Azamara Journey Cruises Review

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Azamara Journey Cruises Review

In this Azamara Journey Cruises Review, we’ll take a look at the amenities offered, as well as the onboard activities offered by this cruise line. You’ll learn about Discoveries, Cabaret-style shows, and the Fitness center. You’ll also learn about the Internet cafe.

Discoveries restaurant

Azamara Journey Cruises have a fine dining establishment in their Discoveries restaurant, which is located on deck 5. This elegant dining area is spread out over the entire length of the ship. The restaurant features a raised central dining area, two side dining areas and a rear dining area. There are several seating options, including tables for two and communal tables for larger groups. This is a highly recommended dining experience.

Azamara’s Discoveries restaurant serves international cuisine. Guests can also enjoy complimentary appetizers and desserts at this restaurant. The dining room is known as the heart of the ship, with an upscale, yet lively atmosphere. It also serves as a venue for trivia contests and piano-playing in the evenings.

The Discoveries restaurant is one of the many amenities on Azamara’s Journey cruises. Azamara has a wide range of classes and lectures designed to help passengers learn about their destinations. The ship’s signature store, The Journey, also offers plenty of opportunities for shopping. The Azamara Journey also offers a variety of tournaments, such as darts. The cruise line sails in several regions, including the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea and Asia. In addition to these locations, Azamara offers trips to Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

Cabaret-style shows

Cabaret-style shows are an integral part of the entertainment experience onboard Azamara Journey. The ship hosts musical revues and stage performances from the likes of City Theatre, Magic City Opera, and Feinstein’s/54 Below. Guests will also have the chance to catch short opera vignettes and Broadway shows onboard the ship. The Cabaret Lounge is a chic and intimate venue where guests can enjoy live performances. The shows are designed to appeal to a diverse audience.

Cabaret-style shows are a great way to end a relaxing evening on board a luxury cruise ship. The shows onboard Azamara Journey are not the traditional cabaret style shows you see on other cruise lines. Instead, the performances are designed to immerse guests in the spirit of each destination. For example, on a cruise to France, guests can enjoy a breathtaking performance by a local artist in the heart of the city.

Cabaret-style shows are just one of the highlights on board Azamara Journey Cruises. Cabaret shows include Come Sail Away, Jump, Jive and Swing, Just Dance, and 54 Below at Sea. These shows feature Broadway performers, instrumentalists, and comedians in intimate settings. The cabaret shows also include games, such as ping-pong, darts, and soft archery. The ship also features signature shops and a fitness area.

Fitness center

Azamara Cruises offer a state-of-the-art fitness center with a variety of fitness classes and personal trainers. A fitness center also includes a swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi. Azamara also offers acupuncture, a healing technique that is used in weight loss, stress management, and more.

The Fitness center is an important part of the overall wellness experience on Azamara. The Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest are among the ships that have undergone extensive renovations. The ships will have new stateroom furniture and mattresses, and the fitness center and spa will also be renovated.

Guests can also participate in fitness classes offered by certified instructors. These classes rival those offered by elite health clubs. The fitness center also provides a variety of equipment for a variety of workouts. There are even personal trainers available for more specialized sessions. In addition, there is a full-service spa with an onboard wellness consultant.

Azamara Journey has a smaller size than other luxury cruise ships. It carries approximately 690 passengers and nearly 400 crew members. The staff on board is always on hand to help passengers. The cruise line also promotes the concept of Destination Immersion, which focuses on the local culture and cuisine. Azamara offers a variety of entertainment and activities throughout the ship, including live entertainment. Guests can also enjoy several bars onboard, which provides a relaxing atmosphere.

Internet cafe

While sailing on the ocean, you don’t want to miss the chance to check email or browse the web, and the Internet cafe on Azamara Journey Cruises makes this possible. The Internet cafe is available around the clock and offers full-service web access. You can check out the next port of call or send an email; there are also free email accounts available for temporary use. Prices depend on the length of time you spend surfing and are usually between 35 cents and $1 per minute. You can also rent a laptop if you need it, but the availability of these computers is limited.

Internet access is available throughout the ship, and internet cafes are available for purchase at select locations. You can also obtain wireless network cards for your laptops and smartphones. Packages are available for 75, 120, 185, or 265 minutes. You can also purchase a package that allows you to connect to the Internet for unlimited hours.

Azamara is a private equity-backed company that’s completely independent of Royal Caribbean. This means that it’s run by a team of employees that seem empowered to make decisions for the ship. In addition to these changes, Azamara has announced that it’s launching the new Azamara Onward in spring 2022. It’s expected to be a luxurious ship with a more casual atmosphere.


While you relax in your Cabana onboard Azamara Journey, you’ll also have access to the ship’s pool and a small casino. There’s also a full-service spa, several bars, and enrichment programs for all ages. Some of these activities include expert talks and discussions on topics such as sustainable agriculture, animal conservation, and insider tips for the destination you’re visiting.

Azamara Journey cabins range from standard inside cabins with standard amenities, to those that are oceanview or balcony-only. Inside cabins are great for single travelers looking for more privacy. These rooms can be smaller than balconies, but they still offer great views. Cabanas are available in different categories, including Category 4. Category 4 rooms are larger than category 3 and are usually located forward. Some are equipped with sofa beds to provide more space for sleeping.

Azamara Journey is a mid-sized luxury ship with six hundred and thirty passengers. The atmosphere on board is intimate, and there is a friendly staff to help when you need it. The ship’s concept of Destination Immersion allows passengers to experience local cuisine while onboard. Cabanas on Azamara Journey are equipped with USB ports for easy access.


There are a number of stateroom options for Azamara Journey cruises. Club Ocean Suites offer amenities such as a private ensuite bathroom, a writing desk, and entertainment center. They also feature contemporary furnishings and decor, a 40-inch television, and climate control. The cabins are well-appointed and offer plenty of storage. Some staterooms also have balconies.

The Azamara Journey has 329 outside cabins and 243 outside staterooms with balconies. This ship has 355 staterooms in total. These include 44 Suites, 199 Balcony Staterooms, 88 Oceanview Staterooms, 26 Inside Staterooms, and 6 Handicap cabins. The ADA-compliant staterooms are a great option for travelers with disabilities.

The Azamara Journey has a wide variety of staterooms and suites, but none is as lavish as a Club World Owner’s Suite. These spacious suites have a living room, separate bedroom, and marble bathrooms. They also have balconies larger than most stateroom balconies. And you’ll have a butler on board.

Azamara Journey cruises don’t have theme park attractions, so you’ll spend most of your time relaxing, socializing, and exploring the world. It’s like being in a floating country club. The ship underwent a major refit in 2015, which added a new color scheme and updated amenities.

Onboard experience

The Azamara onboard experience includes many fun activities, from lectures about the destination to computer classes. There are also lectures about photography and digital art. There are comfortable lounges, elegant decor, and live music to keep you entertained and involved onboard. The onboard entertainment team is a big part of the enrichment program and offers a unique insight into many subjects.

The onboard experience of Azamara Journey Cruises is unparalleled. The ships are smaller and more intimate than many other luxury cruise lines, so you’ll feel right at home. There are more than 600 guests on each ship, and there’s a crew member for every two passengers. The onboard experience is designed to offer you a truly authentic and memorable vacation.

The onboard experience offers a cultural immersion, with all-new onboard activities. Guests can even participate in the ship’s casino or attend one of the many on-shore performances.

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