Hurtigruten Cruises – Everything You Need to Know

Hurtigruten Cruises

When it comes to Hurtigruten Cruises, there are a few key factors to consider when booking. Read on to learn about the ships, the ports of call, and the exclusive extras available on board. You can also learn about the sustainability of the voyages. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or an adventure, you’ll find everything you need to make your decision.


The Hurtigruten Cruises ships feature a unique personality and offer modern comforts. The company offers four different ship types with a range of cabin types. All offer the same quality service and cuisine. On board the ships, passengers can enjoy a wide variety of buffet-style meals, as well as premium drinks and snacks.

The Hurtigruten ships have a sleek interior design and feature large lounges with panoramic views. The ships also feature a cafe serving snacks and beverages 24 hours a day, a library, Jacuzzis, and fitness facilities. There is no dress code on board, which allows you to be comfortable and enjoy the view.

The Hurtigruten ships depart from Bergen, Norway, and sail to several destinations in the Arctic. The ships make stops in more than 30 different ports, ranging from small villages to large cities. In the summer and autumn, Hurtigruten cruises make a port in the Unesco-listed Geirangerfjord. The Hurtigruten ships depart from Bergen every day and also make stops in Tromso and Alesund along the way.

Ports of call

Known for its expedition cruises to the polar regions and regular coastal cruise-and-ferry service along the Norwegian coast, Hurtigruten has a diverse and interesting range of ports of call. The company has become popular with both local Norwegians and German vacationers. The company is also a popular choice for those who want to experience a more authentic Norwegian experience. Although its cruise ships are not designed to be large enough to accommodate American vacationers, they are capable of handling up to 530 passengers.

The most popular Hurtigruten cruise is the coastal one that sails the Norwegian coastline between the cities of Bergen and Kirkenes. The itinerary offers 34 ports of call, including many popular places for Norway travel. While the ships are relatively small compared to mega cruise ships, they offer the opportunity to visit many villages and take part in a wide range of activities both on and off-shore.

The ships are small and luxurious, with comfortable public areas and a variety of facilities. The ship’s decor reflects the culture of Norway, while its amenities include a fitness room, two Jacuzzis, internet cafe, souvenir shop, and a swimming pool. The dining options on Hurtigruten cruises are generally excellent and include a variety of cuisines. Guests can choose from served dinners and buffet breakfasts.

Aside from a traditional Norwegian experience, the Hurtigruten cruise ship also makes a stop in the vibrant port of Bergen. While in the city, passengers can visit the historic Hanseatic wharf, famous fish market, and the Floibanen funicular. From here, they can view some of Norway’s most scenic landscapes.

Exclusive extras

The Hurtigruten cruises aren’t cheap – you’ll need to pay extra for upgrades, excursions and alcohol. If you’re looking for a cheap way to see the North Pole, you might consider a seven or six-day trip. Then you can spend a day or two hopping between ports.

Hurtigruten Cruises are known for their relaxed atmosphere, great food and activities. The ships aren’t too formal, and there are no dress codes. Guests can take part in various activities or just relax in their cabins with a book or jigsaw puzzle.

Hurtigruten Cruises offer full board, which means you’ll get three meals a day, including breakfast and dinner. Breakfasts are buffet-style, with cold meats and cheeses and various fruits and cereals. Lunch is a mixed buffet, with a variety of salads, while dinner is set menu-style.

Sustainability of voyages

Sustainable travel and environmental awareness are integral to Hurtigruten’s voyages, which are aimed at providing guests with a unique experience while leaving the least impact possible. The company is also a member of the International Association of Antarctica Travel Organisations (IAATO), which aims to promote sustainable tourism to the region.

The company is committed to using sustainable fuels and alternative energy whenever possible. For example, the fleet is fuelled by certified biofuels. It also uses battery hybrid technology, which has helped reduce pollution on board. Last year, the company launched its third hybrid expedition ship. In recognition of its commitment to environmental responsibility, it was named one of the world’s most sustainable cruise ships by Stern magazine and Scope ESG. In addition, Hurtigruten also introduced a policy that banned single-use plastic from its ships. Guests are provided with reusable water bottles, which saves an estimated 1,000 plastic bottles per day from the ships.

The company also partners with local communities to enhance the communities where the ships visit. Guests can participate in beach clean-ups, bring back refuse for recycling and perform small-scale surveys on wildlife and plankton. Additionally, guests can make a donation to the Hurtigruten Foundation, which funds local projects around the world. The company has given more than half a million dollars to more than 40 projects since 2015.

Hurtigruten is investing in state-of-the-art hybrid-electric engines to make their voyages greener. It has also invested in new ships that will be more efficient, which helps reduce fuel consumption. In addition, it is working to reduce emissions across its entire fleet.

Partnership with SINTEF

A new partnership between Hurtigruten Cruises and Norwegian research institute SINTEF will create a new generation of zero-emission passenger ships. The collaboration will focus on the design of the new shipbuilding programme and the design of propulsion systems for the fleet. The two companies will also develop new hotel operations and develop digital solutions. The company is also in the process of decarbonising its existing fleet.

The partnership will make Hurtigruten Cruises more accessible to the public. The company will offer a wide variety of destinations and activities to appeal to a wide range of travelers. The company’s itinerary will be expanded in Asia, the USA, and Antarctica. New expeditions will explore exotic destinations as well as the traditional polar regions.

SINTEF has a history of working with shipping companies and has an excellent understanding of how to create an environmentally friendly vessel. SINTEF’s new projects focus on the use of renewable energy and will produce zero-emission vessels. This partnership will provide an opportunity to develop green technologies and to take advantage of Norway’s strong maritime industry and political commitment to green shipping. The new vessels will be emission-free and will be sustainable from a circular economy perspective.

Hurtigruten is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible, and the company is collaborating with leading Norwegian research institutions to help achieve this goal. The new Norwegian Coastal Express route offers the perfect platform for the development of zero-emission passenger ships. With a total of 34 ports on the route, this is the perfect place to test such a vessel.

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