How Secure is Notarize Com?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

How secure is notarize com

Notarize com creates a digital “hash” for every notarized document. The signature is verified online using an IdenTrust IGC digital certificate. The client’s identity is verified, as well. The notarize platform stores the notarized document in a secure location, on its server.

Notarize com creates a digital “hash”

Using a digital signature to authenticate a document creates a digital “hash” that functions as a digital record of all the bits in the document. The hash enables the recipient of the document to check its authenticity and see if there are any changes to the original document. This information is easily viewable in the signature pane of Adobe Acrobat.

Unlike traditional notarization services, digital notarization requires no physical presence and is entirely secure. A digital “hash” generated by Notarize is stored on the Cyberium Blockchain and is tied to a unique time stamp and the Notary’s public key. This proof of ownership ensures that only the owner of a document can modify the document and sign it.

IdenTrust IGC digital certificate is used to digitally sign each notarized document

An IdenTrust IGC digital certificate is an identifier used to digitally sign each notarized legal document. It can be used for signing contracts, leases, and more. Prescribers can get their IGC digital certificates through a 3-step process. First, they must fill out an application, verify the information, and generate the certificate key. Next, they must set their personal information and credit card details. They can then choose to receive their digital certificates through US mail, FedEx, or in person. They can also set their Account Password and Secret Questions to prevent unauthorized recipients from gaining access to their certificates.

An IGC digital certificate is similar to a passport in terms of security and convenience. When a notary accepts a notarized document, he or she uses the digital certificate issued by IdenTrust to verify the notary’s identity. It is similar to the process of remote notarization except that it is identity-based and uses a trusted identity validation.

Client’s identity is verified online

Notarize com’s identity verification is conducted using a number of different methods. The first is a knowledge-based assessment, which requires the client to answer a series of questions in less than 2 minutes. If the client fails to pass the exam, they will be given another attempt at a later time. However, they must wait at least 24 hours before they can take the assessment again.

Notarize com is an online notary service that functions in a similar manner to a traditional notary public. However, this service uses computer imaging technology and software-based forensic analysis to authenticate the client’s government-issued photo ID. This process ensures that the ID is the real person who is signing the document. The process is entirely online and takes seconds to complete.

Exportable documents and videos

Notarize has an export function that allows users to export videos and documents in a wide variety of formats. Exports can be done manually or via API. The exports can be certified by the notary as true and correct copies. Notarize is approved in 39 states, which makes it easy to get your documents notarized with the click of a button.

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