South Pacific Cruises

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South Pacific Cruises

South Pacific Cruises offer a wide range of activities and excursions. Some of these activities are included in the price of the cruise and others are optional. The eclectic parrot is a native of the Solomon Islands, Sumba, northeastern Australia, and New Zealand. The kea, a type of parrot found only in New Zealand, is the only alpine parrot in the world.


The South Pacific Islands are a unique and beautiful cruise destination. The islands are dotted with lush green peaks and turquoise waters. They are a haven of serenity and tranquility. The unique French Polynesian culture enchants visitors. Activities include hiking and biking, aquatic interactions, and musical demonstrations.

South Pacific cruises offer a range of activities that will keep everyone entertained. Activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, and wildlife viewing. You can also enjoy shopping and cultural experiences. These cruises will take you to Tahiti, Fiji, and Vanuatu Islands.

The South Pacific Islands are a year-round tropical paradise. You can swim year-round and sunbathe in the warm waters. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy activities that are not available anywhere else in the world. The vast region of the South Pacific means that there are many cruise ships to choose from. Depending on your travel needs, you can choose a cruise that lasts anywhere from a week to four months.


A luxury cruise to Vanuatu is a unique experience, taking you to an island nation famous for its world-class diving sites and smoldering volcanoes. This South Pacific island nation also boasts a unique culture with cultural influences from around the world. The country has a unique history and is home to ancient art and dance traditions.

The South Pacific includes the islands of Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Papua New Guinea. These islands are home to sun-kissed tropical beaches, diverse cultures, and spectacular scenery. The world’s leading cruise lines offer a variety of options for travelers to experience these exotic islands.

Those who are looking for luxury South Pacific cruises will be pleased to learn that many of them include Vanuatu on their itinerary. This tropical island offers snorkeling opportunities at the world-renowned Efate Island, which is home to colorful coral reefs and parrotfish and butterfly fish. Additionally, the island has numerous markets where travelers can buy fresh tropical fruits, handcrafted woodwork, jewelry, and other local goods. While visiting the island, visitors can try kava, the traditional drink of Vanuatu.

Papua New Guinea

If you are planning to visit the South Pacific region, you can choose to include Papua New Guinea on your cruise ship itinerary. The country is a fascinating destination that is characterized by untouched nature and unique culture. To make your trip more memorable, you can opt for a luxury cruise or a traditional Pacific Island experience.

The tropical climate of Papua New Guinea makes it an ideal destination for cruise holidays. As the country is located just south of the equator, it is warm year-round. Although it can get a little chilly in the highlands near the center of the island, it remains warm during the rest of the year. The rainy season is from December to March. During the dry season, it can become extremely hot in coastal areas.

Cruises to the South Pacific include a number of different destinations, including Tahiti, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea. While all of these destinations offer spectacular landscapes, they also offer diverse cultures. The world’s largest cruise lines offer excursions that explore the natural and cultural heritage of these countries.


Cruises to Fiji are an incredible way to explore this beautiful, tropical country. The islands of Fiji are surrounded by pristine turquoise waters and sun-kissed beaches. In addition to being an enticing destination for tourists, Fiji is home to several sacred sites. You can visit the island of Raiatea, one of the most sacred places in Polynesia, or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Savala Island.

If you’re looking for a luxury cruise that will take you deeper into the South Pacific islands, consider the Silversea Explorer and Silver Cloud, two ships that provide exceptional service. Each of these ships features expert guides and is designed for those who want to explore areas beyond the tourist trail.

In addition to stunning beaches, Fiji’s pristine waters and pristine wildlife make the islands a wonderful destination for active travelers. You can also explore the islands’ local villages and see rare birds. You can also try stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking to explore the lagoon. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can snorkel in the legendary marine life of the Fijian waters.


Oceania South Pacific Cruises take you to a diverse region of the world. From Australia to New Zealand, the region features lush lagoons, wildlife, and European and South Pacific influences. The company offers luxury accommodations and multiple routes through the region. Additionally, it features Land Programs that allow guests to spend a day or two at a major location. You can also take part in off-road tours and lagoon cruises.

With more than 450 ports to choose from, Oceania South Pacific Cruises offer expert-curated itineraries. In addition to the South Pacific, the line’s ships will visit Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, and Asia. There are also cruises that visit Bermuda and Tahiti.

Oceania South Pacific Cruises feature many activities that can help you rejuvenate. Take a dip in waterfalls in Tahiti, watch colorful fish swim by, and discover the rainforests of Fiji. You can also see flying dolphins and blue penguins at the Bay of Islands.


If you want to travel to the South Pacific, then P&O has an extensive list of cruises to choose from. These adventures usually start from Sydney or Cairns and sail to destinations like Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu. Then you can spend several days at sea to explore local urban life. P&O South Pacific Cruises are a great choice if you’re looking for a relaxing adventure in a beautiful location.

Currently, P&O South Pacific Cruises have 39 sailings per year, with the most popular months being September and October. Until October 2024, P&O will offer 93 South Pacific cruises. You can select from a variety of cabin types and amenities, including private beaches and gyms.

Onboard the P&O Pacific Sun, you can expect five-course meals and top-class facilities. Onboard, you’ll have access to the ship’s day spa and beauty salon, Internet, in-cabin movies, and a well-equipped medical center. Additionally, you can participate in seminars, cocktail parties, and other activities aimed at keeping you active and entertained during your trip.

Oceania’s Scenic Eclipse II

The ultra-luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse is now available on South Pacific cruises. This new ship, which will launch in late 2019, is the newest addition to the Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours fleet. With its sleek contours and state-of-the-art technology, this vessel combines world-class amenities with exploration and exclusive excursions. It also boasts exceptional service.

The Scenic Eclipse II offers spacious staterooms for double occupancy. The spacious staterooms range in size from 345 square feet (32 m2) to 2745 square feet (60 m2). Staterooms have private step-out balconies and dedicated butlers. There are 10 stateroom categories on the Scenic Eclipse II.

The Scenic Eclipse II will make a debut in Australia and the South Pacific in 2024. It will start sailing to Indonesia in September and October 2024 and will visit Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and New Zealand before finishing her journey in Auckland, New Zealand in early November 2024. During her voyage, you’ll be able to explore Antarctica, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti, and the South Pacific Islands. You’ll also enjoy premium beverages, discovery excursions, and complimentary transfers.

New Caledonia

Cruise ships visit New Caledonia during their South Pacific cruises, a remote archipelago where French cuisine meets island traditions. The main island of Grand Terre is protected by a barrier reef, creating turquoise lagoons and beaches lined with coconut palms. It’s a fascinating island that’s worth a visit even if you’ve never cruised the South Pacific before.

There are several cruise lines that visit New Caledonia and the surrounding islands. The prices are reasonable and include everything you need for an enjoyable vacation. Whether you prefer a relaxing beach vacation or a more active one, there’s a South Pacific cruise to New Caledonia that is perfect for you.

The main port of New Caledonia is Noumea, where you’ll find three public marinas and one private one. All three provide water, wireless internet, and superior marina infrastructure. The cruise ships that dock here have marina guides available that provide comprehensive details on each.

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