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    Free Analysis tools for beginners & Professionals

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    Are you interested in Market watch and technical Analysis tools?

    You have access to all indicators when using our watch list and other charts. You can easily work with different financial assets, growth stocks, and even explore different markets from currency trading to NASDAQ.

    This is a step-by-step guide on how to conduct market research and evaluate the trends using different charts, and indicators:

    1) Choose your chart. You can select from:

    • Basic Chart
    • Market Watch
    • Technical Analysis
    • or a comprehensive analytics platform with all the charting tools.
    • 2) Choose your Stock or trading instrument:

    You have access to All current CFDs, Forex, Stocks, Shares, ETFs, and Crypto market with live update 

    3) Choose the indicator:

    You have access to a variety of indicators such as Common indicators, Technical Indicators, Volume, and interactive indicators

    4) Decide what price overlay you wish to see, and you’re ready to go.

    Basic Chart

    for market research and technical analysis

    If you just want to have a basic financial chart for general purpose and don’t want to go deep, then the basic chart works for you and gives you an idea about market fluctuations

    Technical Analysis

    For Professionals and advanced users: A real case study of Tesla for market research and technical analysis

    If you want to open an account on one of the best CFD brokers and trade CFD, you must know how to use the technical analysis chart and be experienced in using charting tools.

    Our advanced charts, gives you more than 100 drawing tools to work with your chart! Even though we have set some default indicators that appears on the chart, you can easily change it to your preference and choose from over 80 indicators.

    You may want to add things like a second price scale on the left, and change it between a Percentage and Log scales. It’s all available and free of charge. Once you are ready, you can go ahead and compare brokers from a top regulated list in 2021.

    Advanced Forex Chart

    For currency trading and FX market trends

    Advanced Forex Charting tool enables you to adjust any settings from modifying the stock symbol to change from an instrument to another, add watch list, including technical analysis, and many more. This feature is available for those who have some experience in trading and professional traders.


    We have set up the default setting for EUR USD for forex and CFD traders, You can easily change it to whatever you want.

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