Cruises to Northern Europe

If you’re looking for a cruise to Scandinavia and Norway, look no further. This region is home to beautiful natural wonders, such as the stunning cities of Bergen, Alesund, Geiranger, and Stavanger. Cruises to Northern Europe also provide the opportunity to experience historic ports, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, and Belfast. If you’re looking for a holiday that incorporates culture and holiday fun, consider a Norwegian or Irish cruise.

Beautiful ports

Northern Europe Cruises

Cruises to northern Europe are a great way to explore the Old World. Not only can you explore the waters of the Mediterranean, but you can also visit iconic cities in the region. You can sample the cuisine of various countries in the region, from Italian pasta to Spanish tapas. In addition to the rich cuisine, you can also take in the scenery.

Cruises to northern Europe visit a variety of ports. The ports of Call include the United Kingdom, the Isles, the Baltic States, and Russia. These ports typically have a shorter cruise season, usually May through September. However, the long daylight hours offset this shortfall. Ports in the UK include Southampton, which is a convenient starting point for exploration of the area.

Other ports of call on cruises to Northern Europe include Cadiz, the oldest continuously inhabited city in Western Europe. The city is the capital of the province of Cadiz, and is home to numerous cultural, historical, and natural landmarks. Some of its most notable attractions include the 18th-century watchtower, an ancient Roman theater, and plazas and beaches.

Copenhagen is another beautiful port of call on Northern Europe cruises. The city is a bustling hub for cruising, with over 300 cruise ships stopping in the area annually. Nearly half of its passengers come from Germany and the UK. In addition to the attractions, the city is home to several historic sites, including the Christiansborg Palace, which houses Denmark’s Supreme Court and other governmental agencies.

Another popular port of call on Northern Europe cruises is Rostock, a city and port located on the Baltic Sea. From here, you can catch a train to Berlin, which is just three to four hours away. Afterwards, you can visit the city’s suburb, Warnemunde, which is one of the most charming medieval cities in the region.

Another port of call on Northern Europe cruises is Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. Located on the Gulf of Finland, Tallinn is a popular destination for cruise ships. It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town. In 2017, the Tallinn Passenger Port served over 5 million cruise passengers.

Historic cities

If you love exploring historic cities, you will love to take a Northern Europe cruise. This region is known for its beautiful landscapes, dramatic fjords, and ancient treasures. During your cruise, you will have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful and historic cities in Northern Europe. Here, you can discover the most popular sites and attractions and enjoy the summer weather in Scandinavia.

The first port of call on a Northern Europe cruise is Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The city has beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, and is home to the largest medieval castle ruins in Northern Europe. Next, you’ll visit Tallinn, the former hub of the Hanseatic League on the Baltic Sea. Finally, you’ll visit Riga, Latvia’s capital and UNESCO World Heritage site, where you’ll find a mix of art deco and old-town charm.

While you’re sailing, consider planning your trip ahead of time so you can visit several different ports. If you’re a first-time traveler, a Northern Europe cruise might be your best bet. You’ll get to see the best of the region in one day! During the winter, you’ll find that fewer tourists are visiting the cities and they are less crowded. In addition, holiday markets and festive decorations decorate the landscapes, transforming many into winter wonderlands.

Many Northern Europe cruises make a stop in Copenhagen, Denmark. The city is home to the Little Mermaid statue and Tivoli Gardens. The city also offers a lot of historic sites and attractions, including the Christiansborg Palace, which houses the Supreme Court of Denmark and other governmental bodies.

There are plenty of world-famous landmarks in cities throughout the region. The Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia, is a World Heritage site, and its streets remain virtually unchanged even after 600 years. The city also boasts the only intact Gothic-style hall in northern Europe. UNESCO has designated it a World Heritage site. The city of Riga is home to the World Heritage-listed Riga Canal. The city was the European Capital of Culture in 2014.

Some of the best preserved Medieval cities in the world are in Belgium, including Bruges, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can sample local foods and world-famous beer while strolling the canals. Another great option is to visit the country’s capital, Brussels. Although a few skyscrapers have modernized the city skyline, the Grand Place is still one of Europe’s most beautiful squares.

Diverse culture

Cruise through Northern Europe and discover a diverse range of cultures. Sailing through the region’s ports will expose you to some of the world’s most famous landmarks. There are also many opportunities for shopping and dining in these cities. Among the most notable attractions are the Peterhof Palace and the Eiffel Tower.

A Northern Europe cruise will take you to beautiful, diverse landscapes, colorful fishing villages, and historic cities and capitals. You may even see Viking burial ships, medieval castles, and iconic runes, not to mention thriving arts scenes and Michelin-starred restaurants. Explore the history and culture of these countries with expert guides.

Northern Europe cruises also feature many stops in Norway. Your ship will likely make a port call in Bergen, which is known as the “city of seven mountains.” The city has a climate that is wetter than the rest of Europe, so be prepared to bundle up for the day.

When planning your itinerary, make sure you include some excursions that allow for off-ship exploration of the area. Cruises in Northern Europe offer the chance to take in many diverse cultures in just 12-14 days. While this may not be enough time to visit all the sights, it is a great way to decide if the destination is worth visiting again.

On a luxury cruise, you can start in Sweden and visit the Royal Palace, Riddarholm Church, and Skeppsholmen Museums. From there, you can visit seven countries that make up Scandinavia. In Finland, you can explore cathedrals and neoclassical buildings, while in Russia, you can admire the majestic St. Petersburg. You can also experience the culture of the Tsars in the city of St. Petersburg.

You can also choose to upgrade your accommodation to a suite on a luxury cruise ship. Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers an Upgrade in Europe offer, which includes a free two-category suite upgrade and 50% reduced deposits. This upgrade is perfect for luxury travelers who haven’t traveled internationally in a while.

Christmas market cruises

During the holiday season, you can travel to various countries and take in the Christmas market culture. Many cruise lines offer this unique experience, including AmaSonata, AmaViola, AmaStella, and AmaCerto. Many of these cruises run from November to December.

The Christmas market is a popular spot to shop for gifts, and it is a great place to grab a mug of mulled wine and try some of the sweet treats that are available there. The market is located in a picturesque, winter wonderland, so you’re sure to find some souvenirs to take home.

While Austria and Germany are at the heart of the Christmas market culture in Europe, similar markets can be found all across the continent. In Hungary, you can take part in the longest running Christmas market in the world, located at Vorosmarty Square. Here you can find traditional handcrafted gifts and enjoy free music recitals. A similar experience can be found on a seven-night cruise with AmaWaterways, which stops at several Christmas markets along the way.

A cruise to Europe’s Christmas markets is a unique way to experience these traditional celebrations. Many ships dock in the heart of a city, making visiting the markets easy and convenient. The markets are filled with mulled wine and spices, making them an ideal place to purchase unusual gifts. The markets are also great places to soak in the local culture.

There are a variety of Christmas market cruises available. Some of these cruises are more affordable, and you can experience Christmas market festivities in cities that are less known for Christmas. Some cruises even include excursions to the Christmas market capitals of Berlin and Potsdam. A Christmas market cruise with this company allows you to enjoy Christmas markets in all these locations and more.

If you want a more lavish Christmas market experience, consider a Viking Cruises holiday cruise. The company’s new eight-day Christmas on the Seine itinerary is designed for guests who want to experience the French Christmas Markets. The cruise will dock in Paris for one night and will take you to several other towns in the country. You may even see snow landscapes in Normandy during the voyage.

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