The Best Notary Public Websites

best notary public websites

The best notary public websites have clean and simple designs that focus on content rather than aesthetics. It’s important to balance functions and aesthetics, and the homepage should provide important details such as a logo and tagline. The homepage should also have quick menus and a compelling About Us page that introduces the notary public.

Notary of America

The Notary of America is the number one association for notaries. As the organization’s name suggests, it provides resources for notaries, including training, certification, and supplies. You can also call their staff with any questions you may have. The courses are quick and simple, and are offered in just 12 states.

The process to become a notary is different in each state, but includes filling out an application, paying the state application fee, passing an exam, and filing for a bond. Upon commission, you must also purchase notary supplies. You must also have proof of identity. If your notary commission requires you to provide proof of identity, a photo ID is required.

The public trust in a Notary is based on impartiality. Notaries are duty-bound to perform their tasks impartially, and cannot discriminate against a particular client based on race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Notaries have many important duties, including certifying the proper execution of life-changing documents.

A notary license is valid for five years. However, it is important to renew it regularly. Some states require a renewal 90 days before your current license expires. If you are renewing your license, be sure to update your information on your Notary commission every 90 days. If you are changing your name, make sure you include it on your renewal application.

Notary seals are required for notarization. They must be in a circular or rectangular shape, and two-and-a-half inches in length. The seal must be legible and be imprinted with a stamp or seal press. The stamp must be legible, and the indelible ink pad must be indelible.

When performing a notary commission, it is important to get a stamp or seal from the secretary of state. The stamp must be a minimum of eight points in size, and the impression should be photocopy-compatible. The notary’s name and commission number should be on the seal. The commission expiration date must also be included.

A notary’s role is vital to the integrity of a legal transaction. They are required to adhere to state laws and regulations to protect the public. They are responsible for verifying the integrity of documents, as well as for preventing fraud and promoting the integrity of document transactions.


DocuSign is an e-signature service that allows you to complete notarization tasks from anywhere in the world. Its streamlined online process makes notarizing documents simple and hassle-free. The service also allows you to easily send documents via email to your notary for notarization.

DocuSign’s platform also offers a system of customizable signature templates. Once you’ve configured your account, you can use your signature template on any document. Instead of signing each and every document manually, simply select a document and vote to place your signature.

DocuSign offers a free version of its software. This version is limited to just a few signatures per month, but you can also use their mobile app. However, if you’re a business owner, you’ll want to upgrade to the enterprise tier if you want to take advantage of all its features.

As one of the best notary public websites, DocuSign’s features are extensive and customizable. Its security measures and user-friendliness make it a safe, reliable option for notarizing documents. Moreover, you can access the software from any computer in the world, no matter which time zone you’re in. You can also choose to use their notary API for additional functionality.

DocuSign also offers e-signature solutions for business owners. It lets business owners and real estate agents notarize documents remotely. The service offers the same level of security and privacy as traditional notarization, but allows you to sign documents from anywhere. You can even sign documents from the comfort of your home!

Another great feature of Notarize is that it allows you to meet with a real notary face-to-face without leaving your home. You can use this service on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device with a webcam. It is available all around the clock and provides services in all 50 states. You must have a high-speed internet connection and a webcam. You can complete a notarized document within a few minutes by following the simple 3-step process.

When choosing an online notary, choose a company with an easy-to-use interface. The website should be fast and convenient, and it should be affordable for your needs. Most sites offer services for $25 per document, although monthly subscription packages may be more suitable if you’re going to use the service frequently. The service should also offer good customer service and help features so that notarization will be hassle-free.

MSC notaries

The MSC notary public website follows the classic blue and white color scheme for the home page and has a photo as well as text boxes linking to various service pages. It is easy to navigate and has a wide selection of services. The homepage also includes a document checker. The main content on the notary’s site is a description of what he or she does and why the public needs to use the services.

Notary commission fees are payable by the Department of State or by MasterCard or Visa. The fee is non-refundable. In the case of a returned check, an additional fee of $20 will be charged. Notary commission fees must be renewed ninety days before the expiry date. Notaries who are employed by New York State Attorneys or court clerks are exempt from the examination process.

Notarial services are essential for many individuals, especially those in need of a will. Notaries are legally required to sign and seal important documents. The process is called a notarial act or deed, and the documents have executory force. The original documents are stored in notaries’ archives.

NotaryLog is another service that offers convenient customer service. The website allows you to interact with a notary through video. The program can be used on a computer or mobile device with a webcam. Notarylog offers service in all 50 states. However, you need to have a webcam and microphone to use the program.

Notaries have many different roles. For example, they may be employed by a financial institution, a law office, or a real estate agent. To become a notary, you must complete a state-approved application and pass the notary examination. Notaries are not required to work in the same field as lawyers or court clerks in New York State, but they must have an office or place of business in the state.


If you’re looking for a website that lets you be your own notary, OneNotary may be your best bet. This site allows you to upload your documents, list your services and accept payments online. It also allows you to post reviews from past clients. These reviews are screened to prevent malicious individuals from lowering your rating.

The NotaryCam website is another good option. It offers secure remote notarization. NotaryCam is available in 140 countries and offers services to individuals and businesses in all types of industries. It charges $25 for US notarizations and $79 for international notarizations. You can also get volume discounts if you’re planning to use the service on a regular basis. The service uses the same data encryption standards used by banks to protect your information. It also offers a money back guarantee.

OneNotary has many advantages. It costs $25 to perform one notarization online. You can also get additional seals for as low as $6 each. For businesses, OneNotary also offers business plans starting at $57 per month. You can also get volume discounts if you sign up for more than 10 documents each month. You can also use OneNotary in conjunction with other platforms for more convenient and efficient notarizations.

Another feature is DocVerify. The service is convenient and easy to use. You can upload documents and select a notary to perform the notarization online. Once you’ve done this, you can schedule a visit to the notary. This is a great option for those who don’t have access to a notary public. Besides being convenient, DocVerify also offers secure online notarization.

OneNotary also offers a mobile version. This means you can access the site even while you’re away from home. This is a big advantage for businesses, and makes OneNotary one of the best notary public websites available. Its mobile app makes it easy for you to share the notarization with your clients. It also allows you to sign documents and view your progress.

If you’re looking for a mobile notary, OneNotary is the best option. Notaries often don’t accept walk-in appointments. Some even do them as a side gig. This can be an extremely lucrative endeavor.

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