Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Two-way communication is a form of transmission in which both parties involved transmit information. Two-Way communication has also been referred to as interpersonal communication. Common forms of two-way communication are: Amateur Radio, CB or FRS radio contacts. Chatrooms and Instant Messaging. Computer networks. See back-channel. In-person communication. Telephone conversations. A cycle of communication and two-way communication are actually two different things. If we examine closely the anatomy of communication – the actual structure and parts – we will discover that a cycle of communication is not a two-way communication in its entirety. Meaning, two way communication is not as simple as one may infer. One can improve two-way or interpersonal communication by focusing on the eyes of the person speaking, making eye contact, watching body language, responding appropriately with comments, questions, and paraphrasing, and summarizing to confirm main points and an accurate understanding. Two-way communication involves feedback from the receiver to the sender. This allows the sender to know the message was received accurately by the receiver. This chart demonstrates two-way communication and feedback. [Sender]