Which cruise line does not require a passport?

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If you’re looking for cruises that don’t require a passport, take a round trip from New York City, Baltimore, Charleston, or one of two Florida to Bermuda . You know it’s best to travel with a passport, but there are dozens of reasons why you might consider a cruise without a passport. What if an opportunity comes up at short notice and you don’t have a passport yet? Or if you’ve forgotten to renew yours when it’s expired? What if it’s just a three-night cruise to the Bahamas and the fee for applying for a passport is almost as high as the cruise price? Or maybe you have kids who are almost 16 years old and don’t see the point of getting them passports that are only valid for five years now.. Thanks to an international agreement called Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, U, S.

Citizens can travel on certain itineraries within North American countries with a government-issued ID (such as a valid driver’s license) and proof of citizenship (such as a birth certificate, also issued by the government). The current travel routes are round trip or closed-loop travel of U, S. ports; one way trips from a US, S. Port to another country that is visiting a foreign country, or from the USA.

Port to a foreign country, would require a passport. Have you got it? Let’s take a look at the options where you can cruise without a passport. A cruise to Alaska is one of the easiest ways to experience everything the state has to offer.. You’ll have the opportunity to see glaciers and wildlife, stroll through the streets of charming coastal towns, eat local crab legs and salmon, or go out into nature on a kayak, zipline, or hike.

If you have one of these cards but not a passport book, you can technically take a simple Alaska cruise unless you need to fly to or from Canada. Further complications arise for non-passport holders who book shore excursions that require a crossing from Alaska to Canada. The White Pass and Yukon Route trips are good examples.. With WP%26YR, cruise passengers can take the 3-hour train journey without a passport, but not take any of the longer routes.

That is their policy, not a legal requirement. All of this means that Alaska cruises are a time when the passport card is a practical alternative to traveling with an ID card and birth certificate. It opens up easy itineraries. A Caribbean cruise takes you to tropical islands with turquoise waters. Whether you’re looking for warm beaches, cool drinks, water sports, or cultural education, there’s a Caribbean cruise that’s right for you.

It’s easy to cruise in the Caribbean without a passport. Simply book one of the many closed-loop round trips starting from a U, S. Most major cruise lines offer trips between three and 15 nights from ports such as Galveston, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, several ports in Florida (including Miami and Fort Lauderdale) and Charleston, South Carolina, Baltimore, Bayonne, New Jersey and New York City. Most Caribbean islands participate in WHTI, but it’s always best to check the details of the ports of call included in your itinerary.

Don’t forget that islands such as Puerto Rico, St.. Territories; a US passport is never required to visit. Bermuda is a British overseas territory and is located 643 miles off the coast of North Carolina.. Hop on a cruise ship and head straight to the island’s famous beaches and golf courses.

Spring and summer are the main seasons to visit, but cruises are available all year round. A cruise to Bermuda without a passport is also easy.. Apart from a few isolated cruises, which stop in Bermuda when coming or leaving from other destinations, there are no unilateral Bermuda cruises that could confuse the situation.. If you want to sail without a passport, you should beware of a Bermuda cruise of more than 10 nights..

These are likely point-to-point cruises, which happen to include Bermuda. Pass-free cruises to Bermuda include numerous trips of five to ten nights from the east coast ports of Baltimore, Bayonne, Boston and Manhattan. Occasional itineraries also pop up during the Bermuda season from Norfolk, Virginia, Charleston and the Florida ports of Miami, Port Canaveral and Jacksonville.. The Bahamas, which have long been known for its beautiful beaches and access to all kinds of water fun under the subtropical sun, is the destination of choice for easy and fast cruise vacations.

Skip the passport on three to five-day Bahamas cruises with a round trip on most major cruise lines from the ports of Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami in eastern Florida. A few longer itineraries (seven to 15 nights) stop in the Bahamas en route to the Caribbean. Departures from Bayonne, Manhattan, Baltimore and Charleston often give you week-long Bahamas itineraries, as well as rides from Tampa, Galveston, and New Orleans. Our southern neighbour offers two coastlines full of cruise fun.

As with most tropical cruise destinations, beaches and ocean are the main attractions, but cruise ports in Mexico also give you access to ancient Mayan ruins, delicious cuisine, and a wealth of land activities. Mexico’s Caribbean and Pacific coasts are both accessible to cruisers that don’t have a passport. If you want to visit Mexico’s east coast, you’ll find three to 15-night cruises to Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Progresso. Departures depart from Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral; you can also find itineraries from New Orleans, Galveston and Mobile, Alabama.

Western Mexico, often referred to as the Mexican Riviera, includes the ports of Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Ensenada. Cruises depart from San Diego for three to five night Disney cruises and seven to ten night cruises on Holland America, Princess and Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian, along with Royal Caribbean, Princess and Celebrity, also sails from San Pedro Port in Los Angeles for trips of three to ten nights. Carnival sails similar routes from Long Beach.

From water sports to American history to Hawaiian culture, there’s plenty to experience on a Hawaii cruise. Perhaps the best part is the opportunity to hop from island to island while sampling each one’s flavors.. Hawaiian closed-loop cruises that do not require a passport are available in two variants. The short option is to fly to Honolulu and take a seven or ten-day cruise on the Pride of America by Norwegian Cruise Line, the only major cruise ship that is allowed to operate entirely on the Hawaiian Islands without visiting a foreign port.

Small ship cruise operator UnCruise Adventures also offers Hawaiian trips between islands for seven nights. The ships flying the American flag only travel to and from the USA, S. ports, so no passport is required, as would be the case with any domestic trip. The long cruise option consists of 14 to 18 night round trip trips from San Diego, Los Angeles (Long Beach and San Pedro) and San Francisco.

Cruise lines that offer these cruises include Carnival, Princess. You don’t need a passport for these closed cruises, but you must be prepared for several days at sea as you cross the Pacific from California to Hawaii. Beware of 20-night cruises on Holland America, Princess and even Viking, which are round-trip trips from the west coast and seem eligible for closed-loop cruises that don’t require passes. Most of these cruises don’t work as they also include stops in French Polynesia, which is outside the WHTI agreement..

Passports are required for the islands in the South Pacific and therefore for the entire cruise. Cruises along the east coast of North America allow you to marvel at historic sights of the early Americana, stand on rugged cliffs on the coast of Nova Scotia, or enjoy Quebec’s French culture. Mainstream cruise lines offer a range of cruises along the USA, S. And the Canadian coast, which doesn’t require passports.

These depart from the ports of Bayonne, Baltimore, Boston, Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City and occasionally from Norfolk.. Most of these cruises in New England and Canada are week-long fall cruises, but a handful start at different times of the year or are slightly longer, around eight to ten nights.. Cruise lines with closed cruises in Canada and New England include Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, Princess, Holland America and small ship operator American Cruise Lines. These and other cruise lines also offer one-way two-way cruises between Canada and New England..

These itineraries, such as Alaska cruises, may be possible without a passport book as long as your plans don’t include flights to or from Canada and your cruise line allows you to travel with either a passport card or other acceptable ID and proof of citizenship. We’ve checked for you with a few lines. Princess, Holland America and Celebrity all strongly recommend passport books but allow one of the WHTI forms of identification. Here, too, the passport card opens up one-way options, provided that you are not flying and your cruise only covers Canada and the USA, S.

While cruising with a passport is always recommended, this is not required by law under certain circumstances. Ports that visit Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico are part of an international agreement that the USA,. Citizens who want to travel without a passport. Government-issued ID and US proof,.

Citizenship is required instead of a passport book. Passport cards are an affordable and undeniable alternative to carrying an ID card and birth certificate.. If you want to take this route, you should know that they are not valid for traveling by plane to or from a foreign country, including Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, or Caribbean countries. This is the main reason why most travel consultants advise cruisers to have a passport book. As we’ve shown, you have plenty of options to travel without a passport, and many travelers do it without incident..

However, anything from engine problems on your cruise ship to bad weather to an accident at port can require a flight home from a foreign country, putting you in an awkward position if you don’t have a passport. The opinions expressed here are those of the author alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise approved by any of these companies. Did you know that it is possible to cruise without a passport? A lot of people don’t know this as U, S. Citizens, you can take advantage of cruises without a passport for itineraries that start and end in the USA.

This is how you can benefit from these fantastic last minute cruise deals. You also have shorter travel times than if you’re vacationing abroad, and a cruise without a passport is ideal for first-time cruisers who don’t want to be too far from home. So where can you go? Read on for a list of pretty incredible options. Norwegian Cruise Line has one of the youngest fleets sailing along British Columbia’s spectacular coastline and takes you in style from Seattle to ports of call such as Glacier Bay, Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and Victoria.

You can travel from Boston aboard Norwegian Dawn without a passport or from New York with Norwegian Escape or Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda, where this beautiful pink sand awaits. And after 3 days, you can explore the island at your leisure and visit shops, restaurants and even golf courses to your heart’s content. You can hop aboard Norwegian Dawn from Boston or from New York with Norwegian Gem or Norwegian Escape. Highlights include visiting the historic destinations of Quebec City, Halifax and Charlottetown, as well as Portland and Bar Harbour. With so many picturesque islands, a wide variety of ships to choose from, and several convenient departure locations, including Boston, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Port Canaveral, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Tampa, it’s no surprise that Norwegian Cruise Line has retained its title as the Caribbean’s leading airline since 5 years in a row.

See more of Mexico and everything it has to offer on a Mexico cruise. Norwegian Cruise Line takes you from Los Angeles to a variety of ports, offering you a combination of adventure and relaxation that you couldn’t find anywhere else.. Sail aboard some of our newest ships, including Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy. Ports of call include Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, where you’ll find the enchanting Mexican atmosphere as well as water sports and adventures galore.

Proof of citizenship (as described below) AND government-issued photo ID For more information on required travel documents, please visit our Cruise Services page. Various factors determine whether you need a passport for a cruise.. While many assume this is a yes or no question, it all depends on the itinerary.. Although not every itinerary departing from North America requires a cruise passport, there are several cruises that require you to have a valid U, S.

Below we cover the most common ones that do not require a passport. A simple Panama Canal cruise from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale, for example, would require a valid US passport. A simple fall cruise from New York City to Quebec requires a passport as you’ll start in the USA, S. A closed-loop cruise is a cruise that starts and ends in the same home port.

Most trips from North America, with the exception of repositioning cruises or Panama Canal crossings, are closed control loops. A seven-night cruise in the Western Caribbean from Miami, for example, does not require a passport as you start and end the cruise from the same USA. For the birth certificate, it must be emphasized that it must be an original or certified copy of the birth certificate in which the raised seal is burnt. If you arrive at the terminal with a photocopy, you are not allowed to sail.

A baptism certificate or birth certificate issued by the hospital are not acceptable documents.. It must be a birth certificate issued by the Office for Vital Statistics. The day planner will tell you whether a passport is required at the port, as well as an announcement from the cruise director upon arrival. If you come to the gangway and discover that you have forgotten your passport in your room, security will ask you to pick it up.

Remember that cruise lines don’t set the rules, they must follow local regulations at every port they visit.. Since both are US territories, the State Department does not require a passport to travel to and from Puerto Rico or the USA.. The following are some regions where many closed-loop cruises are operated within the United States and do not require a passport. Guests who don’t have a passport and would like to take an Alaska cruise should opt for a round trip from Seattle or San Francisco..

Ask any experienced cruiser and many will tell you that a passport is absolutely necessary and that no one should travel without one, regardless of the cruise.. We agree with this opinion and these are the reasons why. If the cruise ends abruptly due to a mechanical problem and you don’t have a passport, the shipping company will work with the consulate or embassy to ensure that you return to the USA without any problems. Even something as simple as not getting back to the ship in time and being left behind could be a problem without having a passport..

Be that as it may, you’ll have to jump through a lot more tires if you’re not traveling with a passport.. Another benefit of cruising with a passport is a quicker disembarkation experience.. Ports, if all you need to do is present a passport at customs, you can cut your time in half. A passport and a visa should not be confused.

If you’re going on adventures by sea that don’t require a passport, make sure you have the right cruise documents. Although a passport is not required for most trips offered by cruise lines, there are unexpected accidents or emergencies when traveling.. For example, a Panama Canal cruise that starts from Miami and ends in Los Angeles requires a passport.. For example, a seven-night cruise in the Western Caribbean from Miami does not require a passport as you start and end the cruise from the same U.

If you’re looking for cruises that don’t require a passport, take a round trip from New York City, Baltimore, Charleston, or one of Florida’s two ports of call to Bermuda.. This is the main reason why many experienced cruisers and travel agents always advise first-time visitors to travel with a passport, even if they are not technically required to do so. The shipping company will ask you to enter your passport details when you check in. The airline will then check your passport to board the flight. For citizens of other countries or people with other immigration status living in the United States, a passport is generally required for every cruise. You should check with your travel agent or cruise line to see if your itinerary requires visas..

There are rare cases where passengers need their passport at a point of contact to go ashore or go on an excursion, even if the cruise itself doesn’t require that.. A simple fall cruise from New York City to Quebec requires a passport as you’re starting in the USA. Those who choose to cruise without a passport on a closed sailing circuit must still bring the following documents, an official identity card and an original copy of your birth certificate in order to sail. While not every itinerary departing from North America requires a passport, there are several cruises that require you to have a valid U.

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