What Causes Background Check to Take Longer?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

What causes a background check to take longer? Depending on The nature of the background search, the sensitivity of the position, and the accuracy of data, your background check records results may be ready in 3 to 5 business days. However, the main impediment that causes longer time is inaccurate information or incomplete data, in such cases, it may be delayed and take up to two weeks time.

Background checks can take up to a week

The main reason background checks are delayed is a lack of accuracy in the data that is entered by either the employee or employer. This can be the result of a number of problems including a false entry or an honest mistake.

Generally speaking, a background check takes a week or more to complete. However, there are some circumstances where the background check can take less time. For example, if the applicant has never worked for a company before, it can take up to two days. However, if the applicant has changed jobs a lot, the process can take a week or longer. That’s why companies that order employment background checks are using accurate third party background check sites speeds up the hiring process.

Why background check takes so long

If you’re planning to hire a new employee, it may be worthwhile to perform a criminal background check. This will provide you with all the critical details you need about a potential employee, such as their previous addresses, dates of employment, salary information, and educational qualifications.

Having all of this information in one place will make the screening process easier and less time-consuming. Inaccuracies can slow down the process, so you want to ensure that the information you’re receiving is accurate.

A domestic background check usually takes less than a week, while a federal background check may take up to a month. It may take longer if the background check involves a lot of other information, such as a criminal record. Be sure to follow up with your recruiter to see if the background check is taking longer than expected.

Pre-employment background check can take up to a week

A pre-employment background check can reveal a lot of information about a potential employee. These reports can reveal everything from a criminal background to the person’s work history. The information on these reports is essential for your decision-making process. A thorough check should uncover any red flags or dealbreakers.

Generally speaking, the turnaround time for a pre-employment background check can range from a few days to a week. The timeframe will depend on the company’s location and the number of applicants. It’s important to have patience when you wait for the results to come back. If the process takes longer than a week, it’s probably a sign that the company is rejecting the applicant and will contact them.

Delays due to Disruptions in the background-checking process

Disruptions in the background checking process can be caused by a variety of factors. Natural disasters, for example, can hamper the process. Disasters can limit the availability of information sources and prevent background check providers from responding quickly. In these situations, delays can extend for days. Another factor that can cause delays is the seasonal spike in hiring.

During these times, staffing agencies can submit inaccurate background check request forms. Moreover, employers need signed authorizations from candidates, and the process can be delayed if the authorizations are delayed. Many times, staffing agencies and institutions do not respond to background check requests in a timely manner, causing a delay.

Disruptions in the background checking process can also occur when a background check is manual. Some background check companies do not have the resources to search for all kinds of records, and must contact the clerk of courts to search for them. The search for information can take several days, and there are other instances of interruptions that can cause delays.

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