. The food is delicious, and the flavors of Latin and Caribbean cuisines combine to make a great blend. The service is top-notch, as well. I would definitely recommend visiting Beestro. I also liked their coffee, which was excellent and reasonably priced. Overall, I had a good experience at Beestro. However, I will have to go back to try other items on the menu.

The food is a balance between authentic Caribbean and Latin flavors

The cuisine at Beestro is a mix of traditional dishes from the Caribbean and modern, contemporary Latin flavors. The restaurant’s menu changes daily, and is inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of the region. Menu items include grilled meats served tableside, and a selection of authentic Latin-influenced cocktails. The restaurant’s menu also includes an introduction to the ingredients found in Latin pantry dishes.

The service is excellent

The Beestro is a neighborhood restaurant that prides itself on serving some of the best lunches in town. It specializes in sustainable, locally sourced food, which it makes a priority. Service is exceptional and the staff is friendly and helpful. Menu items change seasonally. You can even create your own custom menu, based on what you enjoy most. While the restaurant isn’t open to the public yet, it is planning to offer other catering services and cooking classes in the future.

Busy Beestro’s food is restaurant-quality and comes prepared by Monday for the week. The company sources ingredients from local vendors and farmers and prepares the meals the following week. The meals are delivered to customers in cooler bags, which can be switched out for a fresher meal the following week. Busy Beestro serves breakfast items, soups, salads, and entrees. Each meal can be customized according to your personal preferences and dietary needs.

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