What Dating App Do Celebrities Use?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

What dating app do celebrities use

While it’s not easy to find out exactly who’s using what dating app, we can take a look at some famous faces. From Madonna to Ben Affleck, there’s a good chance that some of the biggest names in Hollywood are using one or more of these apps. In fact, there are even some reports of some celebrities having a successful relationship.


Raya is a dating app that has caught the attention of many celebrities. Among those who have been spotted using it are Channing Tatum, Amy Schumer, Ben Affleck, Demi Lovato, and Niall Horan. While this dating app does come with some costs, the subscription is relatively inexpensive, and you can access a large database of people. Unlike normal dating apps, Raya uses algorithms to determine which people should be accepted. Although the majority of the users are celebrities, you can still browse through profiles of people from around the world.

Raya has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years, thanks to the exposure it has received from celebrities. In 2016, John Mayer joined the dating app. Among his profile pictures, his profile read, “I used to strip.” He also set his profile picture to “Brown Sugar” by D’Angelo. The same year, Lizzo joined the app in hopes of matching with John Mayer.

Another famous celebrity who has used the app is Matthew Perry. After splitting with his ex in 2020, Perry activated his Raya account. This week, his profile was in the news after he matched with a 19-year-old TikTok star. However, his wife Chrissy Teigan has criticized his online antics, calling them creepy and desperate.

In addition to its high-profile members, Raya also has a strict membership policy. You must pay a subscription fee of $7.99 a month. In addition, messages on Raya can only be sent between two users. As such, you cannot screenshot your matches.


There are a number of dating apps that celebrities use, but Tinder is one of the most popular. Most of them are high-class, aimed at Hollywood actors and actresses. Many celebrities like Chelsea Handler and Eric Stonestreet have even tried them out. Despite their high-class status, many of these stars still like to mingle with regular people.

In 2018, U.S. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon used the dating app to meet his fiancee, Sophie Turner. The Jonas Brothers, who settled down with Sophie Turner, were also found on the app. Niall Horan and Bonnie Wright were also spotted on the app.

While most people are familiar with the app, Tinder Select is a members-only app for a select group of users. This app is only available to members, and the users can nominate others to join. However, Tinder doesn’t want to spread the feature too widely.

Unlike other apps, Tinder has many advantages. First, it offers more people to meet. The second is that it has better paid features than its competitors. Additionally, it is very fast and straightforward. Finally, it’s easy to get started and is a great place to meet new people.

Another dating app that celebrities use is Raya. It has over 10,000 members and does not limit you by geography. You must be referred by at least three people to be accepted. Then, your profile must meet the criteria set by the app. A small group of judges will decide whether or not you will be accepted.


The internet is full of celebrities using different dating apps. Among them are Cara Delevingne, Alexander Wang, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Teri Hatcher, Elijah Wood, Zach Braff, and Demi Lovato. These celebrities have all revealed that they use different dating apps. Whether or not they’ve had any luck with these apps is debatable, but there’s no doubt that they’ve all tried them.

In addition to dating apps that are available to everyone, some celebrities use dating apps exclusively. Raya, for example, is a dating app only for high-profile celebrities. This exclusive dating app is used by celebrities who have large numbers of followers. Some of these celebrities have been caught using these dating apps, including Kiernan Shipka, Niall Horan, Zac Efron, and KJ Apa.

The dating app Raya has made headlines in recent weeks after a TikTok user exposed a number of celebrities on the app. TikTok user Nivine Jay went viral after sharing a video of Ben Affleck she received after unmatching him on the app. Although many have condemned the actor’s creepy come-ons, others believe he sent the video to prove that he was a genuine member of the community. Raya has also recently banned Matthew Perry from its platform because of violating community guidelines.

Raya is a private dating app designed for celebrities, athletes, and social media personalities. It was launched in 2015 and has strict membership requirements. It costs $7.99 per month.

Soho House

It’s not uncommon for celebrity dating apps to feature a lot of women, and Soho House is no different. The app claims to be a private global community that revolves around experiences. If you’re a creative, this app is an excellent choice. Its mission is to connect creative people, and it focuses on showcasing them to other creatives.

The company has 27 locations around the world, and it plans to open six new locations by the end of next year. It plans to open branches in Rome, Paris, Tel Aviv, Austin, and more. The company also plans to open a stateside location of the famous Soho Farmhouse.

Soho House has been around for over 20 years, and its ethos revolves around giving its members nice things. Over the years, its members have grown in number and diversity. While there used to be a lot more theater and TV presenters, the club now has a wider variety of creatives.

A recent case involves a woman John met on a celebrity dating app, Raya. The woman’s father had financed her New York apartment and flew her to the presidential candidate’s home state. It’s important to note that Soho House is a paid service, and that you must be referred by an existing member before using it. However, the app has been receiving social media buzz and has been used by celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Aniston.

Raya is an exclusive dating app that accepts users from all backgrounds and sexual orientations. It’s also an international network that allows its members to meet locals all over the world. Its members are screened and undergo lengthy application processes. Many celebrities, including Demi Lovato and Channing Tatum, have joined the site.


There’s a good reason that celebrities are using Craigslist. Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host, has made a habit of browsing Craigslist. She has even answered some of the craziest ads on the site. In fact, she reads Craigslist ads during her talk show.

Tina Fey works with Amy Poehler and often uses Craigslist to find extras for her productions. Recently, Poehler used Craigslist to find manicurists for a New York film. However, she didn’t write the ad herself; she simply asked for extras.

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