BeenVerified Review

beenverified review

If you’re thinking of buying a membership to BeenVerified, this BeenVerified review will explain why you should think twice. While this subscription-based service has two affordable subscription plans, and a report upgrade you can get for extra money, its report quality has been inconsistent. However, the service has its good points. In addition, you can cancel your membership at any time. You can even get live chat support. The service also offers customer service and a money-back guarantee, which makes it an excellent choice for those who’re worried about a subscription that might not be for you.

BeenVerified is a subscription-based service

BeenVerified was founded in 2007 and offers a searchable database of public records. You can use the service to find people’s addresses, phone numbers, court records, email addresses, and even a person’s criminal history. You can also learn more about your neighbors and imposters by accessing the social media accounts of people you’re interested in. If you want to get even more information, you can pay for a Premium report, which will also contain more information.

However, the downside of BeenVerified is its difficult cancellation process. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you’ll have to contact the company’s customer service via phone, email, or through a form. The cancellation process isn’t automated, so it’s important to cancel before your next billing date. The best way to cancel the service is by sending an email to the address listed in the FAQ section.

For those who want to gather public information on someone, BeenVerified’s people search is the best way to do it. Just enter the person’s full name in the search box and add any additional information that you want to find out. The service will then return heaps of information, including their age, current address, and even court records. If you’re looking for sex offender information, you should also check out BeenVerified.

Besides performing background searches, BeenVerified lets you check a person’s social media accounts, email addresses, and email addresses. You can even block the person from calling you by using the app. The subscription-based service also offers free reverse lookups, which is handy when a number is attached to a social media account. And because it’s a subscription-based service, you’ll want to check out this service before committing to a long-term commitment.

It offers 2 affordable subscription options

BeenVerified offers two affordable subscription plans. The 1-month membership costs $23, while the three-month membership costs $15. The latter is a great value, since you can access unlimited reports, lookups, and searches for a lower price. The company’s customer service is attentive and available seven days a week. Their inbox is open to support inquiries at all hours of the day and night. With these two affordable subscription plans, you can enjoy unlimited background checks, even if you’re on the go.

BeenVerified collects public information and makes it available in a convenient and affordable way. Its database is a vast repository of public records, so you can collect all of this information with just one search. This saves you time and money, and you can find out about a person’s criminal history, social media accounts, court records, property ownership, and even personal details. There’s no need to visit countless institutions to find this information. BeenVerified offers 2 subscription options to suit every budget.

BeenVerified’s search features allow you to perform background searches on nearly anyone with just a name and address. It combines data from public sources including social media accounts, phone numbers, public records, and more. The company claims to have helped more than a million customers. You can conduct a background check on a person, place, or company using the website. A subscription to BeenVerified includes a comprehensive report.

It offers a comprehensive report upgrade

If you’re looking for a comprehensive report, BeenVerified may be the solution. This website scans your username, email address, and credit status to reveal everything related to your identity. Other information may be included with this report, including credit status, purchasing habits, family structure, income level, and IPD addresses. You can even find out if you’re a target of identity theft. BeenVerified is available to pin up to ten identities for free, and they scan the dark web, social media, and internet channels.

BeenVerified is compatible with most devices, but its desktop version is easier to use. It’s possible to save searches for later reference and access everything at a glance. The company also has an app for mobile devices. This means that you can search for yourself on the go! While this is a great service, it should not be used as a background check for employment or tenant screening. It can, however, be useful for tracing long-lost friends or updating contact information, as well as answering other questions.

One downside to BeenVerified is its limited report quality. Some reports have incomplete data, and others are void of any information. The company does not reveal what data fields are included in its reports. Because these records are public, anyone with access to them can access them. In the meantime, BeenVerified has a comprehensive report upgrade that lets you track down a person’s online activities.

BeenVerified is also an excellent option if you’re interested in searching for someone else. Unlike many other online background check services, it allows you to see the results of a person’s search before paying a dime. It’s also very useful for background searches, but be warned – you can’t get to see the results until you’ve paid for it. If you’re planning on purchasing BeenVerified, read on!

It has inconsistent report quality

A BeenVerified review will show that the reports are not always completely accurate, but the company is legit and provides a transparent overview of its services. The reports may not be 100% accurate, but they are good enough to do a simple background search. The company’s negative reviews are usually based on unrealistic expectations or personal vendettas. It’s worth a look, but it’s not a great service.

The BeenVerified funnel redirects users to a payment page, and then claims to refine your search results. However, this is nothing more than a gimmick designed to get you to sign up. The report quality is also inconsistent. Despite its claims, most customers have left BeenVerified reviews with negative feedback. Despite this, BeenVerified has received several complaints to the Better Business Bureau, most of which were related to billing issues.

It has unsatisfactory customer service

Many consumers have complained that BeenVerified has dissatisfactory customer support. The company’s website features a misleading funnel that claims to help customers refine their search results before redirecting them to a payment page. However, this funnel is nothing more than a marketing ploy and creates a dividing customer experience. Here are a few ways to resolve this problem. While there is no direct cancelation option, you can cancel your subscription by email, and you should receive a response within 24 hours.

You can find lawsuits against BeenVerified by going to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER). The site also lists federal complaints filed against companies. Most lawsuits filed against BeenVerified revolve around the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Unfortunately, PACER numbers are deceptive. Many companies offer arbitration clauses as a means of settling disputes. However, this option may not be the best for all customers.

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