Which cruise line is best for adults?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Carnival’s Serenity Adult-Only Retreat originally sparked its adult-only cruises. Carnival is generally family-friendly for . Like its sister brand Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises has an adults-only solarium. Guests will find that this is an invigorating oasis aimed exclusively at those who want to enjoy a true cruise experience without children..

While Celebrity Cruises has no age restrictions, it is extremely popular with guests over the age of 30, as many of the attractions aimed at the younger population are not included.. When it comes to food and drink programs on board, Celebrity Cruises really stands out.. While the dining experience has been improved across the industry in recent years, Celebrity shines even brighter. While Disney Cruise Line clearly appeals to families with kids, the options for adults are endless.

This is a particularly good option for adults who happen to be fans of Disney parks.. Of this entire list, Virgin Voyages is the only true “No Kids Allowed” cruise. This upstart line breaks new ground by only allowing guests over 18 years of age to sail.. Even the activities and entertainment are specifically aimed at mature audiences..

Adult dance parties, drag shows, and various types of other performances are shown as we expect Virgin Voyages to offer one of the most fun adult cruises. The Virgin experience will shine for the adult cruiser, as even the onboard features, which are normally designed for a younger population, will be the adult version on this adults-only ship. Elsewhere, many Norwegian ships offer an adults-only area known as Spice H20, which is available to all adult travelers at no additional charge. Many of their ships also offer a second area, the Vibe Beach Club, which is also adults-only but has limited capacity and must be purchased upon boarding.

Virgin Voyages’ first ship, the Scarlet Lady with 2,770 passengers, has been sailing from Miami since September and is aimed at adults looking for decidedly grown-up fun, with offers such as interactive dance parties and a sex cabaret show. It also offers a karaoke lounge with pink-purple karaoke rooms, a tattoo parlour (read how one of our employees was among the first to get colored on board) and drag queen brunches. Like Virgin Voyages, the start-up river line U River Cruises (originally called U from Uniworld) is after a younger and young-at-heart adult audience, with what it accounts for as a hip type of cruise that is not for kids. Given that over 95% of the Southampton, England based cruise line’s passengers are British, you should probably either be British yourself or a major Anglophile to consider booking.

Sailing with P%26O Cruises is a very British experience, which is obvious as soon as you see the ships (they have hulls painted with massive Union Jacks). On board, you’ll find typical British offerings such as lavish afternoon teas, top-deck quoits and restaurant menus designed by great chefs in the UK such as Marco Pierre White. That means if you’re a fan of Princess Cruises, you might feel right at home aboard a P%26O Cruises ship. Embedded under the same corporate umbrella, the two brands are long-time sisters who have swapped ships back and forth (although fans of Holland America might be interested to know that Arcadia actually shares a ship design with the Vista class of this line).

For booking purposes, P%26O Cruises considers all persons who are 18 years or older at the time of sailing as adults. That’s right, you won’t find a single millennial or even as many Generation Xers aboard a Saga Cruises ship (at 57, even the oldest members of Generation X achieve the cut-off by just a few years). What you’ll find is a slew of Baby Boomers, many of whom are retired. Saga Cruises operates just two seagoing vessels, both of which sail exclusively out of Great Britain, as well as several river boats.

Like P%26O Cruises, it is a product that is probably best for British travelers or large Anglophiles. To find out more and book, visit Virgin Voyages (opens in new tab) Looking for a contemporary onboard experience as you sail to new destinations in modern luxury and style? Celebrity Cruises could be just the thing for you. To learn more and book, visit Celebrity Cruises (opens in a new tab). Looking for a carefree cruise experience that exudes adult style? Emerald Cruises’ rides include daily trips and experiences, varied food with free drinks, round-trip flights, and transfers.

To learn more and book, visit Emerald Cruises (opens in a new tab). To learn more and book, visit Atlas Ocean Voyages (opens in a new tab). Windstar Cruises can accommodate 148 to 342 guests and is popular with couples and group trips for solo travelers.. The ships slide into ports that are not accessible to larger cruise ships, meaning they tend to visit more off-the-beaten-path ports.

The line was founded as an offshoot of the long-time river cruise company Uniworld and operates two adult-only ships, which feature an elegant matte black exterior, mixologists and DJs on board, yoga on the deck and communal tables for dining. During the school year, book a two-week trip to a more exotic location like Asia or South America on a line like Holland America or Princess Cruises, and you’ll mostly share the ship with adults. Although Silversea cruises are not in theory exclusively for adults, in practice they are essentially high-end cruises for adults. Adults can stay on the same cruise as children, but while the boys participate in themed events or activities, adults can relax, soak up some sun, or enjoy a drink at the bar.

Like P%26O Cruises, Saga Cruises is a British line that has focused on the business of offering adult-only travel. It’s a great cruise line for adults who love to immerse themselves in a destination, spend their free time in harbours, enjoy local cuisine and shop at high-end boutiques. However, since its inception, Royal Caribbean International has marketed itself as one of the best cruise lines for adults. This famous British line clearly sees the demand for adult-only cruise ships, but is also not giving up on the family market.

With a strict policy of 18 years or older, all Viking Ocean Cruises were adults-only cruises from the start. As this niche is becoming increasingly popular, many cruise lines have either rated these cruises as adults-only or discouraged families from taking part.. Adult-only cruises have recently gained momentum due to the popularity of adults-only areas aboard the ship. Some cruise lines simply have adult-only ships; others still accept children but definitely have fewer on board.

Other areas on the ship that make Royal Caribbean one of the most fun adult cruises include activities such as the Quest Game Show (not for the easily offended), silent disco parties, and the nightly meeting of single cruisers. While this cruise is still allowed for kids, there are plenty of options for kids to make it feel like an adults-only cruise. It doesn’t get any more direct and clearer what basically makes Azamara an adults-only cruise line. Since no children under 8 years of age can be accommodated, while passengers under 21 must be accompanied by an adult of at least 25 years of age, Windstar Cruises also offers adult-only cruises.

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