Is There an App For Personal Safety?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Is there an app for personal safety

There are several apps that aim to make our lives safer. The Be Safe app uses GPS to notify police when your phone is stolen and Walk Safe uses official police crime statistics with a unique live map. Some apps let you add your medical details and add ‘circles’ to keep an eye on your surroundings.

Walk Safe uses official police crimes statistics with a unique live map

Walk Safe is a mobile app that combines official police crimes statistics with a unique live city map to increase personal safety. The app lets you see crime hotspots and can alert your contacts if you feel unsafe. It has been downloaded by more than half a million users. It also helps you avoid the most dangerous areas.

Life360 lets you create ‘circles’

Life360 lets you create ‘circles,’ which are groups of people you want to monitor. Circles are essentially virtual areas around your home, and you can choose who you want to include in your Circle. A paid Life360 subscription covers the whole Circle, and the benefits of the app extend to the whole group. You can even invite new members to your Circle with unique invite codes.

Life360 is available for iOS and Android smartphones and allows you to create ‘circles’ for personal safety. Circles can include family members and friends. The app also lets you locate and chat with people in your circle. In case of an emergency, you can notify your circle members immediately.

A Life360 app must be installed on all devices in the ‘circle’. This app tracks the GPS location of the devices in real time and lets you know when anyone in your circle has left a specific location. The app also features a panic button, which sends a panic alert to the designated people.

The Life360 app also has an SOS button, which lets you request help immediately. This button sends an alert to your Circle, as well as emergency services. In case of a theft or other emergency, Life360 will call your Circle and help you retrieve your stolen phone. It will also alert your emergency contacts and credit monitoring services.

Noonlight lets you deal with potential threats as well as actual threats

The Noonlight mobile app is a free app that allows users to stay connected with emergency services. Whenever they’re out, they can tap a button or enter their PIN to alert the police. This feature helps them find you and reassure you in a crisis. It can also send alerts to authorities if there’s a threat in your vicinity.

Noonlight is available on most college campuses and universities in the US. Currently, more than 90 percent of the calls made with the app are hang-ups or prank calls. The system also allows students to click lights on each tower to keep track of their location. The app is more detailed than traditional cellular phone tracking. For example, it can notify campus police if someone is making prank calls. The app can also help campus security recognize genuine criminal activity.

Another feature of Noonlight is the ability to contact emergency services without dialing 911. If the app is compromised, users simply have to release their hold and input a four-digit pin. In the event of a real emergency, the app contacts the local police.

Noonlight offers a free trial, which allows users to test out the app before purchasing a subscription. After the trial period, users are required to pay a two-dollar subscription fee to continue using the app. The app is compatible with iPhones, Android, and other smart devices.

Kitestring lets you check up on loved ones

Kitestring is an app that lets you check up on loved ones via text message. Unlike other mobile applications, it is compatible with most phones and does not require the user to enter their phone number to receive alerts. However, the app can be confusing if the phone dies and the person doesn’t respond to a check-up text. Still, false alerts are better than no alerts at all.

The app was created by Stephan Boyer, a computer science graduate student at MIT. After his girlfriend asked him to check up on her while walking home from work, he thought about how he could offer her extra safety. He developed the app and launched it in February 2014, and has since received positive feedback from users.

Kitestring allows you to check in on your loved ones for personal safety via text. The service automatically texts emergency contacts when you haven’t been in touch for a specific amount of time. You can choose to extend this check in time or check in early. The app also lets you customize the alert message.

The app is free and easy to use. It doesn’t require any special smartphone or Internet connection to operate. This makes Kitestring an ideal choice for elderly family members who don’t have access to a smartphone.

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