What Brokers Use TradingView?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

what brokers use tradingview

When looking for a trading platform, there are several good choices. We’ll examine CQG, Optimus Futures, and TradeStation. If you’d like to sign up for a free trial, you can click here. However, it’s important to consider the costs and features of each platform before making a decision.


TradeStation has been in the business of making trading easy and affordable for investors. Its award-winning trading platform offers access to major U.S. exchanges and a comprehensive suite of tools for active traders. The platform also allows active traders to develop custom trading strategies. Its mobile apps let them take their trading experience with them wherever they go.

The TradingView platform offers a range of features, from customizable charts to advanced trading indicators. Clients can create custom indicators and discuss strategies with other traders using the platform. The platform populates data from TradeStation through its API. It also features a TradingView tab, which toggles account information and provides sub-tabs for different tools.

In addition to offering a full range of trading services, TradeStation also offers an array of other services. For example, it is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. It also offers full-service entity accounts, which can be for a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, trust, or corporation.

Optimus Futures

If you’re looking for an automated forex trading platform, Optimus Futures can offer you a comprehensive set of features. The software provides an intuitive interface and integrates with a number of popular apps. It also offers the flexibility to choose data feeds and clearing firms. It also has a variety of professional charting tools.

Optimus Futures’s platform lets you trade on multiple markets at once. This makes it ideal for both day and night traders. Optimus Futures offers free demo accounts on some of its trading platforms. All you need to do is register for an account and provide some basic information. This way, you can test-drive the platform and find out if it’s right for you. The brokerage also accepts traders from most countries. Optimus Futures is a member of the NFA and CFTC. Their platform is registered with the NFA and offers 13 different exchanges.

Optimus Futures offers various account types, including individual, joint, tenant-in-common, corporate, LLC, partnership, and pension plan accounts. They also offer a free trial version of their software and offer unlimited simulated trades. Their platform is designed to be easy to use and is backed by a concierge-like customer support team.


The amp gauge provides real-time technical analysis overview. It summarizes popular technical indicators such as Moving Averages, Oscillators, and Pivots. AMP token is currently in an uptrend on the weekly chart. It could trigger a big move if it breaks out above the breakout price.

AMP provides a number of services to customers, including the trading platform TradingView. It allows users to access a number of different exchanges. It also offers a live account option. This feature allows AMP users to trade using their CQG credentials. This allows you to trade on CQG and AMP markets without having to pay exchange fees.

AMP is compatible with all major trading platforms. It also supports trading in CME MICRO futures. The software supports trading on a variety of exchanges, including Osaka Japan (JPX), the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong (HKEX), and the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE).


TradingView is an interface for CQG brokers. It lets traders place trades directly from the trading platform. It supports AMP/CQG Live credentialing and offers a number of features. In addition, it supports keyboard order entry, default order size preferences, and an account picker. There are also options for manual fills and trailing stop limit orders. It also allows multiple orders to be linked, which can be done using the OCO button.

TradingView has a powerful library of over 100 pre-built studies that cover popular trading indicators and concepts. Using the Pine programming language, it also allows users to create their own custom studies and indicators. They can even share custom studies with other users. You can even write your own custom indicators using the Pine script language.

The platform is free for traders and offers many features. It is designed to help people make better decisions about their investments by displaying the latest market data and allowing users to customize charts. Traders can access live market data, market indicators, and historical data from a variety of different sources. This means they can access real-time data on a variety of markets, including forex, commodities, and futures.

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