Is it Safe to Do Teeth Whitening at Home?

Written By: Janet Willson

While using an at-home whitening kit may be convenient, it’s best to either follow the instructions or ask a professional to fit it for you. It is safe to whiten your teeth at home as far as you do not have serious gum disease, plaque on teeth, pop on veneers, or sensitive teeth. You must always consult with a dentist.

Is it Safe to Do Teeth Whitening at Home?

Using the wrong amount of hydrogen peroxide can result in tooth sensitivity and damage. It’s also hard to control the concentration, which is similar to the 3.6 percent strength recommended by the FDA. The most common side effects associated with home whitening treatments are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, and should only be used by people who are aware of the procedure and still want to whiten teeth without visiting a dentist.

While there are a few safe methods for teeth whitening at home, the most common and natural method is using baking soda for whitening. Although baking soda doesn’t remove deep stains, it can irritate the gums. It can also result in tooth erosion, so it’s important to follow the instructions for each product.

The best way to whiten teeth safely at home is to brush your teeth with Activated charcoal toothpaste which is a charcoal-derived black mixture that can bind with stains on the teeth. According to Dr. Hans Malmstrom, baking soda has a relative dentin abrasivity rating of 7.7, which means that it’s relatively gentle on your teeth.

Is using teeth whitening toothpaste safe?

It’s not safe to use whitening toothpaste on a daily basis. Excessive use of whitening toothpaste can be harmful to your teeth if you only use them and forget to use regular toothpaste.

Home teeth whitening techniques are an excellent way to whiten your teeth. You can use homemade toothpaste by mixing coconut oil with baking soda and allowing it to cool before applying. Afterward, you should brush your teeth with a tooth whitening paste to maintain the results. A dental professional should always be used when attempting to whiten your teeth. If you want to use a DIY product, make sure it comes with the recommended instructions.

Using zimba whitening strips at home can also be effective. Many people use strips that are dissolvable but others may prefer a pen-like snow whitening wand. If you don’t want to damage your dental fillings, use over-the-counter tooth whitening gels.

The main benefit of using teeth whitening products at home is the improved appearance of your smile. It’s an excellent way to get a brighter smile and boost your self-confidence. Besides that, a good-looking mouth will make you feel better about yourself. The same goes for dental work. If you’re considering trying a DIY teeth whitening method, talk to a dentist.

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