What Background Check service Does Lyft Use?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Before joining Lyft and driving for them, Lyft uses a background check service to validate your driving record and criminal history through a third-party platform called “Ckeckr“. Checkrbackground check helps Lyf to search for your MVR, Drug test, and criminal records.

Lyft Employment Background check

Checkr is the high-rated background check company in America. In fact, Checkr runs one million background checks a month. Checkr’s background check process allows companies like Lyft and Uber to expand their hiring pool and focus on what matters. It also provides a secure link to complete a background check.

The Background Check Lyft Use is Checkr which is also a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. This organization provides background check training and tools to help you ensure you are getting the most out of Checkr.

Lyft looks for Criminal records

Lyft background checks

Lyft conducts criminal and driving record checks on job applicants and drivers periodically. If they find an applicant with a criminal record, they may disqualify them from driving for Lyft and other ridesharing companies.

National sex offender registry

A person on the National Sex Offender Registry is also not eligible to drive for ridesharing companies. The verification process is free and is part of becoming a driver.

When it comes to Arrest and DUI background checks, Background Checks Lyft Use can expand to both private and public records. First, it checks social security numbers to confirm applicants’ identities. Second, it uses third-party background check service Checkr, Inc., which collects data from the DMV, court records, and criminal databases. The company also confirms the age of the driver.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law in the United States designed to protect your personal information. This law aims to protect the privacy of your information and ensure that it is accurate and fair. It also promotes the accuracy of information that companies obtain from your credit report. Whether you are applying for a loan or a new home, this law protects you.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to dispute information in your credit report. You are allowed to get one free copy of your report a year, but you have to pay $13 if you request more than one. You can dispute any information you think is inaccurate, and you can also have inaccurate information removed after seven or 10 years.

Drivers with felonies on their record

Lyft background checks are not uncommon, and drivers with felonies on their record can face challenges while working as a rideshare driver. Although there are exceptions, felonious drivers are generally prohibited from applying for a driver’s position at the rideshare company.

Lyft’s background check will check the applicant’s criminal history and official driving record. Depending on the crime and the date, applicants with felonies on their record could be disqualified from working as a Lyft driver.

Requirements to submit to a background check

When applying for the driver position, Lyft requires applicants to submit to a background check. This background check is conducted by a background check company that uses social security numbers to verify identity. The company also monitors driving records including DMV records to make sure that drivers have no new driving violations.

The background check process takes between two and ten business days, depending on the state and city that you live in. The process can take longer if you have a history of identity theft.

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