How Fast Does Arc Whitening Pen Work?

Heard about ARC whitening pen, the whiten-on-the-go device? The blue light from this whitening pen works to erase surface stains, but how fast does it actually work? The Arc pen is recommended for 14 days of use, and it requires that you avoid eating or drinking for an hour after applying it. You can apply ARC once a day.

ARC Teeth Whitening

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While there are several advantages to using the ARC at-home whitening system, you need to understand how this product works. The ARC whitening pen contains the same ingredients your dentist would use on your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide found in the gel penetrates into the dentin, so you can see whiter teeth within a week. This whitening system is safe for your enamel and gums, but you should avoid using it on your sensitive teeth.

The Arc Whitening Pen uses the same whitening ingredients your dentist would. This means it’s best to rinse your mouth after using it, and you can even see your results in as little as a week. Compared to other whitening products, this one is easy to use and contains twice the gel. You should use it at least two times a day for 14 hours to get the results you want.

How Fast Does Arc Whitening Pen Work?

While some people prefer using home remedies for teeth whitening, ARC claims to work faster than these. The gel inside is similar to that used by dentists, but the concentration is double. This means that the gel will penetrate the dentin and result in whiter teeth in a week. However, some people experience sensitivity, which is why it is not advisable to use the Arc whitening pen at home.

How fast does Arc whitening pen work

Another advantage of the ARC is that it contains the same ingredients your dentist would use. You can expect to see whiter teeth in just one week, and the gel will be applied to your teeth twice a day. While this may seem fast, it takes about two weeks to see results and may damage your enamel. If you have not had a professional smile makeover in the past, this is the quickest way to brighten your teeth at home.

ARC’s blue light and patented technology start working in 60 seconds. After that, you’ll need to remove the gel and cap. The gel will continue to work on your teeth for 14 hours. The Arc is very convenient and can be used in the home. If you’re worried about the safety of home teeth-whitening products, you can consult your dentist before you use a product.

How Fast Does Arc tooth applicator Work?

The ARC whitening pen is a tooth applicator that works for 60 seconds. Once you apply the gel and cap, the whitening gel will start working on your teeth. The Arc pens require two applications daily for up to 14 hours to see results. If you’re looking for an at-home whitening solution, this might be the right choice for you. It’s easy to use, and you can even find them at any drugstore.

The Arc whitening pen uses the same ingredients as a whitening toothpaste. It works by penetrating dentin to whiten your teeth. With this method, it will take about one week to see noticeable results, but you should also use the pen at least two times a day to make sure you get the best results. The benefits of this product are easy to achieve, and the results are long-lasting.

The ARC whitening pen contains the same ingredients used by dentists. It works in 60 seconds. After that, you can apply the gel with a brush. The gel is designed to work on teeth for 14 hours. This will ensure that your smile is bright and white. The Arc whitening pen is very easy to use, and you should be able to apply it two times a day without any problems.

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