Which Trading Cards Are Worth Money?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

which trading cards are worth money

Valuable trading cards have become a huge business. While mainstream society once considered them to be a harmless activity for children, nowadays, top media outlets are publicizing record-breaking sales every week. Today, anyone can buy a valuable trading card. These cards are not just used as memorabilia; they’re also used as investments, and they can be worth millions of dollars.

Kobe Bryant logoman trading card

It’s hard to say if a Kobe Bryant logoman trading card is really worth money, but it may be. The first one to surface was from Upper Deck a decade ago. The design was a blend of Michael Jordan and the Black Mamba, and featured a young Kobe Bryant alongside a recently retired Michael Jordan. Considering the quality of the artwork, a Kobe Bryant logoman card can sell for a lot of money – and they aren’t even autographed.

Despite being a rookie card, Kobe Bryant’s logoman card has gone on to become one of the most expensive in basketball history. It’s already in the top 10 most expensive cards ever sold, and is only a few million dollars shy of the previous records set by LeBron James and Luka Doncic. If the current trend continues, another Kobe Bryant card could go for more than a million dollars.

Honus Wagner’s T206

If you’re in the hobby of collecting baseball cards, you’ve probably wondered if Honus Wagner’s T206 trading card would be worth any money. After all, there’s a reason why it’s the most famous baseball card in the hobby. A PSA graded version of the card sold for $475,959 at an online auction recently. The card is considered a “holy grail” of the hobby, as it has most of the player’s face intact, but much of his uniform is missing. The card is also very rare, and is not likely to get cheaper anytime soon.

The first factor that determines whether the Honus Wagner’s T206 trading card will fetch a good price is its condition. If it is in excellent condition, it could fetch up to six figures. However, if the card is not in good condition, it could fetch less than ten cents. Therefore, it would not be a wise idea to spend money on a T206 trading card without having it professionally graded.

Shoeless Joe Jackson American Caramel

Joe Jackson American Caramel cards are rare and highly collectible. Issued in 1909, these cards come in hard caramel candy packages. The cards are not issued in tobacco sets, so you can bet that they are worth quite a bit. The cards are not the most detailed, but they are still quite valuable.

Jackson’s cards are difficult to come by and very rare, which means they’re expensive. In fact, you can find rare varieties of his cards that cost more than $1,000. The cards are also hard to replace. The 1915 Cracker Jack #103 card, which features Jackson finishing through on a swing, is worth tens of thousands of dollars. A similar card featuring Jackson in a minor league uniform is valued at over $15,000 on eBay.

PSA has graded a limited number of these cards, including a PSA 4 example. Luckily, most of them are authentic. However, there are some lower-grade examples that are worth thousands of dollars. This is because these cards have become a popular target for counterfeiters.

Ruth’s T206

A Ruth’s T206 trading card is a rare, valuable card that is worth thousands of dollars. Ruth, who played for the New York Yankees, became a national phenomenon in his prime by hitting 54 home runs in 1920 and 59 more in 1921. Ruth’s T206 card, which he signed for the Baltimore News in 1914, is highly prized by collectors. This card is considered extremely rare, as there are only 5,500 copies available.

The T206 set features 76 different cards featuring Hall of Fame members. Some of these cards feature different players, or have different poses. A Ruth T206 trading card, for example, could have multiple images of Ruth, which can increase its value. Many collectors also prize factory errors. Some of these cards were recovered directly from the printer and are called off-beats. Another type of error card is known as a ghost card, which features the image of another player. The printing press in 1939 wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as the ones used today, so printing mistakes were normal.

Ruth’s rookie card

It’s hard to say exactly how much Ruth’s rookie card is worth, but a PSA grade of near-mint will likely fetch more than $10k. The Ruth card is one of just two in the world that has been certified by PSA as near-mint or mint by the organization. The card was printed in 1932 by the U.S. Caramel company, which also produced a rare issue of 31 cards featuring famous athletes.

Ruth’s rookie card has a very high value, but the value varies from collector to collector. One card from the 1916 season sold for $2.4 million at the Mile High Card auction. It was the highest graded M101-4 card ever sold and had only two other comparable cards in its population. Ruth played for the Boston Red Sox in 1916, when he was only 22 years old and had hit only seven home runs.

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