What is the Best Online Notary Service?

What is the best online notary service

There are a number of online notary services that are available on the Internet. These services allow you to have a real-time conversation with a notary through a text or email. This allows you to make sure that everything is done correctly. These services also make it easy to submit documents.


DocVerify is an e-notary service that allows you to perform notarizations online. The software makes the process easier and more convenient for you. If you are unable to perform a notarization in person, you can use DocVerify’s notary locator to find a notary nearby. They also offer document signing services for those who live outside the US.

DocVerify offers a secure platform with advanced encryption methods. Its journal has full audit trails, geolocation, and barcodes for every transaction. The service is faster than traditional notarization and meets state requirements. It also offers excellent customer support. Its support is available online during normal business hours (PST), and you can email a representative during normal business hours.

DocVerify is one of the best eNotary services on the market today. It allows you to notarize documents quickly and securely and has affordable pricing. Its unique tool allows you to mark locations for signatures, dates, and initials. Once you’re done, save the document and send it to the notary for signature.


eNotaryLog is an online notary service based in the USA. It allows you to search for notaries by service and price, and schedule appointments online. It also offers a forum, a blog, and training materials for notaries. You can use the service for personal notarization or for business purposes.

In order to use an online notary, you must first submit the document to be notarized. This requires a photo ID, social security number, and other identifying details. Then, the virtual notary will notarize the document and add a digital seal. You can notarize as many documents as you need through this service.

The process for notarizing documents through eNotaryLog is similar to other online notary services. First, you must verify your identity by taking a picture of your government-issued ID. After verifying your identity, you connect with the notary online and complete the notarization. After the notarization is complete, you will receive the final document in a government-compliant PDF. The certificate has a tamper-resistant seal, which ensures your documents will be safe. eNotaryLog charges about $25 per notarization, though they do offer custom pricing for businesses.


If you want a fully-featured online notary service, you’ve probably considered DocuSign. This company specializes in helping small businesses and real estate agents notarize contracts and other important documents. The company also has a mobile app and 24/7/365 notary support. NotaryCam is another great choice, offering a real-time remote collaboration experience between notaries and signers. This company also offers a free trial and volume discounts for larger monthly needs.

When it comes to security, DocuSign is one of the most secure online notary services available. The company’s SSL-based encryption technology ensures that transactions are private and secure. Moreover, the company’s VeriVault document storage option enables you to store all of your documents in a safe, encrypted environment.

Pricing plans vary with the size of your business. A one-time fee of $25 will cover one notarization, while a business account may cost up to $300. There are also monthly subscription plans for businesses, starting at $57 per month. These business packages offer additional features such as multiple users, extended platform capabilities, and more extensive customer support.

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