Which App is Best For Girls Safety?

Which app is best for girls safety

There are many safety apps for girls on the market today. My SafetiPin, Circle of 6, Life360, and Shake2Safety are just a few. These apps can help you find safe areas in your city and avoid unsafe places to go. They also let you call emergency contacts at the click of a button.

My SafetiPin

The My SafetiPin app is a free, personal safety app that is used by women and girls around the world to share information about safety in public places. The app uses data mapping techniques to determine the safety level of a neighborhood based on nine different characteristics. If the user chooses a dangerous path, the app will send an alert to their loved ones.

The app also uses GPS location to determine the level of safety in various locations. It can warn you through notifications if the area is considered unsafe and allows you to call an emergency contact with one click. Other factors that go into the app’s safety rating include the presence of security, openness of the area, and lighting.

Technology plays a vital role in women’s safety. As a result, many companies have developed innovative solutions to help women stay safe. These innovations include GPS trackers, wearable devices, and apps. My SafetiPin app is best for girls safety and offers several benefits. The app helps women keep track of their GPS location, call an emergency contact, and share a nearby location that is safe for girls.

My SafetiPin app also has an SOS button that allows you to live-stream an emergency. This feature is helpful if you aren’t able to reach your loved one or if you need to get help from police. The app also has a list of places that provide assistance and safety for women and girls. It contains resources such as police stations that have women desks, one-stop centers, and NGOs.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is an app designed to keep girls safe. It allows users to add up to six trusted friends who will be able to help in times of danger. When a girl needs help, she can text these friends and they will get notified right away. This feature also allows her to receive alerts if someone is in an unsafe situation. In addition, it provides advice on how to have a healthy relationship and how to get home safely.

The app is free to download. It helps women stay safe by letting them share pictures and videos of dangerous areas and places. It also helps them recover their lost phones. Another feature is a timer that contacts your friends and family when you don’t check in. The timer will let them know if you’re at risk and what your location is. You can also set a PIN code for the app to send you a notification. In case of an emergency, the app will also send an audio or video alert to your emergency contacts.

Another option is the Shake2Safety app. The app not only records your location but also lets your contacts follow your location with GPS. It also has a fake call feature that you can use to get out of a dangerous situation. Life360 lets you create a circle of trusted contacts and send real-time alerts when members leave the circle. Life360 also has a Help Alert feature that lets your contacts know if you feel unsafe and where you are.


If you’re wondering which app is best for girls safety, you have two main options. Life360 and FindMy. The former offers location information while the latter offers notifications. These two apps have a good balance between parents’ wishes and children’s comfort level. However, Life360 has a downside: they are very intrusive and may cause stress to your child.

Life360 is a digital monitoring tool that functions like an enhanced version of Apple’s “Find My” feature. The app allows you to share your location with your Circle, which is made up of friends and family members. The app is free to download, but you can upgrade to unlock additional features.

Life360 offers some great features, including check-in capabilities. With this feature, you can reassure your loved ones that you’re close by. The app can also send silent alerts. The app is free to use, but a premium version costs $4.17 a month. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, you’d be wise to consider an alternative.

Life360 also offers tools for keeping teen drivers safe. Parents are often concerned about the safety of their kids as new drivers. The app encourages responsible driving, and offers parent tools for reporting statistics. Parents can also chat with their children about driving safety. Life360 even has a button that lets you call roadside assistance. This means that Life360 representatives know where you are, and can help with flat tires or towing.


This app sends an emergency SOS message to a list of emergency contacts. It also lets you share a picture with location and record audio. It is useful in case of an accident or robbery. Shake2Safety works even without an internet connection and a locked screen. It also allows you to chat with contacts and family members. If your child or young adult is missing, the app also lets you know where they are and can call them.

The Shake2Safety app is free to download on Android devices and works with GPS. Upon activation, you can select who you would like to receive an alert. The app also allows you to assign a specific contact for emergencies. The Shake2Safety app can also send your location to an emergency contact when you are offline.

Another app that will keep your phone protected is Chilla. It can detect the sounds of a woman’s scream and send distress alerts to her emergency contacts. It can also make emergency calls to call emergency services. It’s a great app for girls safety.

Shake2Safety is one of the easiest to use women safety apps. This app has three coloured buttons and a call centre that will help you if something happens. It allows you to set a timed alarm. And even if your girl does get lost, the app will notify your family and friends.

Panic Button

If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, the Panic Button app is an excellent choice. It allows you to set up a list of five emergency contacts who will receive notifications when the panic button is pressed. When a child presses the panic button, the app immediately sends a frenzy alert to those people. This can help parents, guardians, and law enforcement officials reach the victim faster and ensure that no harm comes to them.

The Panic Button app is free to download from the IOS or Android app stores, but it comes with a paid version with additional features. In addition to sending emergency alerts to emergency contacts, the app also connects you to the nearest emergency services in case of an emergency. The app allows you to enter up to five primary contact information, such as an adult or relative. The app also has a 24-hour customer service center.

Red Panic Button is a free app that can be used by anyone. It sends distress messages to a list of emergency contacts that you choose, as well as your location. The free version of the app is limited and does not include video or audio features. However, the premium version of the app has unlimited panic contacts and no ads. Other features of the premium version include photo/video alert messages and Apple Watch integration.


The Smart24x7 app for girls is designed to help you keep track of your girl and connect her with loved ones in case of an emergency. It offers 24-hour emergency services and is available for download in the Apple and Android app stores. The app allows users to send emergency alerts to friends and neighbours, as well as neighbouring emergency services. Users can send messages to up to five main contacts. The app is also capable of recording audio and sending photos.

Smart24x7 is a free app for girls that is supported by state police departments. It will send an instant alert to your emergency contacts and will also allow you to take pictures or record sound for future reference. The app also has a GPS feature that helps you find the fastest way to a location.

The Women Safety app is an excellent option for women who don’t feel safe travelling alone. It allows women to send messages to their loved ones and provides real-time location information. It can also send pictures and videos to family and friends, and can even notify local police when a girl is in trouble. The Women Safety app also has three different coloured buttons to select the severity of a situation.

Another great women’s safety app is Women Safety shield. It has an SOS button that can be used to send a picture to loved ones in the event of an emergency. The app also has an accurate GPS location and itinerary tracking. It also provides contact information to pre-stored contacts, and reports the location of a nearby police station and hospital.

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