Are Meal Kits Cheaper Than Groceries?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Are meal kits cheaper than groceries

You might wonder whether meal kits are really cheaper than groceries. Well, the answer depends on your budget and time-spending habits. Generally, meal kits are less expensive than grocery items because they come in standardized pots. But these kits do cost some money – even though they are generally more convenient. So, is it really worth the cost? Let’s see! Read on to learn more! Below are some of the pros and cons of meal kits.


In terms of cost, HelloFresh meal kits are not necessarily cheaper than groceries. However, they can save you time and energy. You don’t need to go out shopping for food or cook complex meals. Instead, HelloFresh will deliver meal kits to your door. They also contain all of the ingredients you need to make delicious meals. The recipes are incredibly easy to make, and each one takes about 45 minutes.

The most popular plan offers three recipes a week for two people. Each serving costs $8.99, and shipping is just $8.99 per box. If you’re new to HelloFresh, you can get your first shipment for free! Meals ship 1 or two days after you place your order. They’re delivered in insulated boxes with ice packs so that they stay cool for several hours.

Despite their cost, you won’t need to shop for groceries. Ingredients are comparable to those found at the grocery store. That means you can save money, while still enjoying delicious meals. Plus, you won’t have to deal with waste or prep time. The meal kits also reduce food waste. And, since they come with a recipe, they are often a more convenient and economical option than groceries.

Blue Apron

You may have heard about meal kits delivered to your door by Blue Apron, but how can they possibly be cheaper than groceries? Well, Blue Apron meal kits have all the ingredients you need for cooking a gourmet meal, including spices and equipment, and they save you the time and hassle of shopping. You don’t need to worry about storing leftovers or wasting produce because they’re all portioned for two or four servings.

You’re able to save money on groceries and cook meals more often, which is a big selling point for Blue Apron. Depending on how many meals you want to prepare, you can upgrade your Blue Apron subscription to get more food. The Signature for four (Family) plan is the most popular choice for families, with meals costing about $9 a plate. Eating out can be five times more expensive than cooking your own meals from scratch.

Whether you’re a single person or a family of four, Blue Apron meal kits are cheaper than groceries. Each meal can feed two people for about $10, or four for under $500. Plus, shipping is free, so it’s a good deal. A few downsides of Blue Apron meal kits are that they’re not as diverse as a grocery store menu, and you might have allergies or dietary restrictions.


The food delivered from BistroMD is flash-frozen and has a higher nutritional value than typical frozen meals. They also cook up faster than their traditional frozen counterparts. While there’s no organic food, BistroMD has an integrated weight loss program and professional dietitians on hand to help you stick to your diet. The company also offers recipes and a membership area with helpful resources. BistroMD also has a keto-specific diet plan.

Meal plans are flexible, and include gluten-free, vegetarian, heart-healthy, diabetic, and menopause-friendly options. BistroMD offers meal kits that can be prepared for you in a matter of minutes, making them the perfect solution for busy people. While the meals are delicious, the high-quality ingredients may be out of your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, however, BistroMD meal plans might not be the best option.

Meal bundles vary in cost. Prices range from about $10 per meal. Some bundles contain ten to twenty meals. Shipping fees vary. BistroMD offers a physician-designed program, with meals low in saturated fat and cholesterol to promote a healthy heart. The meal plans align with the American Heart Association’s nutrition guidelines and are prepared in consultation with registered dietitians. If you’re not able to eat the meals offered by BistroMD, consider preparing and consuming cheaper frozen meals.

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