Avocado Mattress Review

Written By: Lorraine Rowen

Avocado Mattress Review

This Avocado mattress review will discuss the many benefits of this premium bed. The coils are tall and pocketed, and double the bounce for more lift and support. They’re broken up into five strategic zones to support the shoulders, hips, lower back, and even the bottom of your feet. This type of coil system provides better back and shoulder support. Compared to a traditional spring mattress, the coils of the Avocado mattress are much more responsive and offer greater edge support.

Edge support

The Avocado mattress offers a firm feel, but it isn’t for heavier people. Heavy people might find the pillow top too soft, but lighter people may appreciate the extra firmness. The avocado mattress is supportive for a variety of weights, but the firmness of the top may not be sufficient for stomach sleepers. The mattress is not prone to sagging and is suitable for back and side sleepers. Its balanced feel is also suitable for people who tend to sleep on their sides.

The Avocado mattress uses a tall, pocketed coil system to enhance the general contouring around your body. Its coils are broken down into five strategic zones to support your shoulders, hips, and lower back. These zones are reinforced with latex and memory foam to absorb pressure and keep your spine and hips aligned. Avocado mattresses also feature a ZERO off-gassing guarantee. So you can rest assured that your new mattress will not be the cause of any allergies!

The Avocado mattress is medium-firm, with an optional European pillow top. It ranks well in overall quality and performance, and is highly rated for its ability to promote spinal alignment. It is moderately rated for edge support and motion isolation. The Avocado mattress is great for stomach sleepers, but you may want to consider an optional pillow top if you sleep on your side. The Avocado mattress also features a European pillow top, which offers additional support for a side sleeper.

Aside from being environmentally-friendly, Avocado is also made with organic materials. This mattress is 100% GOLS-certified organic latex, wool, and cotton. It does not contain any polyester, polyurethane foam, or chemical fire retardants. However, all mattresses eventually sag and this is an unfortunate part of life, and this is where the Avocado mattress shines. This mattress’s warranty covers sagging if you experience any sagging of 1.5″ or more.


The Avocado mattress covers are GOTS certified organic cotton. This fiber is naturally breathable, allowing for a softer feel than other materials. Organic wool batting is also used in the Avocado mattress, providing inherent benefits like antimicrobial protection and dust-mite resistance. The mattress is also priced competitively with other brands in its category. The price of Avocado mattresses is comparable to those of other luxury brands, such as the Serta or Casper.

The firmness of an Avocado mattress depends on the weight of the sleeper, but both options are highly supportive. The mattress is suitable for sleepers of all weights, with firmness ranging from medium to soft. It offers a firmness level that will help those with heavier weights maintain proper alignment of the spine. It is also great for plus-size sleepers. Avocado mattresses also come in two firmness levels, which means you can choose the one that’s right for you.

The Avocado mattress is covered by a 25-year warranty. During the first 10 years of the warranty, Avocado will replace it for free. If, after that, the mattress does not work for you, it will cost you a pro-rated amount. The warranty also covers defects in the foam or cover, but not normal wear and tear. A mattress that is covered by this warranty should last a long time, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s return policy carefully.

The Avocado latex mattress is made from 100% FSC certified Dunlop latex. Its latex is much cooler than Talalay latex, which requires glue to bond layers. Dunlop latex also requires no seams to keep the latex cool. And unlike Talalay latex, it is more durable. Ultimately, Avocado is the right mattress for you, and it’s easy to find the perfect one at the right price for you.


The firmness of the Avocado Mattress ranges from medium to extra firm, so it is possible to find one that meets your needs. However, some brands only provide a medium firm mattress, which can be less than ideal for those who prefer a softer feel. Avocado’s firmness options can be quite expensive, as the company sources latex from India, but it makes up for this by offering two different sleep comfort zones that are both equally supportive.

The firmness of the Avocado mattress varies with body weight, so lighter people may find a softer mattress more comfortable than larger individuals. For heavier people, the firmness of the mattress is seven to eight. For larger people, the firmness level will be perfect for them, and they can still sink into the top layers without feeling pressed into the mattress. This mattress is especially recommended for those who like to sleep on their back or stomach.

The firmness of the Avocado Green Mattress is too firm for side sleepers, but it’s not completely unsuitable for them. While the firm surface is perfect for a combination of stomach and back sleepers, a strict side sleeper will likely wake up with achy hips and shoulders. Therefore, many side sleepers choose to purchase the Avocado Green Mattress pillow top, which provides extra plushness and cradling. The Avocado Vegan, on the other hand, is more suited to stomach sleepers.

Another bonus of the Avocado mattress is its warranty. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the mattress for a full year. If the mattress is defective, Avocado will replace it free of charge. This warranty is non-prorated, and applies to all 4 seasons. Buying from Avocado removes any fear of buying a mattress online. So, the avocado mattress is a great buy. With its warranty and price, you can expect your mattress to last for nine years or more.

Pillow top component

The Pillow top component of the Avocado Mattress is composed of latex and kapok, with an organic cotton cover. Like the mattress, the pillow tops can be adjusted to fit your needs. They are made from a unique blend of traditional coils, organic wool, and cotton for a luxurious feel. As an added bonus, they are free of chemicals and adhesives. Unlike memory foam, avocado’s latex is more durable and antimicrobial, so they don’t retain heat.

The pillow top component of the Avocado mattress reduces its firmness rating by one point, making it a good option for side sleepers and other heavy sleepers. While it doesn’t offer the same level of comfort as a traditional memory foam mattress, it does offer excellent support for side sleepers who weigh up to 130 pounds. The pillow top also helps provide contouring and cradling for heavier sleepers. Although it may not be the right choice for everyone, the Avocado has many positive features to offer.

The avocado mattress has a unique five zoned support system that evenly distributes weight throughout the bed. The springs are individually wrapped and arranged in five strategic zones to provide the right level of support for different parts of the body. The coils are reinforced at the perimeter of the mattress to provide additional edge support. Avocado mattresses are among the greenest mattresses available on the market. You can feel the difference in comfort and support right away, and they won’t make you sick!

The Pillow top component of the Avocado Mattress is made of three layers of organic latex. One layer of latex is soft while the other two layers are medium. A bottom core component is medium firm. The Avocado Mattress features three firmness levels. The latex used is classified according to its density. A firmness level of 12 indicates a soft mattress, while a hard one is 50 or harder. The thickness of the layers of latex in the Avocado mattress varies, so it is important to check the density of the mattress.

Eco-friendly design

An award-winning company, Avocado is committed to environmental responsibility. It has become a Carbonfree(r) Business Partner, has committed to giving back to the global community through 1% for the Planet, and has completed an in-depth carbon analysis of its entire manufacturing process. Moreover, Avocado is the first mattress company to achieve net-negative carbon emissions. This is achieved in large part because the company employs a minimum of two people per factory, and all employees are paid a living wage.

The company’s commitment to sustainable development is apparent in the materials used to make Avocado mattresses. The company’s factories use natural fibers and organic cotton. GOLS-certified wool and organic cotton are used. Additionally, the company does not use chemical adhesives. All the components of the mattress are certified by the GREENGUARD Gold Program, ensuring that they meet stringent standards. As a result, this mattress is a great choice for anyone who is concerned about the environment.

The Eco-friendly design of Avocado mattress is not cheap, but it is worth the price. The twin-sized Avocado mattress starts at $999, which is considerably more than other conventional mattresses. However, the company does offer occasional promos that can cut down on the purchase price. Additionally, if you prefer to buy an Avocado mattress online, you can get it delivered to your home for free. Avocado Mattress is environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about toxicity when sleeping on it.

Customers who have used the Avocado mattress have remarked that they have noticed its comfort level. They feel most comfortable when working at home, attending virtual school, or staying at home. Some customers, however, have reported difficulty contacting Avocado’s customer service. For that reason, many people recommend ordering the Avocado mattress online or choosing a retailer that offers in-home setup and delivery. Avocado also sells clothing and beauty products.

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