How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Expand?

Written By: Lorraine Rowen

how long memory foam mattress expand

Memory foam mattresses expand and contract based on several factors. These factors include firmness, temperature, humidity, and vacuum sealing. In general, they will expand in two to five hours. Once this time period has passed, the mattress is ready for sleeping. The process can be accelerated with body heat.

• Firmness

Firmness is an important consideration when choosing a new mattress. This is because it directly influences how you feel while sleeping on the mattress. You can determine which type of firmness is right for you by examining your body type, preferred sleeping positions, and any ailment you may have.

If you have back pain, you may want to pay particular attention to the firmness of the mattress. Firmness can make or break your sleeping experience, so make sure to choose one that suits your needs and keeps your spine aligned. It is important to discuss your concerns with your GP before making a final decision.

There are two kinds of firmness levels: medium and firm. The medium firm level is ideal for most people. Firmness is important for back and stomach sleepers. Soft mattresses don’t offer enough support to relieve pressure and keep spinal alignment in check.


The temperature of the room will have an effect on the amount of time it takes for a memory foam mattress to expand. Cold rooms can cause the memory foam to stiffen, delaying the process of expansion. In contrast, a warm room will promote faster expansion. To expedite the process, it’s best to keep the room at a constant temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Memory foam mattresses require at least 24 hours to fully expand. Manufacturers specify this timeframe to prevent a mattress from losing its shape too quickly. During this time, about 90% of its volume is gained. If you use the memory foam mattress before the 24-hour period is up, you may void the warranty. To avoid this problem, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Humidity is one factor that can affect the amount of time that it takes for a memory foam mattress to expand. In general, most foam mattresses require about 24 hours to fully expand before they can be used. While fully expanded memory foam is not harmful to the user, it can be uncomfortable if you have asthma or other breathing problems. To minimize this issue, it is recommended to keep your room temperature around 70°F or higher.

Different brands of memory foam products will have different expansion times. Some products will expand in less than half the time, while others will take up to 24 hours to expand. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer of your memory foam mattress to confirm the timeframe for your mattress.

Vacuum sealing

When vacuum-sealing a memory foam mattress, you may be concerned about the amount of expansion that will occur. In fact, the maximum amount of expansion can happen within 72 hours. This happens because the mattress is compressed with 15,000 pounds of pressure. Although the expansion is usually harmless for healthy people, it can be uncomfortable for people with breathing problems.

The amount of expansion that happens during the vacuum-sealing process varies from one memory foam mattress to another. The thickness of a memory foam mattress influences its expansion rate. A thicker mattress takes longer to fully expand. This is because memory foam uses denser foam that is temperature-sensitive.

Time it takes for memory foam mattress to expand

Before you start sleeping on your memory foam mattress, you should allow it to expand for at least 24 hours. This time is essential as it allows the foam to regain about 90% of its original shape. The mattress should also be placed on a flat surface, so it can absorb air. Then, it should be ventilated and massaged by rolling on it. However, it is important to note that the expansion time may vary depending on the brand and model of the memory foam mattress.

Once you have unrolled the mattress, it should be placed in a room that is warm. This will allow the foam to fully expand without compromising the quality of the mattress. This process should take about 24 hours, but it may take a little longer if the room temperature is very cold. If you have an air conditioning unit in your home, you can place the mattress in there to speed up the process. After 24 hours, you should gently pull the layers apart. Be careful not to force the process, as this may tear the foam.

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