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    How To Navigate The Economic Calendar?

    One of the most essential tools that often come free yet not that useful is an Economic calendar. Brokerage firms make their economic calendar available to the public but limited to their portfolio.

    “Our economic calendar,” which in fact, shows the upcoming events in the financial market is very easy to use and fully customise. You can filter the regions that you wish to monitor and the timeframe. Then you will see an updated version of the calendar based on your preferred setting.

    Often traders ask us which one of the best forex brokers has a solid set of trading tools such as best technical analysis tools, economic calendar, and so on. Our advice is to always compare best brokers against each other and only deal with the regulated ones. Forex scams might promise you a lot of tools, but you are likely to end up losing your capital.

    What is the Economic Calendar?

    The economic calendar refers to a potential financial event that is scheduled to take place and has the power to affect movement of individual security prices or markets as a whole. 

    Since a financial event can impact the chart patterns, many Investors and traders, especially those who believe in technical analysis and closely monitor the market use the economic calendar to plan their trading strategies and portfolio reallocation

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