Sun Basket Review

sunbasket review

We’ve reviewed several meal delivery services, including Sun Basket, but we aren’t quite sure how well they deliver. We’ve talked about the quality of the meals, the price, and how often the menu changes. Now it’s time to take a closer look. This Sun Basket review will answer those questions and more. Here’s what to look for. We also analyzed Sun Basket’s price and ingredients. Read on to find out if the meals are worth the price.

Chef’s Choice meals

You can customize your meal plans with the Chef’s Choice menu at Sunbasket. This menu includes handpicked seasonal ingredients, as well as a variety of dietary options. The Carb-Conscious Plan, for example, omits carbohydrates, while the Vegetarian Plan includes no meat. You can also choose to upgrade proteins, such as chicken breast to chicken thighs. The Chef’s Choice menu also offers options for all dietary restrictions.

Sunbasket offers several meal plans and add-ons, so you can customize the menu to suit your dietary needs. The Chef’s Choice menu includes a variety of meals for individuals and families. The meal plans include Mediterranean, Paleo, Gluten Free, Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegan, and Diabetes-Friendly menus. There are also meal plans for people with specific dietary needs, such as vegetarians, vegans, and vegetarians. You can also choose a quick and easy meal plan to fit your busy lifestyle.

There are some cons to Chef’s Choice meals at Sunbasket. The company uses shared processing equipment, so there may be trace amounts of gluten in the meals. However, if you have no dietary restrictions or are not concerned with allergens, you can opt to order Sunbasket’s “Fresh and Ready” meals. However, Sunbasket doesn’t cater to those with severe food allergies or intolerances.

In addition to the variety of meal plans, Sunbasket also offers meal kits and no-prep meals. The Fresh & Ready meals feature single serving, heat-and-eat entrees. Each one includes dietary preferences and a detailed description of the ingredients. Sunbasket offers a plethora of meal options, including one for each day of the week. If you’re not sure what to choose, you can always opt for the Chef’s Choice menu.

Sun Basket caters to special diets, including Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Meals are USDA-certified organic and feature antibiotic-free meats. Customers can also choose a meal plan for diabetes or a vegetarian lifestyle. The menu changes every week, so you’ll never be bored. In addition, Sun Basket’s chefs will make suggestions based on your preferences. No matter what your dietary needs are, you’re sure to find something that’s delicious.

You can choose from 12 entrees each week, including Applewood Bacon-Wrapped Beef Filet Mignons that have a buttery texture. Short rib-chuck smash burger patties are 80% lean and 20% fat, and top sirloin steak strips are seasoned to perfection with the right amount of marbling. While the menu at Sun Basket changes weekly, the selection is always fresh and exciting.

Menus at Sunbasket vary weekly, depending on the season, the available ingredients, and the needs of each individual customer. Some of the options include premade meals, grocery add-ons, and a variety of breakfast and lunch items. Customers can even choose to donate a meal to Feeding America or cancel their subscription. Customers must make any changes to their subscription by Wednesday noon to avoid a charge.

Sun Basket’s website is easy to navigate and easy to use. After signing up with your email address or Facebook account, the website will prompt you with the choices for the upcoming week. You’ll then be prompted to select a meal plan and select the day for delivery. Sun Basket offers delivery seven days a week, but you can order one or two days ahead for the week that best fits your schedule.


If you are looking for a new way to cook healthy meals, you should consider purchasing Sunbasket. This online delivery service works with trusted, family farms in the U.S. to source organic produce and antibiotic and hormone-free meat. Their seafood suppliers are also certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, one of the leading authorities in sustainable seafood. You’ll also be happy to know that Sunbasket uses recyclable materials for its packaging.

The meals are delivered to you on your selected delivery day. The price ranges from $8.99 per serving, depending on meal plan, type of ingredients and the number of servings. New subscribers can get $90 off their first four deliveries, plus four free gifts. You can also make changes to your order, skip weeks, and get your first two deliveries for free. Sunbasket makes it easy to eat healthier and reduces the cost of eating out.

Customers who have subscribed to Sunbasket have given it a 3.3-star rating on Trustpilot. Out of 2,848 reviews, 47 percent said it was excellent or great, 16 percent said it was average, and six percent said it was bad or disappointing. Sunbasket has responded to all customer feedback within a day of receipt, and most of the reviews are positive. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the company.

The food quality and the cost of Sunbasket are great. They’ve partnered with family-run suppliers and provide extensive ingredient sourcing information. Packaging is recyclable and made of materials that won’t harm the environment. Some meals are vegan, gluten-free, or paleo-friendly. The meals are prepared with the utmost care and are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Most importantly, they’re healthy and delicious. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your newfound freedom to eat healthy.


Sunbasket is an excellent choice for anyone on a vegetarian or vegan diet. They offer four vegan and vegetarian dishes a week and also feature some quality seafood. Their meals are organic and made with grass-fed meat and poultry. While they do not claim to be gluten-free, they do make it easy for those with special dietary needs to order from their menu. You will find all the ingredients you need for a healthy meal, as well as a detailed list of their suppliers.

The Sunbasket website claims its commitment to environmental sustainability, and its ingredients are wrapped in recycled and reclaimed materials. The big box itself is made with recycled and virgin kraft paper, and its insulation is created with reclaimed denim. The meal kits are packaged in recyclable paper bags. While the produce is wrapped in plastic and protected with plastic bags, the sunbasket site says it is working to make all packaging 100 percent recyclable.

One of the best things about Sunbasket is its extensive menu of healthy, delicious meals. Not only does the company offer ready-to-eat proteins and a large variety of other ingredients, but their menu also features fresh pasta, a raw fish option, and a vegan cilantro pesto. There is a Sunbasket menu for every taste, and each meal is designed to be satisfying to the palate and not overly filling.

Recipe cards are available on the Sunbasket website and app. They provide detailed information on the meal, including the ingredients, the cook time, and how many servings you will have. The recipe cards also provide a step-by-step guide to cook the meal, as well as nutritional information. Sunbasket’s recipe cards are an excellent resource for people who don’t like cooking or do not have the time. And because they are based on the meals of award-winning chefs, Sunbasket offers a great selection of recipes to suit just about any diet.


The Sunbasket is a meal delivery service that ships fresh meals to your door on a scheduled day. The food is kept cool with insulated packaging. It ships to almost every ZIP code in the US, except for Hawaii, Alaska, and parts of Montana, New Mexico, and North Dakota. The company uses 100% recycled paper for its boxes and paper insulation. Customers can contact customer service with questions or concerns about their order. You’ll receive your food in as little as 8 hours.

Sunbasket’s packaging uses 98% water and 2% non-GMO cotton. The cooling ice packs are easily drained without harming the environment. The containers are lined with denim and low-density polyethylene, so you can recycle them in your local curbside recycling bins. You can even reuse your Sunbasket container at home. The packaging keeps the ingredients fresh and minimizes waste. The Sunbasket website says that it is on its way to completely plastic-free packaging.

The Sunbasket food market is packed with tons of items. Whether you’re looking for premade meals or a full grocery store, Sunbasket has a variety of deli foods and snacks. Fresh fish and salmon are included in their lunch and dinner menus. The Sunbasket website even offers several add-ons for customers. The company sources their meat from ranches that treat their animals well. Meat is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and grass-fed.

Sunbasket is a greener alternative to other meal delivery services. The company’s packaging is completely compostable and recyclable. Sunbasket also replaces plastic bags with paper ones. The company also guarantees a full refund if anything is damaged. In case you’re not completely satisfied with your Sunbasket food delivery, it’s always best to try the other one first. These subscription boxes are great for busy people!

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