How to Choose the Best Auto Locksmith Tools

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Auto locksmith tools can help you perform various tasks, from making keys to decoding the IMMO system. Besides, these tools can help you fix many common issues with the cars. These include the following: an OBD2 scanner, a Car key programmer, and a 2-in-1 tool, like the Xtool X100 Pro.

OBD2 scan tool

There are a number of different OBD2 scan tools available for auto locksmiths. Choosing the best one for your specific needs will depend on the type of work you do. For example, a weekend mechanic may only need a basic scanner to read codes, while a professional mechanic may need additional features like the ability to send commands and change settings. These features are particularly helpful when working with tire pressure monitors, temperature sensors, or ABS information.

best auto locksmith tools

The best OBD2 scan tool for auto locksmiths is a multifunction tool with a variety of features. It is wireless, offers a large touchscreen, and connects to your vehicle via a dongle. The tool has a range of 30 feet, and supports over 1,000 different vehicle models.

Car key programmer

A key programmer is an automotive locksmith tool designed to change the codes of a car’s transponder chip. The process of key programming involves pressing a unique combination of numbers or letters, which is unique to a particular car. This tool can also be used to change the code of a car’s ignition or alarm system.

There are many types of key programmers available. Some are bi-directional, which means they can be used to program several different types of car keys. The Smart Pro is one such product, which is easy to use and versatile. It can read and program transponder keys, proximity keys, and remotes. It is also capable of reading PIN codes for many car manufacturers. The T-Code Pro is another powerful key programmer that can be used to program keys for any vehicle. It is portable and works on virtually all car models in the world.

2-in-1 tool

The 2-in-1 auto locksmith tool is a time-saving device that unlocks and cuts replacement keys for vehicles. It works by inserting the tool into a lock and picking it. The depth of the wafer can then be measured and the key cut accordingly. The tool allows locksmiths to pick and decode locks in as little as three minutes.

There are many types of tools available. For example, there’s the lishi pick. It’s a unique pick that works on locks that have six pins. This tool is 4.5 inches long and has one protruding part on one end that fits inside the keyhole. It also works on kwikset locks, but is limited to six-pin locks.

Xtool X100 Pro

The Xtool X100 Pro auto locksmith key programming tool comes with a powerful range of features. It can program keys of both foreign and domestic cars. It also supports the reset function of the immobilizer. Moreover, it has a feature of calculating codes for free. Its ergonomic design and robust construction makes it easy to use. It can also read and erase the SN number and live data of your vehicle.

The Xtool X100 Pro is compatible with cars manufactured between 2005 and 2013. However, it does not work with models made before 1998, including the Lincoln Mark VIii. However, it can program keys of cars made after 2007, such as the Suzuki grand Vitara sz and Acura NSX. It has advanced functions, including an immobilizer reset, key fob cloning, and key programming. It also features an Android-based operating system and a 1.6-GHz quad-core processor. The user interface is also easy to use, even if you are not a mechanic.


The LAUNCH X431 V+ Auto Locksmith Tool is a comprehensive diagnostic tool. It can detect the problem of ALL types of vehicles. Its diagnostic report can be printed or emailed. It also records the entire diagnostic process. It has a history function so that you can quickly access the vehicles that you have tested. The device has a user manual, quick start guide, and How-to videos that can help you learn how to use it.

This auto locksmith tool is a mobile diagnostic tool that can be used to diagnose and fix car problems. It features a large touchscreen and is compatible with all vehicle systems. Its software is constantly being updated and covers more vehicles than ever.

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