Where to Get Free Notary Service

where to get free notary service

Whether you need a notary to sign a document or just need some assistance completing an important transaction, there are several places where you can get free notary service. Government offices often have notaries on staff, and you can take advantage of their services. Most of these offices charge a small fee for their services, but check to see if they offer free notary services. Banks and credit unions also have notaries on staff, and they may be able to provide a free service as well.

Public libraries

Public libraries offer a variety of services, and a free notary service is one of them. Notary service is available at most branches of local libraries, though some may offer more limited services. These services are only available by appointment, so it is best to call ahead to make an appointment. Customers need to bring a photo ID to be notarized, and documents must be in English.

A public library notary will not notarize documents that are not legal documents, such as I-9 forms or auto titles. They may not be able to give legal advice or assist you with filling out a legal form, and they reserve the right to decline your request if there is doubt about the authenticity of your document.

To get a free notary service, you must bring a valid photo identification to the Library. A government issued identification card is acceptable. Also, be sure to fill out the document completely. The Library Notary will not notarize documents that are already signed. And, as with any notary, the library notary cannot accept responsibility for an unacceptable copy.

Other places where you can get free notary services are your local city hall or court office. Many public libraries have a notary on staff. If you don’t want to pay for a notary, open a no-fee checking or savings account in your name at a bank that offers notary services. If these options are not available, you can always contact your local city hall or court office and ask if they have a notary on staff. These offices generally offer free services for existing customers.

Notary services are available at most banks in the U.S. A notary can certify a document by reviewing the document and verifying the signor’s identity. Documents that require notarization can include wills, power of attorney, and other important documents. Most banks offer notary services for free for their customers. However, non-bank customers may have to pay a small fee for the service.


If you need a notary for a legal document, PostalAnnex is the place to go. They offer a variety of services, including notary services, fax services, and shipping supplies. They also offer notary services for businesses, as well as private mailbox rentals, copy services in color and black-and-white, print from disk/USB drive, freight shipping, and passport photos.

PostalAnnex locations offer commissioned notary public services as well as mobile notary services. Use the store locator to find a location in your area. These locations can also provide free notary services for certain documents. They can also be convenient for people who don’t have the time to wait for an appointment.

Navy Federal is expanding across North Texas. Recently, it opened its eleventh branch in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It’s located at 400 N. State NWY 287, near Academy Sports + Outdoors and Belk. The company has additional branches scheduled to open in 2021 and 2022.

The new Mansfield branch features a 10-member team, including two veterans and three military spouses. The branch offers notary services, mortgage counseling, and lending services. It also has a 24-hour ATM. The Mansfield branch recently donated $2,500 to the organization Spirit of a Hero, which helps veterans with their finances. The branch’s new location is located within a 30-minute drive of almost 25,000 military personnel.

The service is free for members. However, you must provide a copy of your notary certificate in order to be recognized. In addition, you must present a notary certificate and signed duties and responsibilities form, as well as a copy of your command legal and administrative officer’s appointment letter. The latter must also include your projected rotation date.

You can also use the Navy Federal notary service to notarize your documents. There is no charge for notarizing Navy Federal documents, though you must pay a $5 fee if you use it more than twice. This notary service is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and closed on Saturdays. They do not offer will notarization services, so if you have a will to be notarized, consider using a different service.


When it comes to getting your documents notarized, it may be helpful to visit your bank. Most banks offer free notary services to existing customers, but not everyone has one. There are also banks that charge a minimal fee for notary services. The most common banks that offer free notary services are smaller community banks and credit unions.

Bank of America offers free notary services at most of its branches. The service is available by appointment, and customers can schedule appointments in advance. However, not all Bank of America locations offer the same services, and the same notary may change branches. Before making an appointment, make sure to read the guidelines for notarial services and bring the necessary co-signers and government-issued identification.

Another bank that offers free notary services is Chase Bank. Chase customers are required to have a bank account and a credit card. However, it’s important to note that these notaries can’t notarize wills and deeds without an attorney. Many customers also utilize UPS’s notary service, which charges $6 per page and is convenient.

Some banks have notaries on staff, so you can simply walk in and get your documents notarized. Others require appointments and may charge you a fee for the service. When requesting a notary public at a bank, make sure you bring any required official identification, such as a driver’s license, so you can be assured that your documents will be signed by a reliable person.

The services offered by notaries are often required when you sign important documents, such as a will or a power of attorney. In addition to these, you may need to get a notary’s witness for certain types of documents. Notary services are offered by most banks. For non-bank customers, notaries may charge a nominal fee.

Public workplaces

Free notary services can be found at a wide variety of public workplaces. For example, if you’re at a hospital or city hall, a notary may be on staff. Check with the front desk secretary to see who’s available to perform notary work. You may also be able to get a free notary at a local court house.

Many banks offer notary services to their customers. However, if you’re not a bank customer, you are not likely to be able to take advantage of this service. If you do have a bank account, check with the notary to see if they provide free service.

Many businesses benefit from having a notary on staff. Having a notary in the office is more convenient than having to wait in line outside. Many businesses need only a notary for an hour or so a week, so having a notary in the office is a plus.

Other public workplaces that provide free notary services include government offices and libraries. Visiting the county clerk’s office in your town may provide the best service at the lowest cost. However, before you make a reservation, it’s best to call ahead to make sure they have the time and money available.

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