Ponant Cruises Offers Wheelchair-Accessible Accommodations

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Ponant Cruises

If you have limited mobility, Ponant Cruises offers specially-designed cabins and access ramps in public areas. However, these accommodations are limited and must be booked with a companion. It is best to discuss your needs with the Cruise Specialist as early as possible. In addition to being wheelchair-accessible, the ships feature Braille signs and notices.

Le Commandant Charcot is a luxury polar explorer vessel

The luxury polar explorer vessel, Le Commandant Charcot, is powered by environmentally friendly electricity and liquid gas. It features lavish staterooms and sumptuous spa facilities. The luxurious interior design is sure to create an unforgettable experience. A voyage on board the luxury polar explorer ship can also help you spot blue whales and penguins.

This luxury polar explorer vessel is the first hybrid-electric polar expedition ship and is able to reach the Geographic North Pole. It features a hybrid LNG-powered power plant and five MWh of electric batteries. This makes the vessel the world’s most advanced polar vessel.

The luxury polar explorer ship features a hybrid electric propulsion system and is the only passenger ship with this type of rating. It can sail through ice floes eight feet thick. In addition, the vessel features a glass bottling system and Polar Class 2 hull.

The Charcot’s itinerary offers a variety of activities, including exploring the Bellingshausen Sea, Amundsen Sea, and Ross Sea. The Ross Sea borders the enormous Ross Ice Shelf, the largest ice platform on Antarctica. The Charcot can also explore the Weddell Sea, where the famous Shackleton and his crew were stranded on a floating pack of ice for almost a year. Fortunately, the Charcot was not damaged and survived, but Shackleton’s crew survived for another two years in near-unimaginable conditions.

Le Commandant Charcot offers two types of accommodations: suites and cabins. Each suite is private and has step-out balconies. Unlike a traditional cruise ship, Le Commandant Charcot’s spacious staterooms are reminiscent of a luxury yacht. The ship also features a wellness center in partnership with Biologique Recherche.

Ponant Cruises is a luxury cruise line based in France. This company operates luxury cruise ships throughout the world. They are a world leader in polar expeditions, and have a variety of outstanding itineraries around the world. The company was founded by Philippe Videau and Jean-Emmanuel Sauve in 1988. In 2015, Ponant was acquired by Groupe Artemis. Currently, Ponant has thirteen ships in its fleet, ranging from small yachts to expedition ships.

PONANT also works with the Polar Citizen Science Collective, a non-profit association enabling the public to become involved in citizen science projects. This means that you will have the opportunity to help researchers gain a better understanding of polar regions and how they impact our lives.

Le Commandant Charcot is a three-masted yacht

Le Commandant Charcot is the newest addition to the fleet of Ponant Cruises. This three-masted yacht has the capability to travel to the polar regions and is the first luxury ship capable of doing so. The vessel took six years to build and was inspired by the unique characteristics of the polar environment. The design is a reflection of the attention to detail paid by the ship’s designers, including Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Jean-Philippe Nuel.

Le Commandant Charcot is the largest ship in Ponant Cruises’ fleet. It is one of six Ponant vessels in the Explorer Class. This class of ships features three-masted yachts with up to 180 passengers. The Ponant Explorer Class ships feature an underwater sightseeing lounge, enhanced ice-breaking capabilities, and traditional power yachts.

The ship has a small staff of 32 passengers and is designed to appeal to a niche market. The interior is ultra-modern, and many staterooms have porthole windows. In addition, the vessel has a spacious sundeck, a swimming marina, and an outdoor restaurant. With her spacious design and modern amenities, the ship has a unique blend of nautical tradition and modern super yacht.

Ponant is the only French cruise line and headquartered in Marseille. While its ships retain a French touch, the fleet is increasingly international. The company offers expedition-style cruises and eco-friendly cruises. In addition, the company has a reputation for hospitable service and sophisticated French cuisine.

The luxury cruise line is known for its small vessels and intimate environment. Their luxury amenities make these ships feel more like private yachts. Le Commandant Charcot will be powered by liquefied natural gas in some ports and will also feature an advanced waste water treatment system. It will have a total of 33 crew members and will accommodate 32 passengers.

Ponant has acquired the luxury cruise line Paul Gauguin Cruises. The Le Paul Gauguin has shallow draft and sails in French Polynesia. Guests can relax in the luxurious staterooms.

Le Commandant Charcot has a laundry service

The laundry service aboard Le Commandant Charcot is a great option for Ponant Cruises passengers. Guests can wash and dry their clothes in a washer and dryer, or at a coin-operated laundry. Laundry services are staffed around the clock on board, so passengers don’t have to worry about finding a place to do their laundry.

The ship is also equipped with ice-breaking capabilities and can travel to far-off destinations. It also features a hybrid electric mode that produces zero emissions. Other features include an advanced wastewater treatment system and a scientific lab. Its new design and construction have been hailed as a model for responsible tourism and incorporate the latest environmental protection innovations.

Le Commandant Charcot is one of the first hybrid-electric polar research vessels in the world. It features a hybrid electric engine and liquefied natural gas. It also features an on-board laboratory that allows passengers to learn from working scientists on board. It also offers opportunities for passengers to participate in citizen science and take part in polar research.

PONANT ships are certified Clean Ships by Bureau Veritas, a French classification society. Having this certification ensures that the fleet practices environmentally sound practices. The ships also use far-sounding sonar to make 3-D pictures of the ocean floor and reduce the risk of collisions with marine mammals.

Le Commandant Charcot is equipped with 123 suites and staterooms ranging from 20 to 115 square meters. Each has a private terrace or balcony. This adds to the luxurious feel of sailing on a private yacht. The ship also has four split-level suites on decks six and seven, which have jacuzzis and balconies.

Le Commandant Charcot has an extensive selection of Arctic voyages. These include round trips between Longyearbyen and Tromso in Greenland, and the Northeast Passage from Nome in Alaska. For an even more unique and exotic cruise experience, Le Commandant Charcot has excursions to Peter I Island and Charcot Island.

Each ship features a laundry service for passengers. The laundry is provided by stewards onboard and passengers can find pricing information and laundry slips in their cabins. Laundry services are generally completed within 48 hours.

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