XTB Online Trading Review

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

XTB Review

A comprehensive review of XTB Online Trading

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XTB online trading is a stock exchange-listed and one of the best CFD brokers based in Poland in 2002. The brokerage company managed to brand its broker services as a safe and regulated broker by being regulated in most financial markets, including:

United Kingdom: (FCA), the Financial Conduct Authority.
Cyprus: Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
Poland: (KNF) the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
Cypriot entity which is governed by (GySEC) also known as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
Belize: International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC).

The trading portfolio of XTB is mainly focused on Forex, CFD, Crypto, Real stocks, and Indices. They also offer ETFs, but it is limited to European customers.

XTB Share CFD Trading offers are 1,500+ Global Stock CFDs, including companies like Apple & Facebook. You can use 5:1 leverage and trade with a 20% deposit. They charge a low commission of 0.08%. Another positive part of XTB is offering Negative Balance Protection.

After carefully comparing it with over 130+ Top FX & CFD brokers, our editorial team decided to rate XTB as follows:

How Much are XTB Fees?

XTB Charges low CFD fees.

When it comes to online trading, we often receive questions such as:
“Is XTB a good CFD broker for beginners?”
“How much is the XTB fee?”.

Well, it all depends on your trading and investment strategy and the services that you use. Charges for trading Forex are definitely different from algorithmic trading fees.

Let’s have a look at the Xtb revenue model and how they make money. All different costs that you might be charged when trading with xtb online trading are in these forms:

The fees for S&P 500 CFD, Europe 50 CFD, EUR USD are built into the spread.

✓ For S&P 500 CFD, the fee is 0.6 average spread cost, which is considered low.
✓ For Europe 50 CFD, the fee is 2.2 average spread cost, which is considered low.
✓ For EURUSD, the fee is €3.5 /£2.5 /$4 per lot for PRO accounts, which is considered low.
✓ Basic or Standard account holders won’t be charged commissions; in fact, trading costs are built into the spread.
✓ There is no inactivity fee which is also considered good.

XTB accepts credit cards in GBP or EUR for funding your account, with no additional fees. If you choose alternative payment methods such as deposit via PayPal, Paysafe, Neteller, or via pay using other currencies, you will be charged a small deposit fee.

The table below gives you an idea of how XTB commissions look like:

xtb account

Compare XTB Alternatives

How do low commission brokers make money?

To help you choose the best broker for you, we will compare online brokers side by side: XTB, eToro Review, and IG Markets review. For the sake of this comparison, let’s say you have a typical trade which means buying a leveraged position, holding it for 1 week & only sell it afterward.

* Volume: a $2,000 position for:
1) The stock Index
2) CFD
3) Forex transactions.

The leverage in these scenarios is:
• 20:1 stock index CFDs
• 5:1 CFD
• 30:1 forex

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XTB Online Trading Platform

XTB offers a trading platform based on MT4 & MT5

Apart from MT4 that is powering the majority of online brokers, some online brokerage companies like XTB have also built an in-house trading platform.

Just like other low CFD fees brokers, commissions and spreads matter the most to traders, but getting your hand on a good trading platform can make things easier. Is a dream.

XTB offers all 3 trading platform types, mobile Apps trading, desktop trading software, and web trader platforms.

Xtb’s in-house online trading platform is called (station 5), or you may use the 3rd party trading tool called MetaTrader 4. It’s unfortunate to see that XTB’s xStation 5 does not offer automated trading.

That means algorithmic traders can only use MT4 on XTB, and X-station 5 will be useless.

xtb platform

If you want to trade on to go, you may use mobile trading platforms on your Android and IOS device.

It gives you the flexibility of trading on the go with a mobile App and utilizes necessary Alerts, pushes notifications, or enhanced touch experience to trade by swiping right or left.

To make it more secure and to be able to protect your account, you can set up a two-step login feature in your profile and receive a code whenever you or anyone logs in to the system.

The User experience XTB trading platforms are neat, and charting features are advanced.

One good thing is that Xtb operates in the majority of countries with literally no minimum deposit requirements. The exception here applies to traders from the UK which their minimum deposit is $250.

To start trading with the XTB platform, you won’t be charged any deposit fees, but your source account for your fund deposit should be in your own name. If you are ready to trade, go ahead and use the live account; if not, XTB offers a demo account to practice.

How to Open XTB Trading Account?

What broker is best known for low commission CFD?

XTB, primarily known as FX & CFD broker generally offers two types of trading accounts.

Standard Account holders pay spreads.
Pro Account owners shall pay commissions which is $4/€3.5/£2.5 per lot. 

The commission for trading stock index CFDs is $8/€8/£8, for ETF CFDs and stock contract for difference.

In brief follow these steps to open your live account on Xtb Online Trading Platform:

1. Sign up with your email and choose your country
2. Select the trading platform
3. Provide basic information about yourself
4. Clarify your Tax situation by providing your Tax ID
5. Select the account type
5. As part of KYC process, you should also provide identity and residency proof for activation.

When choosing the right broker, you need to also research about their customer support. XTB offers trading opportunities in most financial markets. They respond pretty fast and representatives are available 24/5, meaning there is no one to reach to during weekends. Xtb also provides an English live chat with short time queues.

What Trading Instruments XTB Offers?

Can You trade Cryptocurrency with XTB?

Should I Trade ETF, Forex, or CFD?

As one of the best brokers with 15 years of trading history, XTB Online Trading offers you the following trading instruments:

  • ETF CFDs

XTB’s Market Research Tools

What Indicators matters to CFD Traders?

XTB trading Analysis, Research Tools & Education…

As for the research, you can easily find a daily summary of the financial market published on the XTB portal. The market news covers a good portion of events that impact traders.

The top movers’ feature makes it easy to monitor which markets are currently the best gainers or worst losers.

With market sentiment, you would compare the portion of sellers vs. buyers of each market and instrument.

A clear, live price table is available for all instruments. This is how it looks:

xtb portfolio

Xtb is loved by beginners and those who want to learn how to trade forex. You can easily access Xtb’s trading academy and sort your training based on level or subject.

Step-by-step guides that walk you through strategy & platformed features are easily understandable. For example, in the market analysis course, you will learn:

  • How to find out the sentiment of traders: Market Sentiment shows you how traders are positioned in different financial markets
  • How to use stocks screener in xStation5
  • How to determine a trend with heat maps

xtb edu

“Unlike technical analysis, which looks at price action and trends to help pinpoint where prices may head to next, fundamental analysts consider all available data to help them to determine the relative value of a market. “

Does xtb offer Fundamental Data? No.

Does Xtb offer Trading Ideas? Yes, In the news flow.

XTB education is fair. You will get a demo account and sufficient balance to begin practicing.

The research functionalities of the Xtb online trading platform are comparatively strong.

For instance, they have a feature called ‘Market sentiment’ that illustrates the long and short positions of the percentage of the clients. XTB offers one more useful tool called the ‘Heatmap,’ visually showing the winners and losers.

Proper technical analysis tools are available in more than 20 languages (if you use MetaTrader 4 broker). They engage you with their user-friendly environment and nice interactive charts. The charts and charting feature is pretty good. It saves automatically and lets you play around with around 70 indicators.

If you are a beginner and looking for many trading videos and articles to learn how to trade, you should pay a visit to our trading blog for beginners.

Conclusion of XTB Review

Can You make money by trading CFD with XTB?

After careful evaluation, we believe XTB is among top-tier low-fee forex brokers in 2020.
First, XTB is regulated and listed on the stock exchange; that makes it reputable and safe. It is also supervised by several financial authorities globally. By the way, it is publicly listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
From a broker’s fees perspective, XTB forex fees and Xtb stock index CFD fees are low. You can easily withdraw your money for free.
Opening a trading account with Xtb online trading is more than easy, and you can get your account approved in one to three days. However, GSLOs or guaranteed stop losses that protect you from market gap risks are not offered by Xtb.
On the negative side, XTB’s stock CFD fees are relatively higher than their FX fees. Additionally, the broker’s trading portfolio and offers are limited to Indices, Currency trading, and CFDs.

Is XTB Scam or Regulated?

We have shortlisted the complete list of Forex scams in 2021. XTB is regulated by the following financial authorities:

  • United Kingdom: (FCA), the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Cyprus: Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • Poland: (KNF) the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
  • Cypriot entity which is governed by (GySEC) also known as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Belize: International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC).

How to open my trading account?

Follow these steps to learn how to open trading account:

1. Get ready with your email address
2. Select the country of residency.
3. Provide demographic data
4. Choose your preferred online trading platform
5. Select your account type & base currency.
6. Explain your trading experience and provide employment history
7. Provide identity and residency proof for activation.

What is the minimum deposit for XTB?

The minimum deposit is $250.

What are XTB Pros & Cons.

  • Low CFD Trading Fees
  • XTB Provides Trading Ideas
  • Offers Negative balance protection
  • 70 indicators for Analysis
  • Listed in Stock Exchange
  • It charges low commission from 0.08%.

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