What Trading Platforms Do Professionals Use?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Many active traders prefer to use the services of a broker like Interactive Brokers and AvaTrade, which offers fast trade execution and the ability to transact in virtually any market. Its fully-featured platform is known for its customizable charts, streaming news and real-time data. Additionally, it offers commission-free trading on stocks and ETFs. Moreover, customers who trade large volumes can take advantage of discounts and special offers.

what trading platforms do professionals use


Plus500 is a professional trading platform that is regulated by top financial authorities in Australia and New Zealand. It is also listed publicly on the London Stock Exchange, which means that its services are safe and transparent. In addition, Plus500 is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority and the Monetary Authority of New Zealand.

The platform offers a demo account that you can use to practice your trading strategies before committing to a full account. This helps beginner investors prepare for the realities of real trading. However, it is important to note that Plus500 recommends a minimum deposit of $100. Moreover, the platform offers advanced features, such as risk management and leverage.


If you’re thinking about using an online trading platform to make money, eToro is a great choice. The company provides a number of features that will allow you to trade like a pro. These features include a portfolio statement, reports, and the ability to copy trades. Moreover, the platform has a VIP club that you can join if you’d like to get even more benefits. Members of this club can get access to Trading Central and discounted withdrawal fees. In addition, they also get a dedicated account manager.

eToro is an online trading platform that offers CFDs, ETFs, and real stocks. The platform includes features for beginners and experts alike, such as adaptive leverage, stop loss, and take profit orders. Users can also connect with other eToro users and get advice from the community. However, the platform has some limitations.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a powerful trading platform for both novice and experienced investors. It offers commission-free trades on a large range of stocks, ETFs, and forex. It also provides 24 hour support for active members. It also does not require a minimum account balance.

The platform is easy to use, and new clients can open an account within minutes. It offers many specialized accounts, retirement vehicles, and savings accounts. It also has a live broker on call to help clients understand the markets.

Merrill Lynch

Merrill Edge is one of the trading platforms that professionals use to make investment decisions. It offers a wide range of investments, a variety of commission-free trades, and the ability to hold multiple accounts. You can trade in stocks, ETFs, bonds, treasuries, and more through this platform. If you’re a beginner or experienced trader, Merrill Edge may be a good choice. The platform is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

The Merrill Edge trading platform offers a customizable interface that lets users create and save dozens of trading spaces. It also features customizable charts and a chat feature. You can also trade stocks and ETFs during market hours, and the platform supports both long and short positions. The platform offers multiple trading types, including market orders, stop quotes, and limit orders. You can also set default tax lot choices.

Power E-Trade

Power E-Trade is a professional-grade trading platform that offers traders a variety of tools and features. Its web trading platform and mobile trading apps are both intuitive and easy to use. The app supports stock transactions, options, futures, ETFs, and technical studies. It also has a Live Action feature that alerts you to potential investment opportunities.

This professional trading platform has lightning-fast order execution, advanced charting features, and many powerful analysis tools. The app includes over 100 technical indicators, 30 chart-drawing tools, 16 oscillators, and a risk-reward analyzer. You can also save your own trading strategies.

Interactive Brokers

If you’re an experienced trader who prefers to use a professional trading platform, then Interactive Brokers is the best choice for you. They offer a variety of professional tools and courses to help you become a better trader. They also provide significant access to free research and paid services.

Some of the features of Interactive Brokers include standard features, such as real-time monitoring, alerts, watchlists, and customizable account dashboards. Additional features include an options strategy lab that allows you to compare up to five different options strategies. The platform also has paper trading capabilities and a mutual fund replicator. Finally, its customizable notifications can help you stay on top of changing markets and identifying trends.

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