Airweave Mattress Review

Written By: Lorraine Rowen

airweave mattress review

If you’re looking for a firm mattress, look no further than the Airweave mattress. Designed to be firm and responsive, this mattress is almost as firm as the floor. In fact, it can feel hard under the weight of two people. This is due to the fact that the mattress is less springy than a traditional mattress. Nonetheless, its unique design offers several benefits. Read on for a full Airweave mattress review to learn whether this mattress is right for you.

Firm mattress

The firmness of the Airweave mattress is quite firm. It feels almost as firm as the floor and will become harder as you put more weight on it. It is not very springy, and it might not support the weight of two people. Regardless, the firmness is a plus for some. Here are some features to consider when making a decision on whether or not this type of mattress is for you. Weighing in at 2.4 pounds per square foot, this mattress may not be suited for everyone.

This airweave mattress is ideal for back sleepers. However, if you’re a stomach sleeper, you may need to adjust your position a bit. The mattress has a medium firmness, which is ideal for back sleepers, but it may not be as comfortable for stomach sleepers. This is because it provides too much cushioning around the shoulders. As a result, it’s not recommended for side sleepers.

The Firm Airweave mattress comes with a removable pillow-top. Unlike other mattresses, the airfiber mattress is lightweight and can be easily disassembled for transportation. It’s made to mimic Japanese futon culture, with three six-inch-thick pieces that can be used to adjust the firmness. In addition, the airweave mattress is made of a unique dual-mode design that makes it adjustable in terms of firmness.

If you’re a combination sleeper, a firm mattress might be the right choice for you. Since you spend most of your time sleeping on your back and stomach, it’s best to choose a firm airweave mattress that provides sufficient support for your body. This is because your weight and type will impact the feel of the mattress. For combination sleepers, a firmer mattress will make it easier for you to switch positions throughout the night.


If you’re looking for a comfortable bed that offers spinal alignment, consider the Breathable airweave mattress. Its unique design promotes tons of airflow and lowers body temperature. You can even roll to the edge without worrying about moving off the bed. And thanks to the strong edges, it won’t cause you any discomfort during sex. You’ll sleep cooler on this airweave mattress, which has the added bonus of being fire retardant.

The airweave mattress is 8″ thick. While the foam layer offers some support, it is too thin to offer the level of comfort that heavier sleepers need. This means that heavier back, side, and stomach sleepers might feel like they’re sleeping on a board. Still, it’s a good option for combination sleepers. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase one.

While the airweave mattress isn’t as firm as a latex mattress, it is also breathable and has an optional comfort layer. Made of polyester, this layer provides just a little bit of extra comfort. The airfiber core is made from 100% non-toxic, food-grade polyethylene. The woven threads also provide a cooling sensation. The material is also very resilient. Breathable airweave mattress reviews reveal that people who buy this type of mattress report that they feel cooler than their normal mattresses.

If you’re looking for a mattress with superior breathability and support, look no further than the Breathable airweave Advanced Mattress. Its interwoven fibers ensure excellent airflow throughout the mattress and minimize motion transfer. Another great feature of the Breathable airweave mattress is its customizable design. It can accommodate different weight and shape preferences, so that you can create the perfect sleep environment for you.

Fast response time

The airweave mattress is springy and reactive, which makes it perfect for heavy sleepers. However, it’s not for light sleepers as the pillow top layer sinks down and you’ll feel like you’re on a board. It’s best to choose a size based on your sleeping position, not the size of your foundation. However, the airweave mattress does come in standard sizes.

As far as support and comfort go, an Airweave mattress offers a solid foundation for a restful night’s sleep. This bed also offers reliable levels of noise control and motion isolation. If you’re in a relationship, you don’t want to be disturbed by your partner getting out of bed or changing positions. But thanks to the Airweave’s firmness system, the movement and noise that comes with your partner’s movements are easily diffused with minimal disturbance.

The Airweave mattress’ setup isn’t complicated. It takes around 15 minutes to install, but it’s still fairly straightforward. Unfasten the Velcro on the inner cover, then place the mattress on top. Then, follow the instructions that come with the mattress to set up the bed. The manufacturer’s warranty period is 100 nights, which means you have up to 30 days to decide whether you’re happy with the product.

Another thing that makes the Airweave mattress unique is its durability. The airweave is made from a 100% natural cotton barrier that shields it from fire damage. This means that it is more durable than other mattresses, and the company stands behind it. Its mattress is also easily removable, so you can move it when not in use. As well as the airweave mattress, they also sell pillows, pillow cases, and seat cushions.

Edge support

An Airweave mattress’ edge support is acceptable, but not ideal. It’s not enough to prevent you from rolling off the bed, and you might be better off trying a different mattress. While other foam mattresses provide better edge support, an Airweave mattress’s edge support is satisfactory. This mattress is silent, too, making it a good choice for those who prefer an air bed. Edge support is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a new mattress.

Edge support is an important aspect of any mattress, so be sure to check your edge support before you buy. Some Airweave mattresses are more responsive than others, so if you have back or stomach pain, an Airweave mattress may be right for you. This is because the airflow from the airfiber cushions should keep you cool, even during the warmest night’s sleep. Airweave mattresses are an excellent choice for firm lovers with larger bodies.

The first layer of an Airweave mattress is composed of a soft layer of polyfoam, which acts as the foundation of the entire mattress. The next layer is composed of a 1.5-inch layer of latex and memory foam, which work together to provide additional body support. A third layer contains polyethylene Airfiber cushions in three 4” clusters. Each cluster contains a low-give pillow.

An Airweave mattress’ edge support is reasonable. Its top layer is made of interwoven airfiber, which evenly distributes your weight and prevents excessive compression along the perimeter of the bed. The cover is machine-washable and removable, which is nice, especially if you’re prone to bedbugs. However, you should check if the cover is comfortable and is washable. Aside from that, it has a good reputation for comfort and durability.


The Airweave mattress is an option for those who need a firmer bed, but are concerned about snoring. Although the foam layer is durable and firm, it will sink into a heavier person. Couples may also find it difficult to get comfortable on an airweave mattress because it is so firm. Luckily, it comes with a 10-year warranty and is made of recyclable materials.

The airweave mattress is a firm mattress, ranging from a 5 on a scale of one to 10, which is a bit more firm than some mattresses. Its base layer is also flippable, so you can adjust the firmness to your preferred level. Those who are heavier may find themselves sinking through the airweave cushion layer, but light sleepers will be fine. The mattress is made of several layers that can be flipped separately to get a firm or a soft feel.

The Airweave mattress is offered in six standard sizes and ships in three pieces. These are then assembled using the included zippered cover. You can choose to have your Airweave delivered with free White Glove Delivery, which takes about 14 days. You can also request to have your old mattress removed and re-installed by an Airweave installation technician. Shipping costs are free to the contiguous US, but do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.

The price of an Airweave mattress varies depending on its size and the options available. The Twin is $1,070, while a Queen is about $1,410. Considering that it is an airweave mattress, it is a premium option for those who want a soft, plush bed. However, it is also a good option for those who do not like the thought of spending money on a mattress in a box.

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