What is the best month to cruise the eastern caribbean?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Holidaymakers who want to stay on an island will find that November to July are good months for the southernmost islands in the eastern region.. Every vacation to the Caribbean during the fall months has a high risk of rain due to storms or hurricanes.. To avoid peak season, the best time for a Caribbean cruise is from November to early December. While every cruise offers intimate experiences, during this time, you can go on expeditions on quieter beaches or deeper tours through the Mayan ruins..

Not to mention that November and December offer various trips to help you escape the frosty Fahrenheit back home and dip your toes in the warm waters of a Caribbean winter.. Enjoy seasonal onboard activities—like an elaborate Thanksgiving feast or a magical gingerbread house-making competition—and experience the Christmas season like never before. When is the best time to cruise to the Caribbean? The easy answer is whenever it’s convenient for you. There’s never a bad time to head over to that giant blue fishbowl with tons of beaches to explore..


‘s because the Caribbean is warm and mostly sunny all year round. You can find hundreds of cruise options every month. That doesn’t mean that every season is the same.. If I had to choose based on weather, costs, and crowds, I’d choose winter as the best time for a Caribbean cruise.

If I were to narrow it down even further, I’d say the best time to cruise to the Caribbean is at the beginning of December. It’s a fun way to create a break between Thanksgiving and the December vacation. Imagine buying unique gifts after your snorkeling trip or before your spa appointment instead of strolling through muddy shopping mall parking lots with the tip of your nose threatening to freeze and I think you’ll agree with me. Apart from the weeks that include holidays, ships are likely to be underutilized or filled with screaming kids.

Winter rates are slightly below the annual average (with the exception of vacation weeks, which are often the highest of the year). There are also offers that lower prices even further. In particular, take a look at the last-minute options and the first two weeks of December. Ships that sail seasonally in Alaska and Europe are often at home in Caribbean waters for a few months in winter..

That leads to more choices this time of year.. If there are cruise lines or specific ships you’d like to try out, winter in the Caribbean is an ideal time to try them out, particularly luxury and premium lines, which often offer lower prices on Caribbean cruises than on their cruises elsewhere in the world.. If you prefer childless cruises during the holidays, you can choose an adults-only cruise line such as Viking. The weather at home can be unpredictable in winter, which may affect your departure schedules and prevent you from catching your Caribbean cruise.

Plus, winter storms in the USA, S. Can increase wave movement in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The farther north your departure airport is, the more likely you are to experience a rough ride until your ship sails south into calmer water. If you don’t mind the crowds during spring break, spring is a wonderful time for a cruise.

The weather in the Caribbean in March, April and May is idyllic and the seas should be calm. Plus, escaping the last wrath of winter may be just what the doctor ordered to save your mental health. The spring break hooligans start in March and often last well into April. Graduation ceremonies begin soon after, in mid-May.

If your goal is to avoid crowds of kids and parties, skip the cheapest and shortest cruises as well as cruise ships with water parks and thrill rides. Note that spring break is high season for travel disruptions caused by spikes in demand. I was once pushed off a flight home after a spring cruise when a Spanish high school club from Wisconsin needed the seats to travel home together as a group.. I was compensated and flew out the next day, but what if I had been pushed on my cruise day? If you’re planning a Caribbean cruise in spring, you should have a backup plan, including travel insurance in case your itinerary is rearranged at the last minute.

The weather isn’t just bad in autumn and Caribbean cruise prices are low during these months. I was on lovely cruises in the Caribbean in September and October with calm seas and uncrowded, quiet ships, all at a fraction of the price of cruises just a handful of weeks earlier in the year. If your goal is to save money and avoid the crowds in spring and summer, and you’re the type of cruiser that sings in the rain in a rowboat when it takes you away from home, then fall is perfect for you.. November feels like a bonus cruise.

Temperatures have dropped by a few degrees due to the summer heat and the chance of storms is mostly over.. Extra ships are arriving for their winter season and prices remain low for most of the month. At home, everyone else is busy buying turkeys and cranberries and taking care of the in-laws.. However, you could laze around on deck sipping on a frozen tropical brew while you wait for your samba class to start.

Now we’re back where we started — you book a Caribbean cruise that works for you and your travel group. Every season has something to offer someone, which is why this entire year-round Caribbean cruise works.. If we all thought that early December was really the best time to cruise to the Caribbean, it wouldn’t be that way anymore. For crusaders who want to explore local culture on culinary tours or sample the region’s famous rum products, there are a variety of cultural events throughout the year..

For the super adventurous cruisers who want to swim with sharks, there are plenty of trips, especially in the Bahamas. Although summer trips have higher prices, you can never really value the treasures of the Caribbean.. The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands can see ocean temperatures in the winter months of the 1970s due to their more northerly location, which is important to note. If you are planning an Eastern Caribbean cruise with the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, it is best to travel from early spring to late summer and avoid the winter months due to cooler night temperatures and cool sea water..

Since events take place throughout the year, anytime can be considered the best time to travel to the Caribbean. She lives on Canada’s east coast and shares cruise tips and information with other Canucks seeking a pardon from the Great White North. The Caribbean is full of celebrations all year round, but holiday cruises to the Caribbean create excitement on ship and ashore. If you want to cruise with your own children during the break, there are plenty of ships with age-appropriate facilities.

The average highs of these islands remain in the winter months in the 1980s, making them equally popular with hotel and cruise visitors.. Prices aren’t too high in the first week of March before rising for the rest of the month.. Spring is a great time to cruise in the Eastern Caribbean as the cooler waters warm up near the Bahamas. The summer months are also perfect for multi-generational cruises as they are often the only months when everyone’s schedules match.

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