Free Weight Loss Apps For the iPhone

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Whats the best free weight loss app for iphone

If you’re wondering what to download to lose weight, check out the free apps we’ve rounded up. They include CalorieCounter+, Happy Scale, Nike Training Club, and MyFitnessPal. All of these apps will help you track your weight and fitness goals. You can even export your data via e-mail.


There are many free weight loss apps for the iPhone, but CalorieCounter+ stands out from the rest. It allows you to log your food, exercise, and water intake on a handy home screen widget. You can also scan barcodes or choose from recent favorites to enter food data. The app also provides information about calories, carbs, and protein for various foods.

While this weight loss app may seem like a simple addition to your smartphone, it is surprisingly useful. It has a nutrition database, which includes a large number of foods and drinks. It also provides useful features that help you lose weight, such as adding and logging recipes and activities.

With more than 4000 food and beverage listings, CalorieCounter+ is the best app for iPhone for tracking your weight and calorie intake. You can also track your weight and check it against a daily or weekly goal. The app is free for the Lite version, but you may need to upgrade if you want to get all the features. It will also integrate with your Health app. It will keep track of your calorie intake and even let you add up food amounts. It will also track fiber and sodium intake.

CalorieCounter+ has a huge food database, including nutrition information, recipes, and a weight chart. It also has a chat community and food diary to help you keep track of your food intake. It is also compatible with third-party tools and services and has many unique features.

Lose It! Syncs with your health data and activity tracker. This makes tracking your diet and exercise easy and motivational. It also lets you add recipes and barcodes for easy tracking. You can also keep a food diary and track your weight. You can even sync the data online.

Happy Scale

The Happy Scale app is a great tool for weight loss. This app allows you to break down your weight loss goal into small steps, called “milestones,” so that you can easily cross them off as you reach them. Each milestone has a small picture, which you can look at to keep track of your progress.

The Happy Scale app allows you to view daily, weekly, and annual graphs, and is easy to backup. It also has built-in syncing with Dropbox and other apps, and allows you to export data to a CSV file. If you are looking for an iPhone app to keep track of your weight and health, Happy Scale is an excellent choice.

Happy Scale also integrates with Apple’s health service. This app is accessible through the Settings menu. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time by accessing the app’s account settings. If you wish to continue using Happy Scale, be sure to purchase a subscription.

Happy Scale works with other popular weight loss apps. The scale automatically imports weight data from apps that support exporting to Apple Health. It also has a weight prediction function, which can help you keep track of your weight. In addition, Happy Scale is a universal weight app, so you can use it with all of your devices.

Nike Training Club

If you are looking for a free app that helps you get in shape, then you should try the Nike Training Club. This app has an attractive, minimalist interface and a variety of different fitness activities. It also offers personalized recommendations and reminders for your workouts. You can choose from over 185 different workouts and choose the one that is best suited to your level. The app also integrates with Apple Health.

The free app has a large variety of options for exercise, including yoga and HIIT workouts. It also has bodyweight exercises and features for improving nutrition. While it does not offer diet tracking, you can get general tips for eating healthier. Nike Training Club is a great option for busy people who want to stay fit.

The app includes workout routines created by famous athletes and celebrities. You can choose from more than 85 different workout routines that are built on the basics of cardio and strength training. The app also features video demonstrations and audio instructors for additional guidance. The app is a great way to lose weight quickly and efficiently.


MyFitnessPal is an app for recording calories, food, and beverages. It uses a database that is verified by professionals and allows you to customize your meal plan. It also features a colorful, modern design with food icons and photos. It even has a built-in Portion Size Guide. In addition, the app works well in Dark Mode, which is a great feature if you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight.

It’s very easy to get started using MyFitnessPal. All you need is basic personal information like your date of birth, height, weight, and sedentary status. You can start tracking your progress in a few minutes. However, if you want to follow a complete weight-loss plan, it can take half an hour or more to set up. Thankfully, MyFitnessPal allows you to share food logs with others.

MyFitnessPal also has features for people who are interested in building muscle. In addition to counting calories, it also tracks exercise and activity. For athletes, MyFitnessPal includes features that help them balance their workout regimen with healthy dieting.

This app allows you to log all the calories you eat each day. It also provides you with information about the nutrients you consume in each meal. It can even create a personalized workout plan based on your goals. It also lets you track your food intake and create a daily calorie budget.

The interface of MyFitnessPal is fun and functional. It has an abundance of photos and tips to inspire you to make small changes in your lifestyle. You can also set challenges and receive rewards for accomplishing each goal. The app also has a panic button to help you stay on track when you’re feeling off-track.


Cronometer is an excellent free app that lets you keep track of how many calories you consume every day. You can also take pictures of your progress and upload them to your account. It is ideal for those trying to lose weight or improving their health. It is also great for serious athletes in training, who want to track their progress.

The app’s menu features include a complete nutrient database with over 82 nutrients tracked. It also includes a barcode scanner for easy food tracking, as well as a timer for meals. In addition, Cronometer syncs with your Apple Watch, Apple Health App, and Fitbit.

One of the best things about Cronometer is that it supports multiple diets. You can choose one or multiple diets, as long as it supports a daily calorie goal. It also helps you track nutrition, and calculate net carbs and macros. It also supports Keto and low-carb diets.

In addition to its daily food log, Cronometer helps you set your goals and monitor your progress. It even lets you monitor up to 82 micronutrients and helps you set macronutrient targets. The app is also free without ads. Cronometer is a great weight-loss app for anyone looking to lose weight.

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