Top 5 Personal Safety Apps For iPhone

What is the best personal safety app for iphone

There are plenty of apps available, and many of them will help you protect yourself. bSafe, for example, gives you the option to share your exact location with friends. It also includes a map that you can use to find friends, as well as a button that will fake a phone call to get your attention.


The bSafe Personal Safety App for iPhone includes a variety of features for the iPhone user. It offers voice activation, audio/video recording, and location tracking. It can also be programmed to send an automatic alert. The app helps prevent violence and abuse by documenting threats. You can also set up an “SOS” button to alert family and friends if something were to happen to you.

The bSafe Personal Safety App for iPhone allows users to set an emergency phone number to notify others. The app then sends an alert message to the contact’s phone or email address. This information is then passed on to the appropriate authorities. Besides sending out emergency messages, the app can also send a panic email or call 911. It also supports connecting to a smartwatch. The premium version of the app offers video monitoring and removes ads.

bSafe is a great app for those who have been out for long periods of time without being in contact with anyone. When you’re out and about, you can press the emergency button to alert family and friends. The app also has a location feature, allowing you to share your location with others. This is helpful when you’re traveling and you’re not sure where you’re at.

The bSafe Personal Safety App for iPhone offers a number of useful features. First, it helps users add all of their contact information. You can also select some or all of your contacts to be on the list. Secondly, you can select one or several of your contacts as your primary Guardian. The primary Guardian will receive a text message when there’s an emergency. The app also turns on a video camera and microphone.

Hollie Guard

If you’re worried about your safety and want to prevent identity theft, Hollie Guard is the app for you. It turns your iPhone into a personal safety device that notifies your emergency contacts and records evidence. It sends video and audio to those you want to hear it, and even lets your friends and family know exactly where you are.

The app was created to honor the memory of 20-year-old Holly Gazzard, who was murdered by her ex-partner. The Hollie Gazzard Foundation campaigns against domestic violence, knife crime, and antisocial behavior. The app is free to download and helps you stay safe.

Hollie Guard has a high download rank in the US and UK. It also has a high search position for relevant keywords. It also has a good user feedback. It tracks user feedback and suggestions. It also has a dark mode, which is very helpful in low-light conditions.

Another personal safety app for the iPhone is Bond. It’s free, and it allows users to add emergency contacts, leave notes about where they are, and record important medical information for first responders. The app doesn’t have a siren or camera recording, but it does share your location with your emergency contacts in real time. With the passcode, you can also change the alert message to customize it if you’d like to.

SafeTrek is another personal safety app that lets you connect to the police. When you’re worried, you can hold the safe button and the app will automatically notify the police. The app also allows you to pin reported crime locations so you can redirect to a safer route. Another benefit of the app is that it refreshes maps twice a week. Additionally, it allows users to post a live update when they feel unsafe.

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button is an app for iPhone that will let you send a distress message to friends, family, or colleagues. The app also lets you set a panic number to be sent to people who can help you find a safe location. You can also send panic emails to people you choose. The app works for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch.

This app is perfect for anyone who’s worried about their personal safety. You can set up a network of “guardians” who can respond to a distress call, text your current location, and access your recording software. Red Panic Button can also access your Twitter account and send a link to Google Maps, so others can find you quickly and safely.

This app is especially helpful for professionals who work in high-risk environments. In a high-risk situation, it is important to know if your call for help has been received. The app can also be used by police officers, firefighters, building guards, and miners.

Another personal safety app for iPhone is Silent Beacon. This app is an alarm button for emergencies and alerts your loved ones via GPS location, voice calls, email, or push notification. This app has no monthly fees, and it also has many features that make it a great personal safety app for iPhone users.

Ripple Safety is another iPhone safety app that will alert those closest to you. This app provides a 24-hour monitoring team to help you in any emergency situation. With all its features, Ripple Safety is one of the best personal safety apps for iPhone users. It will also send you a video message if you get into trouble.


Life360 is a personal safety app that keeps your family informed of your whereabouts. For example, if you get into a car accident, you can use the app to alert your family and friends of your location. In such a situation, Life360 can help you reach help immediately. The app also includes a panic button for additional safety.

However, Life360 has come under fire for sharing and selling your information with other companies. While this may be a deal breaker for some, the app still offers value. If you are concerned about privacy, you can always go into the privacy settings to turn off some of these features or all of them. However, you will still need to be aware of how much information the company is collecting about you and your family.

Another great feature of Life360 is that it lets you track the location of your family and friends. Using the app, you can check on them at all times, even while they are out. You can also use the app to send alert messages to your circle of contacts. This app also offers 24/7 roadside assistance.

Life360 has a privacy center that makes data collection easy and transparent. You can make anyone admin and invite new members. You can also switch between different circles and delete members. Its privacy center is clearly written and explains the data used by the app. There are many permissions you can choose to give to Life360, but none will adversely affect the service.

Another great feature of Life360 is the ability to set geofences. This is a great way to keep your family safe when you’re out and about. The app uses GPS to share your location with the server. It also shows your battery level, which is useful when you’re out on the road. It also provides a real-time location alert to your family and friends.


The SafeTrek app alerts police whenever you’re in danger. The app asks you to hold your finger to the ‘Safe’ button and enter a four-digit code. The police will then send help to you. You can also use SafeTrek to report suspicious activity to authorities.

SafeTrek works on both iOS and Android and uses GPS technology to pinpoint your location. All you need to do is hold the green button for a few seconds, then release it. The app will then notify the police and will give them your location. The team will remain in touch and can call an ambulance or fire truck, if necessary. You can try out the app for free for 30 days. Then, if you like the app, you can buy a subscription for $2.99 per month.

Another app for personal safety is Noonlight. Its main feature is a virtual safety button that allows you to call police if you are in a dangerous situation. The button gives you 10 seconds to enter your four-digit PIN to let the police know where you are. The Noonlight app is available for free for iPhone users. You can also create a timeline of where you’re headed to let police know where you’re at any time.

Life360 is another useful safety app. This app can alert police of your location and alert people through social media channels. It uses your phone’s GPS to locate you in case of an emergency, and you can also connect to social networks through its Red Panic Button. This app is easy to use and doesn’t require any additional hardware.

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