Best Teeth Covers & Costs

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Best teeth covers hide misalignments, give you a beautiful smile and confidence by covering your broken or damaged teeth and hide yellow-stained dental structures. The best cosmetic teeth cover come in form of veneers, crowns, clip-on teeth, and ceramic dentures.

Types of Teeth Covers

Teeth covers are a great way to improve your smile without the cost or effort of replacing your natural teeth. Teeth covers are often produced as:

  1. Removable veneers: use as a temporary solution to cover teeth’s imperfections
  2. Dental Crowns: used as a permanent solution to cover root canals and filings
  3. Porcelain veneers: a cosmetic dentistry treatment used for filing as well as smile makeovers.
Best Teeth Cover

Teeth cover cost

The cost of teeth covers will vary depending on the brand and features that you need. Permanent teeth covers like crowns and all-in-four implants cost from $20,000 in the U.S. Others such as removable veneers cost from $350 up to $1500.

Cosmetic Teeth Covers

If you are missing some teeth, you may want to consider cosmetic dentures to widen your smile. The procedure can help restore your smile and improve your confidence. While traditional cosmetic teeth covers are removable, implant-supported dentures are anchored into the jawbone with a series of dental implants.

These cosmetic dentures are much more stable than traditional dentures because they do not slip or shift around. They also require a specific amount of jawbone to be present.

Does insurance cover teeth covers?

If your treatment is not classified as cosmetic, then most comprehensive dental insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of dentures and implants. Your dentist can recommend the best options for your specific case.


The procedure for placing veneers will require the use of a local anesthetic, which will make it more comfortable. The dentist will then use a rotational cutting device called a bur to prepare your natural tooth structure and reshape your teeth. Veneers to widen smile is among the most popular treatments.


Crowns are dental restorations that fully encase the visible portion of a tooth. They can be made from various materials, including metal, porcelain, or resin. Dental crowns are used to protect the tooth from fractures and to improve its appearance. These restorations usually last from five to fifteen years.

Tooth cover for a broken tooth

Since teeth covers do not prevent cavities or cover them, therefore it is essential to treat your missing teeth, cavities, and broken teeth before using a tooth cover for a broken tooth.

Your dentists may offer a customized restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatment that includes filing, and dental crowns made of ceramic or silver porcelain veneer. You must include oral hygiene products in your daily routine.

Alternatives to porcelain veneer

Another alternative to veneer treatments is to use dental crowns. These caps are simply ceramic caps that are placed over your existing tooth. In addition to improving the look of your smile, dental crowns also protect the gums and enamel of your teeth, reducing the risk of gum disease and cavities.

Clip-On Teeth Covers

Clip-On teeth covers are affordable temporary dental solutions for people who do not want to undergo a traditional dental procedure. The process of purchasing teeth covers online is easy, and the majority of companies offer several options.

Ceramic teeth cover

Premium ceramic dental caps also known as ceramic veneers can be used at home. If you buy a quality package you will be able to take dental impressions at home. When your impressions are ready you may return them to your dentist to create the ceramic teeth covers. Since it does not need bonding with the enamel and tissues, you can wash it with a whitening mouthwash and keep it clean.

Silicon teeth cover

Onlay teeth covers are made of either porcelain or acrylic silicon resin. Silicon teeth covers are water-resistant and do not allow batteries to penetrate the surface of the denture. Silicon dental caps are also a popular method because it is a much easier method to apply than other corrective dentistry methods such as crowns and bridges.

White Teeth covers

White teeth covers are not attractive and help improve self-confidence and social interactions. However, the easier way to whiten your teeth is by using a home whitening kit. Home dental whiteners are much easier than professional teeth whiteners, are affordable, and will not damage your teeth.

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