Do cruises get cheaper the closer to departure?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Cruise prices are not always cheaper closer to the sail date. Cruise prices are usually the cheapest, farthest from the sail date when they were first launched, or 60-90 days before the start of the cross The prices of some cruises will drop at the last minute, but that doesn’t always happen. The price difference between a cruise purchased just before the sail date or further afield is not always clear.

Sometimes it’s cheaper to book earlier. In other cases, it is cheaper to book later. It really depends on the demand for this cruise. In that case, we think it makes sense to book your cruise early if you can and secure a better cabin location for yourself.

The fuller the ship is, the easier it is for the shipping company to lower the price. They start making gains at around 30 to 50 percent. Even though they might not get the full rate from someone who books at the last minute, what they get is basically pure profit. There are exceptions to last-minute deals, but for the most part, cruises are cheaper when the itineraries have just been published.

To book a cheap cruise, you should book a cruise when everyone else isn’t booking cruises. In fact, the amount I spend each year on several cruises for our family of four is less than most people spend leasing a car. This would result in fewer people booking throughout the year; instead, they would wait until the one time a year when cruises were cheaper. If you take a look at our cruise price list below, you can see that the price you’re paying for an upcoming cruise is the same time one year later.

In other words, sailing the older ship in this example costs hundreds less per person than the new ship, even though the cruise on the older ship takes a day longer. Each shipping company has rules and regulations about whether your rate can be refunded if the price drops. Planning a vacation during the pandemic can be difficult, and booking a cruise comes with additional considerations and complications. A good idea might be to book a work-free week and then pick a cruise that fits your dates at the last minute.

As you can see, the prices for this trip are similar from one year to another, although in this particular case there are slightly lower prices for a closer trip. This means that cruise lines are offering cheaper cruises to get more people on board during these times. This is due to hurricane season and the risk of cruises missing ports or being canceled altogether due to bad weather. While it is always best to travel with a passport, a certified copy of your birth certificate and a valid government-issued ID are acceptable for US citizens on most cruises departing from the United States.

However, these are usually only possible on cold-weather cruises where you don’t want to spend much time on your balcony anyway. Tips for cruise ship workers (also known as tips) are important costs that you need to consider.


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