Does the ARC Whitening Light Work?

Written By: Janet Willson

The ARC teeth whitening light works by removing the chemical bonds between stains and the teeth. The ARC light uses blue light to whiten teeth, and its effectiveness is truly impressive. Apply the arc applicator once a day and you will see whiter teeth soon.

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Does the ARC Whitening Light Work?

The ARC whitening system is less expensive than clinical whitening and many at-home kits. The ARC formula has proven whitening properties and is proven to work effectively. The ARC whitening light is made up of a special formula that produces a dramatic resemblance to whiter teeth within a week. ARC is one of the best at-home whitening kit available,

Its blue light is used for the last five minutes of each treatment. Arc treatment is effective in a week and can last up to 28 treatments. The results are amazing! But it will be difficult to maintain the results if you’re not using the ARC on a regular basis.

How does ARC Whitening Light Work?

The ARC whitening light is a patented system for whitening teeth that uses a blue LED light to penetrate the dentin and create a brighter smile. It claims to produce whiter teeth within a week. The blue light does not harm enamel, but does make teeth more sensitive and is cleaned with rinsing after use. The ARC works without the use of any blue lights, but it helps the whitening strips to produce whiter teeth.

The ARC formula consists of a combination of active ingredients that break the chemical bonds between stains and teeth. The whitening result is astounding, with visible results in a week. The specialized strips used by the ARC treatment coat the teeth with the whitening agent and then activate it with the ARC device. The result is a dazzling white smile in a matter of weeks. The ARC combines proven abrasive oxidation and bleaching agents.

What is Arc Whitening Formula?

ARC uses a safe special formula to produce a spectacular whitening effect in a week. The ARC Smile Amplifier, which emits blue light at a certain wavelength, strengthens the chemical bonds between teeth and stains. The ARC whitening light works by coating the teeth with a specialized strip that contains the whitening formula. The ARC device then activates the whitening formula, causing the tooth to look whiter and more vibrant.

The ARC whitening light is effective and works by activating a blue LED light that penetrates the teeth. The ARC device is an at-home kit that uses a specialized LED blue light to activate the whitening formula. The ARC smile amplifier is a great addition to any home whitening system. It can enhance the effectiveness of the whitening treatment and give you a brighter smile in as little as a week.

The ARC blue light kit costs about $40 and lasts for a week. It is more expensive than most at-home whitening kits, but the results are remarkable. It takes less than a week to whiten teeth, and you can use it up to 28 times. With the time you use ARC blue light is short, your teeth will become significantly brighter. In fact, your dentist can provide you with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

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