Best Time to Trade Crypto in the US

Written By: Maya Nasta

If you live in the U.S., you might wonder when is the best time to trade crypto in the U.S. After all; the U.S. has two different time zones. This article will provide some insights about when to trade cryptocurrency and also discusses the effect of the Server time and Sydney/Tokyo overlap on the price of digital assets. In addition, you will learn when the best time to trade crypto in the U.S. is for U.S. citizens.

Supply and demand drive price

In the U.S., cryptocurrency prices are closely tied to the cost of stocks. This correlation is significant because cryptocurrency is deflationary, while stocks and other financial assets are inflationary. Precious metals, or the Oil price, for example, may correlate with the S&P 500 index between 2020 and 2022 but diverge between 2014 and 2019. It is important to note that this correlation varies over time and depends on several factors, including geopolitical tensions, regulatory policies, and economic policies.

In traditional markets, supply and demand balance the prices. As long as there is sufficient demand, prices will stay stable. In the case of cryptocurrencies, a limited supply creates a sense of digital scarcity. If collection is high, prices will be low, and vice versa. A cryptocurrency market is different from a traditional market as it’s still relatively young and has not reached maturity yet. This volatility increases the stakes for traders and creates a risk-reward scenario.

Market news affects short-term cryptocurrency price movement.

The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates in a wild fashion, sometimes crashing by over 80% in a single day. Fundamental development sentiment and rumors all contribute to the cost of cryptocurrencies. For example, the stability-coin TerraUSD has plummeted in value due to concerns about its solvency. And the Treasury Department is citing the risks cryptocurrencies pose to the economy and calling for heavier regulation.

Best time to trade crypto in US

The United States Federal Reserve will meet in June, and the meeting could be a key mover in determining the short-term cryptocurrency price trend. Fed Chair Jerome Powell will also update investors on the U.S. economy, which could be another major market catalyst. SEC Chair Gary Gensler stated in April that the SEC would regulate cryptocurrency platforms. A recent announcement by the SEC nearly doubled the size of its cryptocurrency unit.

Sydney/Tokyo overlap

Another good cryptocurrency trading time occurs when the Sydney and Tokyo sessions overlap. This overlap occurs from 2 AM to 4 AM EST and is especially beneficial when trading currencies with the Euro/Yen pair. London/Japan overlap is less active because of the different time zones involved and only lasts for an hour, allowing for a much smaller pip fluctuation.

The Tokyo session is also the best time to trade cryptocurrencies since the major economic centers like New York and London are not working. Because of this, trading volumes during the Tokyo session are comparatively lower, and there are fewer opportunities to make big moves outside of trading ranges.

Server time

If you’re wondering when is the best time to buy crypto in the U.S., it’s essential to know the global business hours for trading. On Thursdays, crypto prices tend to dip, which is the best buying time. You should always perform your research to find the best pattern.

When the European markets are open, they experience higher trading volume. That’s the time to buy if the Euro is weak and sell it if the U.S. dollar is strong. Also, the Frankfurt market is open when the U.S./London overlap occurs, making it the best time to trade. The European market is open all day, so it’s a good time to trade if you’re in Europe.

Payment options

The best time to buy and sell crypto varies depending on several factors, including the time of day and the amount of activity on the market. Historically, the best time to buy crypto is in the afternoon before the market closes and the last two hours of the American business day. Other times to buy are on Mondays and Fridays. The following tips will help you find the best time to buy or sell crypto in the U.S.

First, fund your exchange account. Most exchanges accept wire and bank transfers, but only a few support PayPal, credit cards, or gift cards. Before choosing an exchange, read user reviews and ask fellow crypto investors. Look for an exchange with high liquidity, which means converting currencies easily without affecting the price. The best crypto exchanges will allow you to buy assets almost immediately.


Several factors affect the prices of digital assets, including demand and supply. Fewer traders are active on the weekend, which drives prices lower. Some believe that the best time to buy cryptocurrency is late evening and on the weekends to make the most of this time. Use technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis in your trading strategy. It is always advisable to do your research and make your own decisions before you invest in any cryptocurrency.

It is important to note that any government doesn’t back digital currencies, so they are subject to risk. In the U.S., however, the U.S. government has issued several public statements on the dangers of using digital assets. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s crucial to research the industry thoroughly before entering any trading activity. It’s also important to note that trading is not permitted in all states, so you should check before making any purchases.

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