Is There an App For a Personal Alarm?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Is there an app for a personal alarm

If you are concerned about your safety, there are many free apps for personal safety. These apps are a great way to feel safer and build your confidence. They also help people stay safe because they send emergency services directly to the user’s phone. You can choose a free personal safety app that works well for your lifestyle.


Flare is an app for personal alarms designed by a woman who has survived sexual assault. The creators of the app were inspired by their experiences and teamed up with tech experts to create a stylish device. The device has hidden technology, making it easy for the wearer to escape in a situation that could be dangerous. The app also allows the wearer to send out a text message with their location in the event of an emergency.

Flare works in conjunction with Noonlight, a service that allows you to set your device to send an automatic call to 911 if the wearer has trouble contacting a rescue service. You can even set a notification for your phone to notify five contacts. The Flare app also lets you know where you are by tracking your GPS location.

The app aims to help people improve their personal safety while maintaining their anonymity. This type of app does not typically get big platforms and voices in the technology industry. As such, it was difficult to find investors who could understand Flare’s mission and vision. However, thanks to the support of its community, Flare was able to secure funding in a seed round.


bSafe is a personal alarm app that lets you share your location with a few people. The app uses GPS technology to track your location and send alerts to those selected in your circle. It also includes an emergency SOS button. You can also enter a PIN to turn off the alarm.

bSafe is a subscription-oriented app, so you will need to pay $20 a year or $30 for two. For the price, the app also has features such as a 10-second video and a fake call feature. These features are a great option for people who are in an unstable situation and want to alert others to the situation.

BSafe also has a Guardian Alert feature, which lets you send an alert to the people closest to you. When you push the button, the app will send a GPS location, audio feed, and video. It can also generate a siren sound, if you so desire. The app is free to download and install on iOS and Android devices, but you may need to pay for certain premium features. If you have any issues, the company offers support through its official website. However, you should expect it to take some time before a resolution is achieved.

bSafe also supports multiple contacts, so you can invite as many people as you want to your alarm network. You can also select a primary contact that will receive a phone call, in addition to a text message. The app also supports two-way audio and video streaming, so you’ll be able to see who’s calling you from any location.


If you’re looking for a personal alarm for your smartphone, you may want to try the StaySafe app. This app features a timer and lets you customize alerts based on your location. You can also add your emergency contacts to stay informed about your whereabouts. The app also sends out notifications via SMS or email in case of an emergency. You can also choose to set a panic button to alert your contact in case of an emergency.

The StaySafe app also has a deterrent mode that alerts local people and can help you reduce the threat of being attacked. In this mode, the iPhone displays a red alert screen while audio/video footage is recorded. This video and audio can help you assess the level of danger before responding to the alarm. The app also allows you to shake the device twice to generate a high-pitched alarm and flashing light.

The StaySafe app also allows you to add emergency contacts. This way, they can keep tabs on your whereabouts even if you don’t answer the phone. Besides, if you lose your mobile phone, you can set up alerts on the app to alert the nearest emergency contacts.

The StaySafe app is a mobile app that connects with a secure cloud-based monitoring hub. It sends notifications to a specified emergency contact, such as a manager, if a lone worker is absent without checking in. The app supports iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry and has an array of alert functions. For example, you can set up alerts for a panic button, expiration of a working session, or GPS tracking. These notifications are automatically triggered on the screen or sent to you via text or email. The StaySafe app provides monitoring services to both private and corporate customers.

bSafe has similar features to StaySafe but also allows you to add Guardians. These people can follow you on your way home and can receive alerts via text message if something goes wrong. It also comes with an SOS button that sends a GPS location alert to the person you choose. In order to use bSafe, you must register with the app. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to find a phone number for your Guardians.

Virtual Halo

Virtual Halo is a personal safety app developed by Virtual Halo, LLC, a Peoria, IL-based company. It recently acquired the Brussels-based personal safety startup Safone. The combined company offers a connected safety suite that monitors and alerts you to dangerous situations. The company has patented and patent pending technologies. Besides its personal alarm app, the company also offers a connected health and security platform.

This app allows you to share your data with third parties, but it is only anonymous aggregate data. It has some creepy features, such as the body scanning and the tone feature. However, its most important feature is its activity score. This lets you monitor and improve your overall physical fitness. You can even compare your progress to others.

The app is designed for iPhone and Apple Watch devices. It is free to download and use the SOS feature, but requires a subscription for advanced features. The app can send notifications to emergency contacts via SMS, push notifications, or social media posts. The company is committed to improving the safety of individuals around the world, and has recently acquired Safone for further development. This makes it possible to keep your loved ones informed and safe no matter where you go.

This app is also ideal for adventure sports enthusiasts. It can send a text message to emergency contacts if you fall out of contact. It also provides a last known location, which means that you won’t be alone if you don’t receive a text message. While this may sound convenient, it can dramatically decrease your battery life.

Another alternative to the Halo Band is the Halo Rise. It sits on your nightstand and can monitor your sleep environment. It also uses “contactless” technology to wake you up without the need for batteries or buttons.

Siren Song

Unlike other personal alarms that rely on a GPS connection or Bluetooth, Siren Song uses batteries and has a 120-dB alarm. It works as a simple keychain or lanyard that you can wear or hang from your neck. The loud noise will scare off people who are pursuing you at night.

The Siren Song is a great personal alarm, and its small size makes it easy to conceal. It also produces a 130-dB alarm sound, which is loud enough to startle a fighter jet and give a potential assailant seconds to flee. The device easily attaches to keychains, purses, and bags.

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