The Best Currency Trading Books

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour
best currency trading books

If you’re new to forex trading, you might want to start with a currency trading book that will give you the basics. Currency Trading For Dummies is a great book that breaks down forex trading concepts in plain language. The book is designed to be easy to understand, so even people with no prior experience can easily understand it. It focuses on the basics of forex trading, so it’s not the best book for advanced traders.

Mark Douglas’s book

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas was released in 2000. It was written by Douglas in conjunction with Paula T. Webb, a specialist in prosperity psychology. The book has sold more than a million copies and has become a classic on the topic. Traders who follow Douglas’s strategies have earned millions of dollars.

In Mark Douglas’s book, you will learn to trade effectively by using the right mindset. The first step in forming a winning mindset is to decide what your main objective is. Once you make this decision, you must let go of all other trading motivations. Once you are committed to winning consistently, you’ll be able to accept any outcome of the market. You’ll be able to approach market activity as an opportunity to build an edge and profit.

While some traders may dismiss Douglas’ work as pseudoscience or psychobabble, the truth is that his approach is the most valuable trading resource available today. He argues that the vast majority of retail traders lose money. In most cases, the reason is because of their poor money management and trading psychology.

Anna Coulling’s book

Anna Coulling’s book on currency trading is an essential guide for all traders who want to make a living in the currency markets. Her book outlines key principles and strategies for successful currency trading, and she also includes a video that teaches you how to read currency charts. With over 30 years of experience in the currency markets, Coulling is a great source of advice and information.

The book begins with a brief history of currency trading and explains the various trading mechanisms and terms used in the market. It then describes the different currencies and the forces driving them. It also describes different approaches to trading, including using volume analysis.

Brian Dolan’s book

In currency trading, you’ll learn how to determine the value of one currency against another. The value of a currency is directly affected by factors such as national events and investor confidence. The Great Financial Crisis uncovered the interconnectedness of the world’s financial markets. Even the most “gut” traders are likely aware of technical price levels.

Kathy Lien’s book

Kathy Lien, a renowned Forex author and analyst, is now back with a new book on currency trading. The Little Book of Currency Trading, released late in December 2010, has quickly become a bestseller in the FX industry. Lien has previously written two books on the subject and is often quoted in leading financial publications. She has also appeared on television programs such as CNBC and Sky Business.

In her book, Kathy Lien covers currency trading fundamentals and trends, as well as how to use sentiment to your advantage. She also covers how to avoid scams and identify the top ten mistakes new traders make. Lien employs an easy-to-understand analogy to teach her principles. She likens trading to a theme park, with children and their eagerness to get into action. Even seasoned traders get emotional at times.

George Soros’s book

If you are interested in currency trading, you may want to read George Soros’s book on currency trading. It is filled with insightful analysis and a few important takeaways for traders. This book is written in an interview-style format, and features interviews with well-established names in the financial world. It also offers political analysis and moral reflection.

This book is written in a highly engaging style, and it is a worthwhile read for any investor. The first part of the book explores the history of the European Union, its strengths and weaknesses, and the Euro Crisis. It also looks at ways to repair the EU’s structure. Many countries are dependent on the EU, so the book provides an informative overview.

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