Dating Profile Tip – How Not to Lye on Your Dating Profile

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

dating profile tip

If you’re trying to find a date online, there are a few simple tips that can help you make the most of your profile. First, make sure you’re not using any negative language or lying about your past. Also, make sure you include a full-body photograph. You also don’t want to use pictures of yourself in lingerie or underwear.

Avoid negative language in your dating profile

It is extremely important to avoid using negative language in your dating profile. There are some words that are extremely judgmental and will send the wrong message to a potential date. Examples of words that should be avoided include: being judgmental, using substances, or being high maintenance. Using these words can send the wrong message to a perspective beau and result in a lack of response.

Another big red flag for dating profiles is “no.” While this word is generally used in conjunction with phrases like “no drama” or “no hook-ups,” it sends the message that you are not patient or have no patience for relationships. Also, if you use it as a stand-alone word, it gives a pessimistic tone to your dating profile.

Don’t lie on your dating profile

Men lie more than women when it comes to their income and occupation. They know that women prioritize income over intelligence. And men also lie about their hobbies and interests. But when it comes to dating, it’s important to be honest and upfront. So, here are some tips on how not to lie on your dating profile.

If you’re not sure if you should lie on your dating profile, consider this: It is perfectly okay to overstate your age, but be honest. Women tend to look for men and women in similar age ranges. Men usually exaggerate their height by half an inch, while women usually claim eight and a half pounds less.

In fact, 81% of singles on online dating sites tell a white lie or exaggerate a few numbers. This is because they want to look better in front of other potential dates. While it’s okay to embellish a bit to make yourself look better, major lies will not get you anywhere in the dating process.

One of the most important rules for dating is not to lie about your age, weight, appearance, or interests. The very fact that men lie about these aspects is one of the reasons why women distrust dating apps. It puts them on the defensive and makes them wary. Men, in particular, cannot charm women once they’ve lied.

Include a full-body photo in your profile

Using a full-body photo in your dating profiles gives your dating prospects a truer sense of you. Although this type of photo is more difficult to take than a selfie, it allows you to show a more personal side of yourself. Not only does it help you stand out from other singles, but it also gives your matches a better idea of what they can expect when they meet you.

When choosing a full-body shot for your dating profile, it is important to choose a recent picture. It should be no older than a year old. If possible, choose a photo where you are wearing a great outfit that makes you look like a million bucks.

Another useful tip when uploading a full-body photo to your dating profile is to use a flattering angle. An upward-looking selfie will help you catch the attention of hot women. While most general dating websites recommend you include a full-body picture, there are specialty dating sites that do not require you to use one. Regardless of whether you want to include a full-body photo or not, it’s always a good idea to have a few photos to use as a basis for a successful profile.

Choosing a color for your profile photo is important as well. Try to stay away from muted and neutral colors and use colors that express your personality. Bright colors like red are a great choice as they convey romance and passion. They will also subtly attract more matches.

Besides a good quality headshot, you should also have 3 other photos. Ideally, you should include a close-up of your face, a 3/4 (waist up) photo, and a full-body picture. If you’re having trouble getting a professional photographer to take your photos, you can use a friend’s camera. It’s also best to take about 100 photos of yourself in at least four different outfits so you can include a variety of looks.

Tell your friend where you’re going on a date

One of the best ways to avoid awkward situations on a date is to tell a friend where you’re going. Whether it’s an unexpected phone call, the end of the date, or some other situation, telling a friend where you’re going on a date can help prevent awkward situations. In addition, letting a friend know where you’re going on a date will also give you an out if the situation escalates.

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