How Can I Become an Online Notary?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

How can i become an online notary

If you are wondering how to become an online notary, there are many tools and resources available. Here are some resources you should know about, including eNotarization, Notarize, and eNotaryLog. These tools can make the process of becoming an online notary much easier.


Remote online notarization is a new way to complete legal documents, and it is becoming increasingly popular. First introduced in 2012 in Virginia, the concept of eNotarization has gained ground in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, a recent ALTA survey projected that by 2020, 547 percent of notarizations will be done electronically. This trend can be attributed to low interest rates, consumer demands, and a desire for more modern experience.

While traditional notarization requires a notary public to manually identify the signer, eNotarization uses the latest in verification technologies, including knowledge-based authentication and credential analysis. Knowledge-based authentication uses secret questions to authenticate the identity of the user, enabling the notary public to make the signing process more secure. Credential analysis involves validating the user’s government-issued photo ID. These processes require third-party software.


Notarize is an online notary company that allows anyone to make legal documents with the click of a button. This service is not a substitute for a real-life notary. Founded by Pat Kinsel, who had trouble notarizing documents before selling the startup to Twitter, Notarize is an online notary service that works on any web-enabled computer or mobile device. Notarize uses end-to-end encryption to ensure security. Once the document is uploaded, the notary will verify your identity and attach a digital notary seal. Once your document is notarized, you can download a copy and store it for up to seven days. After that, the document will be deleted.

Notarize online has many advantages. It is fast, convenient, and easy to use. It allows you to save both time and money. You can also save money by not having to travel to the notary office. And, because you can notarize documents from home, notarization services can be done on the go. The only drawback is the fact that notarization services are not legal in all states. Therefore, you should first research the legality of your state to decide whether or not you should use an online notary service.


eNotaryLog is an online notarization service that offers a secure and cost-effective way to complete notarial duties. The system is based on an account-based platform, and users verify their identity before uploading documents. These documents are then reviewed by in-house notaries to ensure they meet all requirements.

eNotaryLog’s multi-platform solution supports multiple signer experiences, including multiple document types, editing, journaling, and tagging. The service also offers quick and easy access to archived documents and dedicated onboarding and training specialists. This helps ensure a seamless signing experience for signers.

eNotaryLog works in a similar fashion to other online notary services. After verifying identity with a photo of government-issued identification, a user connects with an eNotary and completes the notarization. The user then receives a government-compliant PDF and a tamper-proof certificate. The service costs $25 per notarization. It also offers custom pricing for businesses.


eNotary is an online notary system wherein the notary public seals a document electronically with a digitally signed certificate. This enables parties to detect any attempts at document tampering and reduces the possibility of fraud. The system uses audio and video recording and secure communication to facilitate a secure and confidential transaction.

In order to use eNotary, notaries need a web-enabled computer, internet connection, a video camera, and microphone. To ensure security, the service uses end-to-end TLS and multi-layered encryption. During the process, the notary meets the signer via video. The notary verifies the signer’s identity, answers questions, and affixes a digital notary seal to the document. The notarized document is then downloaded and stored for seven days. After this time, the document is deleted.

Online notary services save time and money for the signer. They do not have to drive from place to place, and they are much cheaper than mobile notaries. In addition to this, online notary services increase document security and fraud protection, as well. eNotary also allows signers to record electronic documents with the state.

Nexsys Technologies

The Nexsys Clear Sign platform connects consumers with notary signing agents. This secure online system offers a flexible way to work with your existing partners or to join the Nexsys network of mortgage professionals. Ordering a document through the system is simple. After contacting the Lender or Settlement Agent, you will receive an order confirmation. You can then add any necessary documents and signature positions to your order. You can also choose to complete the order or cancel it.

In order to access the Clear Sign API, you must have a Microsoft Azure B2C login and a bearer token authorization. In addition, you must acknowledge that the Clear Sign API is confidential. Use of the API does not guarantee access to the Nexsys Clear Sign API.

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