House Security Systems & Alarms

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Many businesses seeking residential security services often debate whether or not they should have an in-house trained security guard or instead outsource those benefits to an outside security provider. When a business is seeking any number of security aspects such as monitoring, compliance, surveillance, and control, they also can either opt for out-of-home security monitoring or in-home security guards.

This decision can hinge on the amount of risk associated with the territory in which the business resides. Not all companies have the same level of risk, but each location has its unique combination of nuisances. Calling a residential locksmith after your house is being rubbed is not a wise solution, so it’s better to think proactively.

A house with little or no security features is a gold mine for criminals. Any break-in attempts will result in the home being quickly invaded by criminals looking to steal valuables. Because many people do not consider a house with added house security to be worth the cost of hiring security services, burglars tend to target less well-protected homes. However, even if a house does not have an alarm or other security devices installed, it can still be targeted successfully by burglars. An alarm system provides the protection required to ward off intruders and discourage them from entering the house.

what house security signs mean?

House security signs are also effective deterrents. These signs, which are often placed at visible locations around the property, make it clear to anyone that the house is protected and that trained and armed personnel are always present. These sign can be as simple as a small placard hung across the front lawn. Others have magnetic strips attached to household objects that will catch the eye of a thief as he passes by. These devices are so effective that more people than ever before are installing alarm stickers and magnetic signs around their properties.

Yard signs also work as deterrents. Yard signs are attached to the house and contain the homeowner’s telephone number and address. The sign should be visible for anyone who might wish to steal the family’s possessions. The sign and its content should include the house identification number and the residential numbers of the homeowner’s neighbors. Yard signs and alarm stickers can be large and quite heavy, making them nearly impossible for a would-be thief to carry in his pocket.

Signs and stickers are also quite effective when used as part of a neighborhood watch program. Local government units and corporations fund many local neighborhood watch programs. These organizations usually have neighborhood crime watch officers that are equipped with portable security cameras. Many of these officers are former police or military personnel. In addition to alerting residents to crimes in the neighborhood, these officers can also deter criminals by placing decals or yard signs on their cars reading “watch your back! Be safe while you are away.”

Best residential security service

Some homeowners opt for in-house residential security services. Security services include hiring an on-site alarm system technician or security personnel to come to the house at specific times. These services may also include video monitoring and intercom systems. Some services use a combination of monitoring equipment, including security cameras and video surveillance equipment, in several locations in the house. For added protection, on-site alarm technicians are trained to contact the security company when doors or windows are opened after the technician has been called.

High-quality home security systems are available for both in-home and alarm and security personnel to use. These include control panels, keypads, door and window transmitters, motion detectors, digital cameras with night vision capabilities, and other security devices. Many have several optional features such as telephone dialer systems, remote security monitoring, caller ID, and window and door sensors. Some high-end house security systems use digital keyboards to access the home and identify users.

Garage security systems are designed to protect against unlawful entry by unauthorized personnel—an off-premise third-party monitors some garage security systems. A live operator monitors others. For extra house security, a garage security system is often combined with an alarm system. Other types of garage security systems are designed to protect against burglary, fire, and vehicle vandalism.

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