Does Apple Have a Grocery List App?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Does apple have a grocery list app

Apple is making it easier for us to shop by releasing an app called “OurGroceries.” The app allows you to make a shopping list and then view it in the app. You can add multiple items to the list and organize them by creating subtasks. You can collapse the subtasks to reduce the size of the list.


OurGroceries is a great app for making and managing your grocery lists. It offers lots of features, including a list of items in alphabetical order. It can also sort the lists so that the items you’re looking for are at the top. There are two ways to sort the lists, either alphabetically or by category.

First, you have to create an account with OurGroceries. An account can belong to anyone in the household. If you want to invite more than one person, you’ll have to create multiple accounts with different email addresses. If you have multiple email addresses, each of them will have their own OurGroceries account. Likewise, if you want to share your lists with others, they will need to download the app and sign in. Make sure to pick a password so you can keep the information safe.

The interface of OurGroceries is simple, and it’s easy to add items to your list. The app is simple to use – just type the item name to create a list. You can also save items for future lists and add photos to each item. The app also allows you to create multiple lists, which can be helpful if you’re making more than one list for different purposes. The app also lets you create multiple lists for different categories and store locations. Once you have a list, you can drag or tap it to move it to another location or remove it from your list.

One of the great features of OurGroceries is the ability to have multiple people edit the same list. The app is available on both iOS and Android, and multiple users can access the list in real time. The app can also be synced with a computer or other mobile devices. After you create an account, you can use the app on any device and sync your lists.


Mealime is a grocery list app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you plan healthy meals for the week. You can easily add new meals or create your own plans. The app will automatically categorize your grocery list, and you can even mark your favorites. Mealime will also show you the recipe instructions without locking the screen.

Mealime lets you plan your meals according to your diet and allergies. The app also lets you connect to grocery delivery services and offers additional recipes and nutritional information. You can also upload your own recipes to add to your meal plans. And because the app is free, you can use it even if you’re on a budget.

Mealime offers a free version and a premium version. It features an intuitive interface and offers personalized recipe suggestions based on your preferences. It’s free on iOS and Android. Another great feature is that it also doubles as a coupon finder. It uses a combination of coupons and local deals to save you money on your grocery bill.

Using an app to plan meals is a great way to save time. Meal planning can help you lose weight, eat healthier, and save money on groceries. You can also save time by preparing your meals in advance. With Mealime, you can even prepare recipes in 30 minutes or less.


The new version of Apple’s grocery list app Grocery has just been released. It features a refreshed interface and more customization options for the free version. It is compatible with both iPhones and iPads. It also allows you to create multiple lists and can be customized to hide categories that you don’t use often.

The app features an intuitive data entry screen. It also has a Recent Items section, which displays the items you’ve recently shopped. You can also send the list to others via e-mail. This feature is helpful if you are traveling with a large group of people.

In addition to creating lists, the app also helps you organize your shopping lists. It makes shopping easier and faster by remembering items that you need to pick up. It also allows you to share lists with others and store past purchases. Moreover, the application lets you scan barcodes and find recipes for those items.

Another great feature of the app is iCloud syncing, which allows you to sync your lists across devices. With the same Apple ID, you can easily update your lists from your iPhone to your iPad or vice-versa. You can also set quantities for items, and organize them into categories. You can create as many categories as you want, and you can assign an emoji to each category.

The app offers a clean interface, so that you can organize your lists easily and efficiently. You can share them with others through email, so that you can make changes quickly and easily. Other great features of the app include meal planning and personalized recipe suggestions.

Google Shopping List

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably already noticed that Apple has a Google Shopping List app. Although this app is still fairly basic, it does offer some useful features. For example, you can create and edit your own shopping list by adding items to your list. In addition, you can rename and delete items and rearrange them. The app also works in dark mode.

Google also has an app for creating grocery lists. This app syncs with Google Assistant. It can also be used with Google Home devices. You can also open your list directly from Google Express or Google Home. This makes it easy to remember what you need to buy. It’s a great way to keep track of your lists on the go.

The Android version of the app has a widget that shows you the list and allows you to tap on items to cross them off. You can also add new items by tapping the “add an item” icon. This app is free to use. The best thing about it is that it works seamlessly on both iPhones and Android devices.

In the shopping list, you can also view the image of an item by tapping on it. If an item has a photo, you can tap it to view the full-size version. To share your shopping list with others, you can tap on the share icon in the lower left of the screen. Android users can also click on the “Print list” or “Print recipe” button in the upper right of the screen.

Out of Milk

Out of Milk is a grocery list app designed with shoppers in mind. It allows you to add items to your list and track your spending. Just tap an item and add the quantity and cost. Once you’ve added all the items you’ll need, Out of Milk will calculate how much each item will cost. You can also scan barcodes for items to add to the list.

Out of Milk also features a pantry tab where you can store items you frequently purchase. This way, you can easily add and remove items. The app is also designed to automatically detect items you may already have in the house, and you’ll be notified if anything runs out. The app syncs across multiple devices, and you can even share your lists with other people.

Out of Milk is free and available for iOS and Android. The app also supports voice commands, so you can manage your lists without touching your keyboard. You can also use voice commands to sync lists between your iPhone and Android devices. This app also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you’d like to download it to your iPhone, you can download it from APK Mirror.

With this app, you can keep track of your shopping list wherever you go. You can easily access your list wherever you are, and you can add items to it anytime. You can also add items to your grocery list by voice with the help of Siri. This app also lets you snap photos of your handwritten grocery list.

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