Avatrade: how to change leverage?

To change leverage on Avatrade you should open a trade, select your preferred leverage from the margin options and confirm. There is a risk of using too much leverage, especially if you are a beginner. Finally, you can use Bitcoin on Avatrade. The leverage ratio represents the position value of the required investment amount.

At AvaTrade, CFD or forex traders can trade with AvaTrade leverage of up to. However, this depends on your jurisdiction and the asset class you are trading. This is necessary both for Avatrade’s margin requirements and protects against significant losses. The trading resource and education section of AvaTrade is excellent and offers various learning opportunities related to trading basics, economic indicators, or charts.


A long track record and regulation by multiple agencies such as ASIC is a good sign of AvaTrade’s reliability.

To start trading with AvaTrade, you must first have enough cash in your real account to lock a margin call on the platform. Although the ability to make significant gains through leverage is substantial, leverage can also work against investors.

Avatrade education
Avatrade education

negative account balance protection

AvaTrade offers negative account balance protection in all countries in which it operates, regardless of the supervisory authority, which is a huge plus. Traders use leverage depending on their experience level, investment objectives, risk appetite, and the underlying market they trade. In addition to these platforms, AvaTrade offers various automated trading software that caters to the needs of each person. Volatile markets such as gold and Bitcoin should be traded with minimal leverage, while less volatile assets that don’t have large price fluctuations, such as the EURCHF pair, can be dealt with higher leverage.

Conservative traders will also take advantage of the minimum possible leverage, while traders with a high appetite for risk can use leverage flexibly. Both describe borrowing to trade in financial markets; however, leverage refers to borrowing debt, while margin is actual money or debt the trader has taken up to invest in financial markets. AvaTrade offers many instruments, each with different leverage that can also change depending on the trading platform you are working with. In most cases, traders can adjust the amount or size of the trade based on the leverage they want.


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